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The key to house training is simply getting your puppy to eliminate in the designated spot as much as possible and to stop him from going in the home.
You should only teach your puppy to go to the toilet inside if you live in an apartment building and don't have access to a patch of grass outside. Be careful not to treat and praise him to early, or you might interrupt him before he has completely finished going. If your puppy starts to go to the toilet in the home, calmly pick him up without saying anything to him and take him to his designated spot.
Note: If your puppy eliminates somewhere in the house without you knowing, all you should do is clean it up. While you're house training your puppy, it's your responsibility to take your puppy to his designated toilet spot before he needs to go. You can establish a feeding schedule so that you know when he has eaten and therefore when you need to take him to the toilet.
Other times you should take him out and he'll probably need to "go" are when he's excited, after he's been playing, whenever he wakes up from a sleep, after exercise, before bed, and after he's been in his crate.
You should also give him plenty of other opportunities during the day to go to the toilet in the designated spot by taking him to the spot every hour or so during the day.
If you provide your puppy with plenty of opportunities to go to the toilet in his designated spot, and diligently avoid accidents inside the home, he will eventually learn to take himself to that spot or alert you with a bark or by standing at the door when he needs to go.

When you purchase any product through a link from this site, we receive a commission which helps pay our hosting and maintenance costs. It will show you how to train your puppy to go to the toilet in a designated spot (not just anywhere in your home!). If you get him to go in the designated spot as often as possible, and avoid accidents inside the home, he will eventually start taking himself to his toilet spot automatically when he needs to go.
Why would you want your dog to do his smelly business inside when it's just as easy to train him to do it outside? You want him to learn that when he goes to the bathroom in the correct spot good things happen to him. If you treat and praise him when he's coming back in the house he'll think he's being rewarded for coming in the house. Put him down and let him finish in the correct spot and then treat and praise him for doing it where he is supposed to.
Use white vinegar or a commercial odor remover (available from a pet store) to remove the smell from the carpet. You should never scold or punish your puppy for making a mistake inside, especially not after the fact. To teach him this word, or cue, say the word, for example: "potty," when he is eliminating in the correct spot.

If he starts to sniff the ground, walk in circles, bark, squat or becomes restless, rush over and calmly pick him up and take him to his spot outside.
And he won't know that you're actually rewarding him for going to the toilet in the correct spot. Dogs are unable to make the connection between a punishment you are giving them now for something they did five minutes ago (or even five seconds ago). So treat and praise him immediately after he finishes goes to the toilet in his designated spot. And punishing your puppy for making a mistake does not speed up the house training process. You may want to purchase some puppy gates to confine him to the same room you're in so you can keep a closer eye on him.
You can then say the word when you take him to his toilet spot to encourage him to go to the toilet faster.

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