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Still no more crate accidents since the first day we took Spence home and he has not gone to the bathroom inside the house since last week (knock on wood). Amie practices having Spence wait at the door before going outsidea; a good safety skill not to have your dog bolt just because the door is open. I have found that nothing tires out a dog the way a pack walk, where all dogs are heeling on the leash, does. On the walks where all dogs are leashed, the length of time we exercise is the same, however the dogs are walking, not running. It sounds odd and if anyone would have told me this ten years ago I am not so sure I would have believed them. Dogs that go for walks on leashes where they walk in front and lead their humans, sniffing around where they please, return physically tired, but not mentally tired. Spence had a couple of episodes of diarrhea at the vet which made me think of a rotting frog in the way it smelled!
The morning of the Fourth of July I made sure our morning walk was a real pack walk where every dog was heeling on a leash in order to tire them out to the fullest, both mentally and physically. After Spence got into the zone of walking without stopping I worked on his issue of licking at the other dogs in the pack during the walk. When we got back to the main trail leading to home the pup was exhausted, but we still had to make it home and being tired was the point of the whole walk.
Bruno, on the other hand, crawled inside Spencer's small crate and stayed there for the night.
As soon as I put the entire picture together about what caused Bruno's fear, I also put together the picture of how to work on fixing it. I did not find out until after the fact and would not have allowed it, but Amie had once decided to work with him by taking him jogging in a thunderstorm. The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author.
Jack, Doogie and Tootsie, three Yorkshire Terriers that live on a horse farm (Clover Leaf Stables). Doogie wants to play with Bruno while Jack smells him and decides he'd rather not play today.
Bruno decides to smell Jack and Jack gives Bruno a warning bark that means he does not want to play. The first time Bruno met Scrappy the Chihuahua Puppy was when Bruno was 2 months old and Scrappy was 4 months old, Bruno was still larger than Scrappy, however.
Update: I didn't realize it at the time but this situation with Scrappy the Chihuahua and Bruno when they were puppies was handled all wrong.
Bruno decided to chew up the broom—time to put the broom inside, away from his reach. Bruno got a McDonald’s bag, some paper towels and toilet paper off of the golf cart and chewed it up. I walked outside with Allie, my 6-year-old Boxer for about three minutes, leaving Bruno inside by himself.
I had put Bruno inside the house unsupervised while we loaded a couple of horses onto a horse trailer because I didn't want him to get stepped on. Every night we have a routine of walking Bruno outside to pee one last time before putting him into his crate for the night. Bruno was barking at them, then would pause and stick his head through the fence to get a drink of water from a bucket that was on the other side. This needed to be corrected quickly before one of the goats decided to buck him in the head while his head was sticking through the fence. I stood there next to Bruno and each time he put his head through the fence, barked or looked at the goats as if he wanted to get them, I bit him in the neck with my fingers. It only took two bite corrections and a couple of body blocks before Bruno calmed down and stopped harassing the goats. I found half of a horse sponge today and a few sponge pieces out in the yard, however not enough to make up for the entire missing section. Tongues were left wagging, and there was much laughter in the sleepy fishing village of Old Harbour Bay, St Catherine, after a man was arrested for housebreaking last week.
Meanwhile, investigators said that it a serious offence, and that due process will be carried out with a view of laying criminal charges against the suspect.
I had suspected Spencer of eating cat food since Sara once saw him up on the cat table, but I had since removed the bench he had used to reach the food. Well guess who suddenly showed up in the barn stall and started finishing off the Great Pyrenees's leftover food that I was about to pick up? The little squirt has been squeezing under the back gate, helping himself to breakfast and returning back to the porch! Spencer has been putting his front legs up and waiting for someone to boost his back the rest of the way into the van. Scooby stopped barking and growling when he was put on the ground and only growled once more when Spencer became a little too excited.
Scooby wanted to smell Spencer but he was too big and overwhelming so we asked Spencer to turn around and allow Scooby to sniff him. As soon as Spencer minded his manners and Scooby was asked to heel there were no more growls, and all dogs got along wonderfully. We were out on a walk through a small town when a bright blue and very loud motorcycle came speeding right past us on a quiet back road. If Spence is outside and we hear him start to bark we know it is time to go tell that pup to leave it! It's been really hot and humid outside and the pup has figured out that if he pees outside he gets to come inside the house. Suddenly he started to run and that is when I realized the birds were right in front of him! Spencer gets a walk every morning and another at night, and often another in the afternoon (sometimes more). Instead I got an old child-sized sleeping bag and folded it so it was raised on the edges which allowed Spence to raise himself a bit. Spence went to the left to the dog bed and I was about to close the door and go back inside when I noticed that after he sat down something really had his attention. The more tired they are, the better they will be able to handle all of the booms they will hear throughout the day. He kept looking back toward the direction we came from, a few times stopping and looking around like he was not so sure. I had corrected him many times before for this behavior as the older dogs do not appreciate having their mouths licked up while they walk. During storms we started taking him out on the porch, not talking to him, but ignoring him and trying to feel as strong inside as we could to show him we were not afraid of the storm.
