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If you’re thinking of getting a puppy but aren’t quite sure if you have the patience and time to housetrain, read on.
Pee pads are a successful route to take for most dogs, but when you’ve got a stubborn pooch, she may need a positive reinforcement. For dog owners who spend much of their time away from home, using a litter box may not sound that crazy. If you encounter a problem similar to that of my full-grown Yorkie, who was still not housetrained at nine years old, Primm offers some advice.
House training your puppy has to be up there as one of the most difficult things to train for some dog owners – but it really doesn’t have to be! So with this in mind, we’re going to share some tips, advice, and strategies that are the most successful when it comes to house training (and these techniques will often work on older dogs, too).
Regardless of the house training method you use, it’s crucial to be consistent with your application. Understand this: Your puppy is never being vindictive if they relieve themselves in your house!
But be aware that accidents can still happen (although these can also be opportunities for training, as we’ll explain later).

One of the simplest and most effective ways to speed up house training is with the use of a crate. The key to making this work is down to the crate size – because it needs to be large enough for your dog to move around, but not so large that they can eliminate at one side and sleep in the other. Of course, this means they’ll need to be taken outside regularly to have the chance to relieve themselves -so you can’t leave them in there for a too long! When you catch them, make a loud noise (like a clap of the hands), and this should make your dog jump and temporarily stop. You then need to pick them up (if they’re a small dog) or just lead them outside quickly, and take them to an area which is acceptable for them to relieve themselves in. While this can still work, it can also run the risk of creating some degree of additional confusion. One way to make this more effective is to place all of the soiled paper into one designated area each time. If you try a few times but give up, then your dog isn’t going to have enough repetition for them to thoroughly understand what you expect of them. However, the downside is that your puppy is still learning that it’s acceptable to relieve themselves indoors.

It isn't intended to replace advice from a qualified veterinarian or behaviorist - you should always consult a professional whenever you're worried about your dog's health. No dog should be trained without his owner, but a few helping hands along the way isn’t bad either. Be patient, and consider that this is when mama dog would lick the puppy’s bottom to get them to the go to the bathroom.” She recommends wiping the bottom of your dog with a warm wet washcloth to trigger the instinct. The kit includes two pieces — a replaceable moisture-detection pee pad and a treat dispenser. This is important, because you don’t want them to learn that they eliminate anywhere in the house. potty training yorkies
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