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The Horizontal Baby Changing Station of the Diaper-Depot brand is considered an innovative design that takes importance of parents and their children’s safety. The security design of the unit includes a gas shock, dual liners that are gravity feed easily from the top, a belt strap mounted permanently, full color universal safety instructions with a tamper resistant hardware, rounded edges to avert injuries caused by bumping, and hook areas to hang upon diaper bags for the parent’s convenience. Koala Kare’s Stainless Steel Horizontal Station allows convenience for the family without having to sacrifice your place’s interior design. The KB110-SSWM Model of Koala Kare’s Changing Stations is equipped with Microban’s antimicrobial protection for a cleaner and safer product for the youngsters. The package also includes a 2 week lead time plus a 5 year limited warranty including a replacement offer against unit damage. Brocar by Foundation Baby Changing Station 100SSR-SM Model is a stainless steel, horizontal unit.

The smooth concave corners on the diaper changing station ABS tray liner are integrated into the changing station bed and are fully enclosed with plastic covers. The unit consists of a nylon protection strap and collective instruction graphics and labels for an accurate and protected installation. Additionally we provide disposable liners, liner dispensers, and replacement parts for your diaper changing station. Fashion is preserved through a stainless steel made exterior with an elegant satin finish and coordinated polyethylene interiors of grey that makes an overall perfect, high-end, sophisticated restroom look.
The package includes one mounting unit of Koala Kare Baby Changing Station, safety belt straps, built-in liner dispensers, moulded hooks for diaper bags, and easy to comprehend user instructions and labels.
Brocar by Foundation baby changing stations are heavy-duty as it comes with a pneumatic cylinder and a disposable changing surface liner.
If there is a product you'd like to see us carry, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be sure to get it added to our distribution inventory.

The changing station has a full length steel-on-steel hinges for increased safety and durability.
The whole body form of the changing station is fully brushed with a stainless steel surface, has full body stainless steel frame and protective hinges that makes it highly durable.
Increased durability is achieved through a unique latching feature that requires steps for unlatching.
Moreover, this provides additional safety and a less likely chance of replacing the unit and its parts.

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