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Ten challenging activities, each hosted by a different monster and featuring 30 different game levels (for a total of 300 levels!), involve kids in the exciting day-to-day life at Monsters, Inc. Lunch Room: Sulley oversees players in a crazy arcade game of feeding hungry monsters in the Monsters, Inc.
Door Vault: Sulley is in a race against the clock and Randall to catch Boo who is lost in the Door Vault (the area with hanging doors that move across the screen). Try Out Room: Sulley guides players through their first “Scarer” training session in this scare-simulation game. Scream and Laugh Collection: Mike coaches players to collect screams and laughs by filling each canister with the correct sound — all without overfilling and exploding the canisters. Door Transport: Sulley assists players as they match doors to the appropriate country’s flag.
Canister Storage Room: Players try to organize a storage area overfilled with scream canisters to make sense of this messy room.
The song used during the scene featuring Agnes's training and the Minions building her motorcycle is the Rocky Balboa theme with the Minions singing it.
This short film is set in July 2013 (the same date that Despicable Me 2 came out), as shown on the Daily Gru at the end of the short film. The character models of Lisa and her friend are reused in this short as friends of Gru's daughters. The kittens from Panic in the Mailroom make a quick appearance on the cover page of the Daily Gru.
The mall couple seen during El Macho's dance (the woman Eduardo was dancing with) while Margo and Antonio are having lunch at Salsa y Salsa, and another woman seen in the mall scenes (has blonde hair styled in a bob cut, and wears a dark green jacket over a gray T-shirt and a denim maxi skirt and brown shoes) make a brief appearance near the end when Agnes parachutes away from the exploding ice cream truck when it is hit by her motorcycle.

This mini movie takes place three months after Despicable Me 2, it can be hinted since because Agnes's Birthday was in late April and Eduardo's Cinco De Mayo party was in May. The tricycle that Kevin ate when he was an Evil Minion in Despicable Me 2, is shown near Gru's house in the background during this short despite it's fate in the events of the second film, it is possible that Gru got a new one for the girls sometime before this mini-movie.
A blue Volkswagen Beetle makes a brief cameo during the scene where Agnes is chasing the stolen ice cream truck on her motorcycle. The Little Girl was one of the purported murder victims at the Mansfield Training School (or the House of Imbeciles). While investigating the basement, a concrete structure was found which allegedly contained cremated human remains. As they play, they can even strive to become “Employee of the Day,” Month or Year, an important feat in the Monsters, Inc. Folder contents are organized by placing colored paper in the order that matches the colored dots listed on the folder. As the official company valet, players must park all the cars in the parking lot before the 9 a.m.
Players jump from door to door while avoiding falling toxic socks to find Boo and return her to her bedroom.
With only a flashlight to guide them, wanna-be Scarers are challenged to move quietly across a completely dark bedroom full of obstacles like roller skates, toys and sleeping cats — all without waking the sleeping Audio-Animatronic child. The three of them go after the truck but Agnes falls as she attempts to pedal to the truck.
It's heavily implied that the part of the town where the ice cream truck exploded is where these three people actually live, when they are not at the mall.

It is possible that these remains include those of the Little Girl, and possibly one or more victims of abuse in the house. In addition, Randall is not a villain, but is simply devious, but he was a villain at the end of Monsters University and all of Monsters Inc., as well as that time gap. Players must bring babies to a content, happy or sleepy state by connecting the correct toy with the right baby. Players must correctly serve up food items and daily specials for each monster based on the lunch-order ticket presented.
Players clean up the room by matching similar canisters and making them disappear, a concept similar to Tetris.
The Minions, seeing her so upset by this, decide to build her a unicorn-themed motorcycle and also make her physically train. With some cars already parked, players must maneuver through a grid-like puzzle of obstacles to create an orderly parking lot. Possibilities include her having a disability herself or that she was brought there to stay while one or both of her parents were being "treated" in the asylum. She accidentally causes the thief to crash and is declared a hero, though her motorcycle gets destroyed.

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