Bruno's seventh week—13 weeks old, 28 pounds, 16 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders (the withers). Bruno continues to walk to the door when he wants to go outside and his crate is still dry! He lets out a small growl and bark and I smack his snoot just enough to get the message across, "Hush Up, Bruno. Emma is full grown and much smaller than Bruno, weighing in at about five pounds, whereas Bruno is about 29 pounds. Every day I find that toy in Bruno's bed, and every day I take it away and put it back on the wolf. I started to pick this up and realized I had poop on my hands and it didn't smell like dog poop.
When I returned Bruno had my daughter’s shoe in his bed and was in the process of chewing it up. The cat will rub against Bruno often, which is actually the cat showing dominance over the puppy. I believe he uses his claws from time to time because Bruno just totally gives up sometimes as if he has had enough of the cat!
Bruno had not peed in the house in three weeks so I was getting a bit relaxed about watching his every move. Knowing Bruno had just peed on the floor not too long ago, I put Bruno outside while I took my nightly shower. These pictures are of the same worm segment, it was moving around the plate, changing shape as it moved.

When I walked over to see what the pup was up to now, I discovered Bruno had a newfound interest in the goats. His barking was catching the goats’ interest and not in a good way, then by him sticking his head in to get a drink, well that was just asking for trouble.
Today at 19 weeks, Bruno was outside lying down in the shade when a whole flock of Guinea Fowl came walking past him, squawking loudly.
It is said that the owner of the house returned to see the housebreaker in her bed sweating profusely in the company of a female. How could this man break inna the woman house and find himself in bed with a female as if it’s his own? I am not sure how often he does this, but on mornings when he is outside for a while without a human he often does not want to eat his breakfast when he is let in to eat. Even so, I had thought he may still be getting it because more cat food was missing than the cats could eat. I decided to teach him how to get a running start to show him he can jump in by himself if he really tried. After encouraging him to jump into the van we practice one more time and he jumps in with ease. We calmed Spencer down by correcting him when he pulled toward or nosed too much into the little dog. Scooby was also asked to heel on the leash so that neither dog would think it was above the other dog. Dogs see in shades of blue and yellow so this loud, fast, florescent blue bike must have stood out to the pup like a sore thumb.
We wanted to take advantage of all the activity and expose Spencer to some action, but dogs were not allowed inside the fairgrounds. I had gone out for three hours and left the pup with one of the kids, who apparently did not let him out at all and did not see him standing at the front door. We start you off with a feeding and housebreaking guideline, to help get you started with the housebreaking process. The fact that the cats are still here and will walk by him, and stick around after Spence starts to chase and gets corrected by us, means the cats sense he means no real harm. We do different types of walks with him, from heeling on a leash to heeling without a leash, to hikes in the woods allowing him to hunt around off leash with Bruno. They are not allowed to walk in front of the person holding the leash and we keep all dogs that are walking with us calm when passing other dogs.
When you walk a dog with leadership, make them heel on a leash, keeping them calm and following you, it mentally drains the dog so that all they want to do is sleep when they return. Earlier in the day he had gotten a hold of another dead, rotting frog and had swallowed it! The dog bed allows him to keep his upper half elevated because of the high sides, whereas his crate forces him to lie flat; something he is not comfortable doing.
No more diarrhea, no more throwing up so far today; he is playing with Bruno and even started barking at a cat. Had he started to feel unsure and we petted him, we would have been telling him that unsure is the way we wanted him to be. That actually helped a great deal and Bruno stopped running up the steps while we were not home and a storm hit. I put him out when he starts to wander and he has walked to the door on his own, wanting outside. Bruno was doing the doggie paddle, keeping his head above water trying to get back out of the pool. At first Dean would run away, but it didn't take him long to decide he rather liked playing with Bruno. The younger Yorkie wanted to play, the middle-aged Yorkie didn't care either way and the older Yorkie told Bruno in his senior dog kind of way that he was not in the mood for playing. We DO NOT bark at horses!" Bruno sits quietly for the remainder of his visit to Clover Leaf Stables. Emma was not 100% confident in this large puppy, however it did seem if we were in a safe area and able to take Emma off of her lead she would have played with Bruno.
