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The Training School at BloomingPaws would like to share some helpful information about choosing the right training program for you and your dog.
There are multiple things that you need to consider when trying to pick the right program for you and your dog.
Pet owners and their dogs will learn and socialize in a group class environment made of other pet owners and dogs. If your dog needs some obedience training, or if you need help establishing an effective communication system between you and your dog, the Jump-Start Program is a very effective package with many options, making it customizable.
If you are interested in any of our training programs or need help deciding which program is best for you and your dog, feel free to contact us at 812-330-7297 and get started today! BehaviorOnce a pet rabbit hits a few months of age, hormones and sexual maturity can cause undesirable behavior changes and bad litter habits.

BloomingPaws Certified Dog Trainers has knowledge about effective training programs targeted towards many different goals such as obedience, stimulation, and behavior modification. Not only do you have to consider your dog’s needs and training goals, but also what will be the easiest training program for you to follow up with. Owners will be taught how to communicate effectively with their pet, pet-friendly training techniques and how to curb unwanted behaviors (jumping, leash pulling, barking). It combines the options of our Boarding School or Day School along with small group classes that give individual attention. We go over many puppy necessities such as crate training, potty training, socialization, grooming, growth stages, health, and much more. These classes are designed to help build your puppy’s confidence and your understanding of what exactly your puppy is thinking.

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