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YAHTZEE, her sister JENGA, and their mom OUIJA, all came from a horribly neglectful home and were living in deplorable conditions! We have since rescued the family, of which the mother was so skinny you can see all her bones. We hope to find them wonderful forever homes were they will be treated with love and given plenty of TLC! They are thought to have originally descended from the Arabian Sloughi and brought to England by traders before 900 AD.
Greyhound Rescue groups select the most even-tempered, gentle racers for placement into homes, with excellent success.
The Greyhound is very intelligent, but its character is often undervalued because of its reserved behavior toward its master and toward strangers.
The Greyhound is an affectionate, gentle, graceful creature that has kept human beings company for thousands of years." Most Greyhounds have a definite prey instinct.
They are extremely fast and some will kill cats and other domestic animals, although this is not the majority (only about 20% of ex-racers are too "keen" on chasing prey to ever be safe with small animals). About 10% are immediately okay due to low prey instinct, and the rest can be trained to leave cats and other small pets in the home alone. They seldom present difficulties with other dogs and are normally good with children, though they do not usually like rough-house play, and would not be a good choice for young children.
Indoors, these dogs are calm and sociable to a point where they can even be considered lazy. Show lines tend to be of a different body style than racing lines, and are often more angulated. Racing lines are bred for performance, but often a good by-product are friendly, outgoing dogs, who make wonderful pets when their racing days are over. Show lines tend to be a bit heavier and bred more for temperament than racing lines, therefore dogs from show lines often make better pets, but racing lines can also make wonderful pets.
There are hundreds of adoption groups all over North America, Europe and Australia to place these gentle, loving dogs when they retire. They are already crate trained from the track, so it doesn't take them long to learn that they are not to "go" in the house. There are several books on the market, written by highly experienced adopters and adoption workers to help new adopters through this process, and answer almost any question that can arise.

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