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When adult dogs are adopted, rescued, or moved into the house they often need to be house trained.
The dog seems to be at least trying so see if you can eliminate the anxiety cause by asking some pointed questions. If it turns out it’s anxiety be sure you have the time and patience to establish and maintain routine because anxiety prone dogs mismatched to the wrong household all too often have unhappy endings. You might narrow it down as well by asking whether the dog has shown any anxiousness when there are storms or fireworks as anxiety-soiling dogs often pace, drool, hide, hyperventilate and sometimes soil during these events as well.
Send me an email, I'm sure I can help whether you're having some basic obedience issues or some behaviour problems. Copyright © 1988–2016 Ask the Dog Guy & Puppy and Companion Dog Training with John Wade. If she never did well at the townhouse I wonder if the carpet cleaning was sufficient enough to remove the old stains, a dog instinctively will pee over another dog or cats urine (called scent posting) from puppyhood, if an enzymatic cleaner wasn’t used or urine has soaked into the carpet padding, it may still be there triggering her. Another thing that can be tricky for some dogs is the combo of crate training and pad training, some dogs totally get it and can transition from crate to pad and some dogs don’t connect that the pad is the only acceptable place to go. It’s good that you have a hard time getting upset with her because that is hard to do and of course we know, getting upset won’t help her get trained. I just posted an article called How to Housebreak a Puppy that I think will have some useful info for you, some of it won’t apply but if you substitute the outdoor parts with the pad instead, I hope it will give you some helpful tips. Here is what I suggest: Pick up a waterproof blanket (called a whelping pad) and use that in conjunction with a training gate. A free standing gate is the best choice, you can customize the shape,  fold it down and move it around easily.
I hope this helps, I think she needs some repetitive training to unlearn her current pattern and it may take some time, but I think she will get it. Anybody else out there been through something similar and have any advice to share with Kathy? Hi Sal: If this is a sudden change in behavior I would definitely rule out a medical issue first. The first thing to understand is that physical contact with a puppy or dog is never going to help.
I would just add to Chelsea’s statement to remember that you are dealing with a baby.
Last week I went on holiday so she stayed with a lady who boards dogs.we chose her because it was a normal family environment she is acustomed too. However since she came back home after her weeks stay my dog has been going potty in the night.
She has always slept on my bed and never had accidents but this past week she has started to jump off the bed and pee and poop in the middle of the night. Hi Clair, Jack Russell’s are a very high energy breed and she is also a puppy, I hate to tell you but you have a long road of this ahead. I have a 10yr Pek who has been trained to go on a pee pad never have a problem,I also have a 4yr Pek trained the same way, now she just started to go on the carpet.I am totally confused, she knows the difference.
We have a 4 month old border collie who we could not house train and after seeking advice we decided the puppy pads, which were initially a great idea but now we cannoot get her to go out side and use the grass despite having a huge garden and 2 other dogs of the same sex. This is an example of the same chair with the removable insert installed that is included with the chair!! Many of our woodworking projects require hardware ( hinges, knobs, pulls, drawer slides, etc.). When you request a quote or purchase an item via the shopping cart we will contact you with your hardware options for that item.
If you would like a custom paint color visit a Lowe's or Home Depot, pick your color name & number and include that information as a note with your paypal payment. Morning and afternoon for a few least a day, or for as long as you think addition to downloading. By now, you've probably seen a video or heard about these supercats that go potty in the toilet — like a human. But I was tired of spending $20+ a month on cat litter — talk about flushing money down the toilet — so I decided to embark on a four-month journey to train my 12-pound, 1-year-old cat to use the toilet.
Pick the right bathroom: Pick a bathroom that is closest to where you will be spending the most time at home. Keep the room clean: Do NOT leave any clothes on the floor — a cat's natural instinct is to cover up the scent of their feces. Keep the toilet clean: A cat's sense of smell is about 14 times stronger than a human's, so be sure to disinfect the toilet at least once a week. The type of litter matters: The Litter Kwitter recommends using flushable litter, and I found that pine pellet litter ($9) works best — it's flushable, and there is minimal tracking because of the larger size of the pellets. Treat him right: During the few months of training, refrain from giving your cat any treats other than for the purpose of toilet training.