WHY is my bucket in the fire pit??" Every time I turn around Bruno has one of my buckets.
The thing is, this white board is in the far back corner of the family room, a room Bruno is not allowed to go into.
It's never a good idea to use the same one for both ears as you will be spreading what is in one ear to the other. I was in the living room and he was in the kitchen when I heard the sound of liquid landing on the floor. While I don't think Bruno could, or would hurt the goats, the goats can and would hurt Bruno. The only thing I didn't like was the way Bruno felt the need to turn and lick him in the face and at times Bruno's back end would be wagging so hard he would curl his body into a circle right next to the child.
Something is wrong man,” a resident, who spoke on a condition of anonymity, told THE STAR. This is usually due to the fox coming at night or big brother Bruno, but the fact that the pup often didn't seem hungry in the morning made me suspect the pup as well. This morning I had gotten up early and was already up and dressed, out in the barn tending to the critters. Great, this meant we had to hang out here for a bit in order to show the pup this machine was not going to jump out at him. Now, if you've registered the micro-chip to you and your family, the puppy can be more easily traced back to you. Hypo-allergenic is defined as “reducing or minimizing the possibility of an allergic response” and “how hypoallergenic a particular dog is for a particular person may vary with the individual dog and the individual person" therefore the client takes full responsibility regarding their health and well being when choosing to bring a dog into their home.
If the pup had other intentions besides just playing a game, believe me, the cats would know it and they would not stick around on the porch so close to him.
He has to be taken out right after he eats and watched for signs that he has to go such as circling, walking to the door or sniffing around. On the walks where he hunts around with Bruno in the open woods he covers a lot of ground and does a lot of running and using his nose.
I ran at him, however I was not going to catch up this time, but Spence was at a pace where he just might catch the bird. I had looked in his mouth to try and get it, but it was gone and his mouth smelled like a rotting carcass.
I am thinking about shoving that big dog bed into his crate to see if I can't get at least a couple hours of sleep. When he was first learning how to walk on a leash I had let this behavior slide as it was getting Spence walking, however he now understands what a collar and leash are and he understands that the pack walks together while on them. However a dog is feeling at the time you give it affection is what it thinks you want it to feel. We continue to take him out on the porch with us during a storm from time to time and Bruno no longer shakes during storms or fireworks, but he does seek out one of the family members and lies down next to them. While it was clearly Scrappy that was the one who was initiating the aggressive behavior, Bruno should have been told to leave it alone. Emma's owners say she plays with their neighbors’ full-grown Golden Retriever, so this little YoChon can hold her own! They have been there longer than Bruno has been alive and I never noticed any other spot Bruno has decided to dig. You can tell one of our trainers exactly what you're looking for in the specific breed, gender, color, bone structure and we can locate a puppy for you!
When we return from these walks he is tired, however his mind is very stimulated and he is not quite ready to sleep.
I am mostly home with Spence, however on days I must leave him or days when he is going to go for a long car ride, we make sure the morning walk is a real pack walk. I got as close as I could to Spence and did the only thing I could think of, I tossed Bruno's Illusion collar, which I was holding, at him.
Can't let a pup with diarrhea out of his crate, but do not want him to have to lie flat if it hurts. Spence, PLEASE stop eating dead things, poop and whatever disgusting thing your nose can find off the ground! I will be taking them out again for a walk in the afternoon so they are good and tired for tonight.

At first Dean ran from Bruno, barking at him, all the while Bruno was trying to play with Dean. We as Bruno’s owners should have showed him we could handle this little dog and that he didn't have to take matters into his own hands. First, because I was not finished getting ready, and second, because I don't want him to associate scratching at the door with coming inside the house.
I tried it again, but this time I jumped into the car, "Up!" This time he jumped in! There was nothing else to do since I could not bring the bike back for him to see that there was nothing to be afraid of.
Working our way from Basic Obedience, up to perimeter training, hand signals, and off leash training.
It ensures that he is happy to be home sleeping in his crate while I am gone or relaxed in the car. Now that he was not feeling well I was worried about the frogs’ bones inside his stomach.
At that very young age Bruno was told, yes, be afraid of thunder; that is how we want you to feel.
We are careful not to talk or laugh at him, pet him or give him any kind of affection; only leadership when he is unsure and he seems to be improving all of the time. However in about ten minutes Dean had warmed up and was playing with Bruno as if they were best friends. Fifteen minutes later I walked outside, but decided to see if I could get him to pee first before coming inside.
