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Off the top of my head, I made up the chart pictured and listed the things that her dad and I would like to see her do without a fight, such as help clean up the toys, brush her teeth, and wash her hands.
We did us a sticker chart when we were in the process of potty training and whole lot of other positive reinforcements.
Glad to hear that this positive reinforcement technique works with other moms & kids too!
I was searching for ideas of what to put on my son’s sticker chart and I came across your post. What starts out as an innocent family walking along a make-believe street, when the child tells his parents that he has to go potty. As if this dance was common knowledge growing up, the parents begin to expertly perform the moves. So what do you get if your child proves that he or she can master the cool, yet crazy Potty Dance moves?

MY CHILDREN ARE 2 AND 4 SO READING THE STICKER CHART WAS AN ISSUE, SO INSTEAD OF WRITING THE WORDS OUT FOR MY 4 YEAR OLD-I TOOK PICTUES WITH MY DIGITAL OF WHAT NEEDED TO BE DONE- I TOOK A PICTURE OF A TOOTHBRUSH AND TOOTHPASTE FOR HIM TO BRUSH HIS TEETH, I TOOK A PICTURE OF HIS CLEAN ROOM FOR HIM TO PICK UP HIS ROOM! If you look at the kid closely, you can see it in his eyes that he desperately wishes he didn’t know these adults. I am satisfied to find so many useful information here in the publish, we’d like work out more strategies in this regard, thank you for sharing. It does not help potty train children, and makes adults holding their genitalia look both disturbing and disgusting.
Every time he helps without complaining or does something nice for his brothers he gets a sticker. It’s actually a Pull-Ups dance contest that has turned into a pretty formidable viral marketing campaign within itself.
But the real prize is your child being known for the rest of his or her life as the Potty Dance kid.

I looked up your info on the About page to see how old your daughter was when you started this and it turns out my kids are a month younger than each of your kids. It’s on our fridge and when he starts acting up I jump on the first thing he does that is positive. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Potty Dance in other languages in the not so distant future. That is usually enough to remind him he better start acting better because he wants a treasure from our treasure chest.

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