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Thanks to Stephanie, we have a head start on getting to know brands and having a stash to work with right off the bat!
But thanks to the wonderful world of blogging, I’ve stumbled upon these super helpful posts on processes and brands. One compromise that I think are pretty new are the G-diapers with the biodegradable inserts that you can throw away or flush. But perhaps the answer to the question of how to handle the poop is to not using either disposables or cloth. There is information on this site, and I also met a woman in Cville who started doing it at 4 months at a baby fair.
The experts recommend starting EC around 4 months, but you can start earlier, and there are a variety of ways to do it. I have no idea if I’ll do this full time (it is possible to do it part time) but I’m definitely going to give it a try! As far as poop goes…if you are exclusively breast feeding poop is water soluable and your washer should have no problem. I figure that dealing with baby’s elimination is going to take time effort no matter which way you do it, so why not put the effort into learning baby’s cues while saving money and not further burdening the environment too? And as far as poop in cloth diapers go, breastmilk poop washes out really easily and is truly no big deal. EC sounds good, but I wonder how it would work in practice, with everything else a mom has to do?
Given the interest in this topic, I’ll be writing a post soon with more of my thoughts on EC thus far and what I would have done differently in the beginning. If you think about it, we didn’t have diapers (even cloth diapers) for a long time and even now some cultures do not diaper children.
As one of those babies (born in India in the early 60’s), I will vouch for this method. The concept that cloth diapers have no environmental impact is an overused misunderstanding. As for ec, I am not sure if you have ever spent any appreciable time around a baby, but if you are capable of dashing to the toilet in the 30 seconds between the first grunt and the firing of the poop jet, all the more to you! As a parent of school aged children, I’m curious to see how you feel about all this stuff when you actually have a baby. My understanding is that lots of times you have to size up the clothing to make it fit over the diaper.
Hi Julie- I use gDiapers with my daughter and she can wear pretty much anything over them- they aren’t super bulky. I tried to use g-diapers (love the way the look, so cute) however, my babies tummies and thighs were too chunky for them. I used Bummis system, 2 piece cloth diaper system, meaning you need the pre-folded cloth diapers too. This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own. The app features so many very cute games, songs and how can I not mention the 3D Celebration! This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.
I would set a cooking timer every 30 minutes & put my daughter on the potty, she mastered it in no time. Were Potty training my daughter right now and its hit and miss days sometimes she really wants to use the bathroom all day consistently or not at all…We just act overally excited and lots of words of encouragement. My best tip is be patient, I tried training my son as soon as he turned two and it was a dreadful disaster because he was just not ready. For boys, a few of my friends would put cheerios in the toilet and tell their boys to aim at them.
I’m a newbie at this but the best advice I’ve heard is wait until they are really ready! This may come as a huge SHOCK to some of you fellas, but I have no desire to see your big hairy nutsack in GIANT LARGE PHOTO MODE.
Thirdly, is what my friend put on her Facebook page, as someone who has had cancer, has lost her hair, has been incredibly ill, has annual monitoring but has beaten cancer.

