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Special thanks to those who helped us get started Henry of 1503 Bulls, Joe of Bully Addicts, Joe & Cat of Blue Legacy! They are highly intelligent, low maintenance, great personalities and dispositions.  Our Papapoo pups have all been adopted but we will have more. It was important to me that I was dealing with a reputable breeder so I had been searching for months.
I had my doubts in buying a puppy online and sending you the cashier check, but everything went so well. Parents are our indoor house pets and puppies have been born and raised indoors as part of our family.

We have some photos posted below, of some of our past Papapoo puppies, so you can see how adorable they are.
I could tell she was checking me out to see what kind of parent I would be as much as I was assessing the situation around me when I arrived to see the puppies.
When ready for his new home he will be well into the process of housebreaking and imprinted for off leash training. These pups have a pedigree, which I include a copy of when you pick up one, well socialized and started on housebreaking and basic commands before going to new homes. He will have had many days of experience with big and small dogs alike male and female interaction.

My husband and I ended up with a beautiful black and white Papillon that we named Little Britches Jr., after his Dad! Brenda has always welcomed questions and has offered her assistance even years after we adopted our pup. We have been considering an addition to our family and I will not go to any other breeder except for Brenda!

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