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We start you off with a feeding and housebreaking guideline, to help get you started with the housebreaking process. Our staff veterinarian, vet technicians and kennel staff provide for the puppies all of their dietary, medical, grooming and socialization needs on a daily basis so that when they reach your home they are healthy, happy, well adjusted puppies.
Now, if you've registered the micro-chip to you and your family, the puppy can be more easily traced back to you. Hypo-allergenic is defined as “reducing or minimizing the possibility of an allergic response” and “how hypoallergenic a particular dog is for a particular person may vary with the individual dog and the individual person" therefore the client takes full responsibility regarding their health and well being when choosing to bring a dog into their home.

You can tell one of our trainers exactly what you're looking for in the specific breed, gender, color, bone structure and we can locate a puppy for you! Working our way from Basic Obedience, up to perimeter training, hand signals, and off leash training.
With our Special Ordering you can tell us when you're looking for the puppy and we can make it happen! If you have already gotten a Puppy and want to take advantage of the Training, please Contact us.

Simply stop into our Kennel at your earliest convince and talk with one of our trainers on staff!

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