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So, with that concept in mind, the information on this page will give you most of the necessary information to get your pet rabbit up and moving again, if they are not functioning the way they should, but more importantly, you will be able to prevent any further 'breakdowns' in the future!Of course a rabbit is a living being, not a machine. The dental arrangement of rabbits also comes under the umbrella of rabbit anatomy and physiology of rabbits. Natural Senses & InstinctsThe pet rabbit may be domesticated now, but they never lose their natural senses that their wild ancestors perfected. The main sensory organs in the rabbit anatomy consist of:the eyes - visionthe nose - smellthe ears - hearingThere is of course, touch and taste but I'm just going to outline the main three above for the purposes of explaining general rabbit anatomy.
To learn more about the rabbit anatomy and effects during illness, please see rabbit diseases for full descriptions of symptoms and treatments. Join the Binky Bun Club for some truly amazing offers, coupons and member benefits for you and your rabbits!
These benefits are worth hundreds every year and with such fantastic savings available, ita€™s easy to see why so many pet rabbit owners choose to join The Binky Bun Club. If you are looking for the most rewarding pet loyalty scheme, look no further than The Binky Bun Club!
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The rabbit house should provide shelter and a place to sleep, but the house should not be the only living space.
How much exercise time do rabbits need?Rabbits need a minimum of 3 hours 'free-range' time each day for them to run about, stretch their legs and interact with other rabbits socially.
Do indoor rabbits need time outdoors?Most rabbit owners know that rabbits make great indoor house pets because of their natural body clocks.
Of course, keeping your bunnies as 'house rabbits' makes it easier to provide space as lucky indoor rabbits usually get complete run of your house.

Awesome Bunny Names Apr 05, 16 08:57 AMAwesome Bunny Names For Any Bunny Rabbit Who Wants to Be Cool! Comprehensive rabbit breed and variety record including the top most rare breeds as recognised by the BRC & ARBA. Of course there are other reasons why wild rabbits don't live very long in the wild, but crikey, the poor little things have no chance really.Genetically, if all these scary killing factors were taken away, we might have a different answer as to how long do rabbits live in the wild. For more breed specific answers to how long do rabbits live, visit the rabbit breeds page, where I have given life span estimates for most rabbit breeds. Your rabbit is your companion, your friend, your comfort and you probably regard them as part of your family.
For example, a simple change in brand of food pellets can stress your rabbit, (see diet), also children chasing them to try and pick them up can also cause an upset to their eating habits, (see behavior during illness, stress & injury).
If a rabbit is breathing through its mouth, it is in severe respiratory distress.The rabbit has a small chest cavity compared with the size and weight of its digestive system.
If rabbits are let out in the wild, they would go back to their natural ways of living - if they're not eaten by a bird of prey or hungry fox! The Binky Bun Club will give you simple and cost-effective access to the best possible preventative care for your rabbits and peace of mind in knowing that your bunnies are getting the most up-to-date information available today.
Pet rabbits, outdoor and indoor rabbits, would love this amount of freedom too, but that much space is not always possible to give.However, we can follow some proven guidelines on space and exercise, without putting them in danger.
You should provide your rabbits with the biggest run you can, as a guide the minimum size is 8ft x 4ft x 4ft and high enough to accommodate a rabbit doing binkys! They also like to investigate new things, follow you around or charge about burning off energy. Some rabbit owners like to designated certain rooms to their rabbits, but as long as they have access to lots of run space, they will be healthy and happy.

Over 360 pages of top rabbit longevity information, in a luxury hardcopy book, delivered worldwide.
Better improve the search for your perfect rabbit or determine the type of rabbit(s) you have. He was 17 years and 2 weeks old and awarded a Guinness Book of records certificate.Jenna Antol has written a children's book inspired by his adventures. The caecum is very large, (about 10 times the volume of the stomach, and about 40 per cent of the total volume of the gastrointestinal tract).The colon separates the large and small fibre particles. It should never be held in such a way that the abdominal contents press on the chest, as the rabbit will find it difficult to breathe.Rapid breathing may sometimes be a symptom of pain elsewhere in the body, and is seen in rabbits with bladder stones or womb cancer. But even after you are fast asleep in bed, your rabbits will still be active, making the access to free run space all the more important. Keeping them inside also keeps them safe from predators but rabbits prefer being outside and given the choice they would naturally choose to live outside. The large particles of indigestible fibre are moved straight through the colon to form the hard droppings. This 'slurry' enters the caecum where it is broken down and fermented.CaecumThe particles that are not broken down in the small intestine enter the caecum after less than 2 hours.

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