I followed the two of them around and did my best to correct Bruno when he started licking with a light touch to the neck.
I made a mental note to stay calm and relaxed while giving him a bath no matter what he did.
Spencer started getting frisky, but was not so sure about jumping in; the last time he had fallen back.
Just kept walking, silently correcting any of his attempts to pull out into the road to get away from it. With our Special Ordering you can tell us when you're looking for the puppy and we can make it happen! I don't know if it was his own poop, Bruno's or the cats’, but I suppose poop is poop. The behavior we created was an adult dog that is good with stable, well-adjusted dogs that do not challenge him, however Bruno will growl back at other dogs if he is challenged or if he senses any imbalance in the dog. If he got too excited and started bumping into the child I put my body between them in an effort to calm Bruno down. We were heading out to meet friends for our pack walk and I decided to entice him with something else.
If you have already gotten a Puppy and want to take advantage of the Training, please Contact us. Simply stop into our Kennel at your earliest convince and talk with one of our trainers on staff! Sometimes that pack walk is at night rather than in the morning depending on our plans for the day. I had not realized until years later reading over his 12-week-old blog page why he was so afraid and the issue had seemed to slowly get worse.
Once again, it took Dean about ten minutes to warm up to Bruno, but after that they played for a long time. It took some effort, because the little boy and Bruno were very quick and all over the place; it was hard to keep up and get every correction in.
If I know we have an hour-and-a-half leashed pack walk planned with friends that same night I might hike with him instead so he has enough energy for the night pack walk. It’s most likely because from time to time people would laugh at his storm and firework reaction, which was also a form of affection. As he gets older I will not have to worry about saving some energy for our night walks with friends and their dogs. I walked toward him leaning forward until he showed signs of giving it up by sitting down, lowering his head and relaxing.
When the vet tech was returning him to the room after getting his x-rays she positioned herself behind Spence, trying to get him to go back into the room ahead of her. He still waited for me to enter first, but when I gave him the command to enter the house he ran as fast as he could to the dog beds where Allie was sleeping and pounced on her, grabbed his bone and lay down to chew it. Darn, the cats went and gave Bruno a mouse to play with, a ritual mother cats do with their kittens to teach them to hunt.
Now was not the time to love on the pup, because it would reinforce the way he was feeling. He was also outside when we set off some of our own fireworks once and some guests gave him love.
It was comical; Bruno wanted to come inside so badly that it was very clear he associates peeing with being allowed to come back inside the house. Bruno is a licker, he licks everyone, not obsessively, but he always sneaks a lick in here and there.
I called Bruno away from the mouse, got some cheese and called the cats to the porch, giving the mouse a chance to get away.
Good thing, because I had just noticed someone peering out of the house at us wondering what the heck we were doing. We were out there for the next hour with the birds and Spence only looked at them and back at me. After that he was a mess for a while, running up the steps if we were not home, trying to get into someone's bedroom, when he knows we do not even allow him up the steps. Once again, Bruno jumped out of the way and Scrappy quickly came back and bit Bruno in the lip. Bruno most likely picked it up from one of the many presents (dead animals) the cats bring to the porch. It would just be much nicer if he ignored all dogs and didn't feel the need to challenge back or tell another dog to chill out. I don't want him to associate the peeing command with always having to go into his crate afterwards.
The mother told me her son was fine, he didn't mind dogs, he had a big Doberman at home so he was used to dogs roughhousing. I think Scrappy got a tad nervous because he began to sneeze over and over again and didn't try and attack Bruno anymore. I explained I was teaching puppy manners and it was a great opportunity to teach Bruno how to behave around very young children.
I would much rather have Bruno reliably leave that up to me and not take matters into his own hands. A month later when Bruno was 3 months and Scrappy was 5 months old, we tried introducing the pups again at a picnic we were both attending.
It goes to show how important it is to understand your dog and understand the natural instincts of dog behaviors.
It's hard to tell from the pictures, because Bruno was walking with his head low, but Bruno's head, when held high, was almost as tall as this baby's shoulders. It is the humans that create bad behaviors in their dogs and it only takes one or two instances to create a behavior we would rather not have in the future.
Now I wish I would have taken a picture of that mole and whatever it was that was coming out of it. Something about very small children seems to attract Bruno and it seems to be in a very good way. Yes, these behaviors can be controlled, handled and even changed with the right owners, but it's so much easier to avoid them in the first place.

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