Every single woman I saw who had posted a photo without lippy, foundation, mascara, looked utterly beautiful. Social Media is now bubbling with people putting photos of themselves with, yup, you guessed it (the name of the campaign lacking mystery and intrigue) putting their penis in a sock and photographing themselves.
There are so many different brands these days and so many women are doing it that while I know it’s a bit more work than throwing plastic in the trash can, I’m committed to trying it.
When we found out we were having a boy, blog reader Jen emailed me to see if I had plans to donate the girly diapers. You’d still have to buy the inserts, which aren’t reusable, but the environmental impact is still drastically reduced.
Since an infant can’t sit on the toilet yet (or even a potty chair), the parents sit with the baby backwards on the toilet and make the sounds (ssss). My LO does not do well in disposables, as we learned from the terrible diaper rash we came home with from the hospital.
I love the idea and I really want it to work, but it’s not as easy as many of the anecdotes in books make it sound. And once they start on Solids I think the poop should be more solid as well and easier to get off the diaper. I am interested to see if there are any controlled studies that have been performed that assert a baby has any control over their bowels before 12 months, as most studies I’ve read suggest. Not that my mother called it EC or knew of it as anything other than what moms did for generations. I think that using plastic that never ever goes away and ends up in 5 floating gyres in our oceans- creating masses sometimes twice the size of Texas and destroying ecosystems- is definitely a bigger impact than the use of water and the treatment of that water. But tons of women have done this successful – like the woman in the video with a 5 week old!
They left deep marks on the sides where they are velcroed, I even went a size up but they didnt work for my babies. However, I ONLY used disposables in the early months, it was way too overwhelming to try any cloth diapering system during the new born stage.
Don’t get me wrong there have been some tears but there have also been some celebrations as well! You can connect with fellow moms on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and you can also sign up to receive the latest news and offers from the Pull-Ups website.
I felt so rushed with my son, because everyone said he should have been potty trained sooner but now on my second I realize he did great, and i’m not going to rush my daughter because of peer pressure from everyone else!
My mother in law potty trained our oldest son by giving him a penny for every time he used the potty, he was small so that was a big deal to him at that time and he even saved up a good amount of money! Please stop the visual eyebomb that is you beaming like a buffoon while you proudly thrust your besocked todger towards the camera. To her these photos of women removing their war paint and showing the warrior underneath are incredibly supportive.
And I’m pretty scared to see how our washing machine handles poop, especially when solid foods are introduced.
I watched a You Tube video on how to use them and it’s still a bit messy because you have to tear the inserts apart before you can flush them, but definitely a newer option out there. It makes sense that potty training can be so hard when a child is used to just going whenever in their diaper and how using EC can help with that perhaps. I do have 3 little gpants…they are so cute since they aRe smaller than the OS diapers.
There was a long stretch between realizing that human waste was unsanitary and using diaper type things, and in the interim EC was used in various forms to prevent babies from excreting waste everywhere. All of the information I have read on the subject comes back to cloth being better than disposables, even when you account for the use of water and treatment of that water. It seems like many first-time moms (and bloggers, especially!) have very grand aspirations of how things will go once they have their baby. I guess the poop doesn’t bother me because I have a dog and have to pick its stuff up on a daily basis. It’s one of those things that would never work for me, I am having baby number 4 and have no desire to run to the bathroom with an infant, full time or part time. When she was two, I had weekly hangout dates with her and another, non-EC two year old whose (cloth) diapers I had to change.

Here’s your chance to win a Huggies Pull Ups prize pack to get your toddler celebrating Potty Time! Some people posting photos of themselves however, may not be able to financially afford to donate their money. They were letting down their guard and showing their true selves in the name of something they felt was important. This campaign does not make me feel a big rush of pride at people raising awareness of male cancers and as my friend said, showing support and solidarity.
Seeing good campaigns for charities reminds us, if we can, to throw a couple of quid in the pot. The cause could affect us one day.
We’ll probably use disposables for the first few weeks, but hopefully once the cloth fits and we get used to parenthood, we’ll convert to cloth. Parents train their infants to go to the bathroom in the toilet while they hold them over it. I know people like g’s because they have a slimmer profile than some of the other diapers.
There are hundreds of websites about cloth diapering (including blog posts) I have read a lot but I think once I start I will have to read them All again!
Just make sure you follow the directions on how to wash the diapers properly because you want them to last a long time. You could also put in a throw away liner, (a little thicker than toilet paper) for when they are older and the poopy is more solid. As far as what it looks like in practice, for the first year or so parents and caretakers are really active in offering the baby the chance to pee–squatting them and cueing every 20-30 minutes. Cotton & Latina social Media Maven extraordinaire Jeannette Kaplun and get more insight on potty training our children.
Using the Huggies Pull-Ups Flushable wipes was a very easy transition for him since he’s used to getting wiped with wet wipes. After download at the inital start you have the option to select the language you prefer- I chose English. But what they are doing is spreading a message that someone who does have a spare fiver might see, and might use to donate it on this cause. That makes real potty training pretty difficult because we have to un-train the behavior of going whenever they want and re-train what was natural to begin with! You will laugh at your pregnant self after you’ve been living with a newborn for a few weeks, TRUST ME. If you want EC parents’ perspectives, I could put you in touch with a few of my parent friends here. As Latinas it’s great to get to learn what our fellow Latinas from other backgrounds also go thru during potty training.
You watch your baby closely for cues that they have to go and hold them over the toilet, make a ‘ssssssss’ noise and they let it out.
At some point (over a year old, I think) babies start signaling to indicate that they have to go.
Je parle un peu de Francais (I can speak a little French) but not enough to potty train my boy. The kind of faces that make you want to scream OH GO AWAY AND TAKE YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY WITH YOU.
They do still wear diapers because there are usually some “misses,” as they call them, but the diaper changing is much, much less of a strain and potty training usually happens much earlier.
What if my kid was walking about behind me as I was quickly popping on Facebook and saw it?
But even if James Franco himself (God bless his beautiful soul and body) posted a photo of his cock in a sock, I would still throw up a little bit in my mouth.

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