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There are some additional steps you can add to your training schedule for these energetic powerful dogs. Anywhere that I take her, especially when I take her on walks or on a car ride, she whines constantly. I can tell she is always wanting to play with other people off in the distance or other dogs which is fine, but it's difficult since me and my boyfriend are both disabled veterans. It is also difficult to teach her or train her when her attention is elsewhere and she is whining.
Is there any way of getting her to stop whining in a week or would I have to wait another few weeks? This dog breed does require a lot of physical exercise, so even though you are disabled, you will have to provide this. An obedience class is probably available in your area.Bonding with your dog through walking, playing and obedience training will probably solve any problems you are having.Ad ReplyWas this helpful?Helpful? The main thing was to always stay calm yet firm, and let the pup know he was in the Boss, not the pup.

My cousin used gentle methods like longer walks wearing a Halti style muzzle and harness, more crate time for the pup, and was always very careful to restrict and supervise any interaction with other dogs of any breed, size, or condition.
There are several locales both in the US and across Europe (I live in the UK where Staffies and other similar breeds are highly regulated) to be sure that you are in compliance.
My cousin had to register all his dogs with the local police after the laws changed in his county (mid-late nineties); he lived in LA County. When she jumps up on you tell her down and step very gently on he hind feet with your feet(if you can). Do this every time he does something you do not want him to do, if you let him get away with it even once then you have just destroyed all the training you have already done. The newspaper does not hurt (trust me I have been hit with rolled up newspaper) it just creates a sound that the puppy will learn to associate with bad behaviors.
Just always remember that no matter the breed of dog you are training it is always the same, you have to show them that you are the dominate one.
Dogs have a pack mentality so they will see one person or animal as the highest authority, you just have to make sure that you are the one that they know to listen to above all else.

I just want to be responsible and train her in a way that makes sure she is not aggressive.
Once I get her I'll take a pic and let you guys see her, she is so beautiful, I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. I love the little guy to death but he's a spritely fella and bites EVERYTHING he puts his mouth on.
He used to be very responsive, but now when I call him (and he sees my hands gesturing this) he's a bit apprehensive.
Also i have an adult Sheperd that seems to get along with him but they play fight, should I let this continue.
And the potty training, he's not like any of the dogs I've had, I am having a lot of the problems, he dosent get the point that he shouldnt do that!

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