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Chapter 3 When you are satisfied that your dog understands the fetch command, you're ready then to reinforce a command they have learned.
A dog must be happy and balanced and do the work in these Labrador and golden retriever training sessions.
Chapter 2 When you are satisfied the dog is holding pretty well, not perfectly but pretty well, you can start to think about teaching the fetch command. Bill uses lots of short retrieves during every session and acts excited himself making sure Torch realizes this all is fun.

Bill recommends that you practice this without a dog until you're positive you have the right timing. Make sure the Labrador retriever puppy training sessions are fun by interjecting excitement with fun retrieves.
You have to monitor the balance of your dog moment by moment, especially with a young dog and at this stage of training.
Torch starts to reach for the bumper, but this isn't force fetch, it's teaching the fetch command.

Every moment you monitor if they need more excitement, more discipline, more pressure, less pressure, more fun, less fun.
Put 2 fingers on each electrode, press the button, and you'll know how much the dog is getting.

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