Immediate positive reinforcement works best: Show your cat some love, and give him a treat after each successful attempt — no matter the time of the day (if possible).
Potty training doesn't have to be hard or stressful, read our tips about how to potty train a 10 month old baby 11kg?
10 Easy Ways to Lose WeightHi everyone, It's that time of the year again where we all want to get fit for the warmer season.
The most common trigger is separation from owners but changes in established routines aren’t uncommon either.

Dragging a leash and popping the dog into the crate every moment supervision isn’t practical are really important.
If you have a pet care or dog behavior question, send it to Ask the Expert and we may feature it on the Water Bowl. First I’m wondering – when you mention she was doing well for the 1st year, did she have a relapse when you moved into the townhouse or was she doing well at the townhouse then relapsed? Carpet is really tough, you can check your carpet for spots with a special blacklight to see what is there and where and see if you spot a pattern of her marking over these spots.
The crate (her den) is instinctively off limits, but dogs that do great in the crate may not make the distinction that your whole house is her den too. Start off in small sections of your house, the idea is that she realizes your house is her den, little by little, the blanket will protect your carpet and she will be in a small enough area so you can correct her when she pees on the blanket, when she’s in mid pee – that is really the only time to correct her and have her make the association. Also, smaller dogs have to go more frequently than larger dogs, I talk about that in the article too. I think the root of this dog behavior problem is the den thing, but you know, all dogs are different.
She wants to please you, but it is up to you to teach her how, by being consistent and clear in your directions. She is the greatest however she is not taking care of her business during our walks and waits until she gets home and immediately runs to the bathroom and pees and her #2 as well.
Even if you are skeptical, follow all the steps and I’m sure you will see an improvement! Optional Seat Insert-$3.00This insert is a removable thin square sheet of wood that sits on the seat deck and has a smaller 5" diameter hole to fit those smaller tushes!! We also are aware that some of these children are a bit older and larger than the 2-3 year old potty training child. Please, if you have any problem with our products or need more information, contact us and we will do our best to help you!!!! Even after seeing products like the CitiKitty ($30) and the Litter Kwitter ($60) that promise every cat can be toilet trained, you might not think it's something your own "average" cat could do. The more you can keep an eye on your cat in the bathroom, the less likely he is to have an accident. If they're not yet accustomed to using the toilet, they might go potty on the floor and try to cover it with your clothes. Cats don't like going potty in a stinky litter box, and they sure won't like going potty in a stinky toilet. I gave my cat beef, chicken, or salmon jerky, like the Halo Liv-a-Littles Protein Treats ($10), and boy, did he love it. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten out of bed in the middle of the night to give him treats. Flush down the litter and feces and wipe the trays with Clorox wipes (or try some DIY disinfectant wipes). Tell her no, bring her to the pad, praise her and give her treats if she goes on the pad.  You can wash and reuse the blanket so no stress there. Make sure you first clean all the spots of prior accidents so that he doesn’t equate those spots as his bathroom on an ongoing basis. If you take the time now to instill these behaviors, I am sure she will pay you back by being a great, well-behaved dog. If there is nothing physically wrong with him I would consult a professional, a trainer or a behaviorist.
I take him out side every 45min to the same place, he gets a treat for peeing and pooping outside. For pictures of all the different types of wood click here or visit our related links page. The seat is a little higher and wider and the tray is bigger!Click Here for chair dimensions. If these options are not acceptable for you we will work with you to get exactly what you want!! But cats don't respond well to scolding, so give him a firm "no" and hold up your finger but nothing more.
Once your cat is fully toilet trained, you won't ever have to spend money on litter or clean a stinky litter box.
You start with tiny increments and work up, usually to 3 scheduled time and place bathroom breaks. Our thought is whenever your dog is having accidents, you must start actively training again. We often recommend people adopt older dogs if they are not willing to put in the work it takes to raise a puppy.
In our woodshop we create heirloom quality pieces, using only the finest hardwood lumber and hardware available to us. With this in mind, please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for delivery on most of our smaller items and a minimum of 8-12 weeks on the larger items such as desks and entertainment centers. It's also more sanitary if your cat sleeps with you on your bed, since he won't be digging through litter every day. Careful attention to diet is important and moving from free feeding to scheduled feeding more so. Well recently in our carpeted apartment, I scrubbed the floor with the resolve pet cleaner and brush (as I do occasionally) and placed new pads down (which I do daily) and she would pee on the pads but she is pooping on the carpet.

The issue is we moved this weekend from a very small cabin to a very large double wide (without any carpet). Please any tips, she gets long walks but she can really hold her waste and I’m stuck. After a while, scheduled feedings will prompt something called a gastric colic reflex which means the dog’s plumbing starts to move 10 to 20 minutes after a meal and tapping into this natural reflex can speed things along marvellously. Some dogs refuse to pee while wearing it which can be helpful when used with other training techniques.
If you really are committed to toilet training your cat, I recommend the Litter Kwitter over the CitiKitty, because it comes with three separate trays so that you can go back a step if necessary. The first time I did pop her and placed her in her crate and tell her “bad dog,” but when she did it again I almost felt bad, like what is going on?! I’ve place two pads down (one on each side of the house) but he has refused to use them, instead going potty on the hardwood floor.
Is it possible he is peeing in the crate because he doesn’t want to be in there alone? Their Latin scientific name is Sarcophilus harrisii.Beagle is a breed of small to medium sized dogThe Beagle is a breed of small to medium-sized dog.
The second time she peed, she peed on the carpet and the second time she pooped she pooped on the carpet near the kitchen (two rooms away from the puppy pads).
I was extremely upset but I did not pop or hit her, I did not yell but I’m sure she could tell in my voice I was upset and confused. I am an extremely clean person so I am getting to the point where I want to give her away because I love, I do, but I am growing really frustrated and don’t want to continue on this path. For more news and analysis, log on to zeenews.German Shepherd Dog Puppies - 11 weeks oldLitter of nine working line German Shepherd puppies. The best thing to do is be patient (difficult, I know) because the dog is unfortunately at an age now where there are no real solutions. You can try creating a safe space - not the crate, or a room containing anything your Boxer can destroy, btw; use disposable tarpaulins to cover the floor in the safe space (these come on a roll in any DIY or big box paint department), these are relatively inexpensive, and make clean-ups fast and easy whilst protecting floors. Use one part of the room as an eating and sleeping area - no tarp, and the rest of the room with enough tarps laid down to cover the floor. I buried my ancient (14yo) Boxer in Feb 2007, he was the last of a long line of Boxers I raised in the US (I live in the UK now) as a breeder. We gave it time, took her to the vet to make sure that there isn't something medically wrong with her, and even tried calm me down meds. Even if we just let her outside and watch her go to the bathroom then pet her when she comes inside she still pees.
We just put all new flooring throughout our house and my husband and I are both simply fed up. They told me she was crate trained, but in reality I came to find out she was "pen" trained.
I have attempted to crate train as I did with my other dog before her, but it is not working. I know she can hold it because I crate her all night while we sleep and I also know she knows it is wrong to poop and pee in the house. I've tried everything, the bell on the door, the doors closed, her attached to me, but to no avail, she will be great all day and then when not attached to me and not crated she eventually goes somewhere in my house and I'm so done!
They said he's only a year, but other body features are showing he may be much older, maybe closer to 5.
I am wondering if it is to late now, because he thinks doing his business in the house is normal I guess. Recently I moved into a new place and my 2 dogs have been acting up when it comes to potty training. My Yorkie (3 years old) has recently started to wee against my couches, something he has never done, and my Toy Pom (1.5 years) leaves me a surprise every morning with out a doubt.
Today I have started walking with them when I came home, as someone told me this would help, but I am not too sure. Can someone please give some advise, I don't want to lose them and also don't want to let them stay outside, but my new place is going to turn into a smelly one.
When animals are put into a new situation and place they have to mark their territories and establish boundaries. The first thing we do in the morning is take her for a walk around the block and every time we get home we do the same. It is like a treat for her because she loves going on walks so much and it shows her she did a good job.
She hated it for the first week but now we catch her sleeping in it even when we are home and she doesn't have to be in it. I know how much it sucks to have to clean up surprises in the morning and how smelly it can be. She grew up using the pee pads majority of the time since she was home a lot while we worked it was out. To be fair, the first 2 wks while I waited for my apartment to be set up, we stayed with family and space was tight.

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