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If you don’t want them killing your other plants or smelling like a dyed Easter egg, then just put water in the bottles and let them water the plants. To play, I just print out an extra board that I cut into pieces and then draw the squares out of a bag so we know which ones to mark.  I also used a scrapbooking punch to make a bunch of bingo dots. I printed the shamrock pieces on cardstock and then the inner images on regular paper so that it was sturdy but not too heavy. We spent a lot of time looking at rocks, describing them, feeling the different textures, sorting them.  Sometimes the girls grouped them by size or color. This project was a big hit.  The girls loved their rocks so much they showed them off to their friends who came to play who insisted on making their own rocks.  So we started another round of monster rock making!
This is a great game to play with real rock collections to learn how colorful and diverse rocks can be.  We visited a few at some of our local museums to look at their collections. I'm now a stay-at-home mom to our identical twin daughters, who are five and full of energy, and our new baby son.
This might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be shocked at the number of students who enter Kindergarten without being able to recite the alphabet!
This is a skill that would be great for your child to know when entering Kindergarten, by the truth is: it might be too much to know by September.
As your child is learning the numbers, be sure to point them out when you see them in day-to-day life. Though my kids are well past prekindergarden age, the military and German reference in my reader caught my attention.

I agree that these are important skills but as an art teacher in a public school I am asking parents to PLEASE work on some other basic skills as well: holding and cutting with scissors (do NOT be afraid to give young children scissors and supervise them learning the RIGHT way to use them), using liquid glue without squeezing out the entire container in one sitting, and holding a pencil or crayon the right way without fist gripping it!
Misty,I taught for the Department of Defense Education Activity – they are US schools on military installations for children of US military, government contractors, and government employees.
Hi Andrea, love your blog, I just found it as I was looking for some learning activities for kids. As a parent of a 3 year old, I just have started looking into the end-of-year expectations for a kindergartener, and, yes! I an glad to see other educators expressing disagreement with these Kindergarten readiness skills. My nephew is turning 5 this month and he can already do all of these things and then some (could for a few years actually). E Leave a Comment Of course the shamrock is perfect for talking about the trinity (just ask St. Patrick's Day Tagged With: cutting and pasting, learning the trinity, Preschool, preschoolers, shamrock, shamrock craft, St.
Just wanted to give you a big thank you for putting out so much effort giving quality information for parents. As a kindergarten teacher, and Early Childhood Curriculum Leader, with a Master’s degree in child development, I have to say that I disagree strongly with your take on school readiness, and think that your expectations are unrealistic and unfair to both children and parents. I have been in the early childhood field for 17 years and constantly dissapointed by kindergarten teachers expectations.

The girls have also been super into rocks since their niece, who they love and look up to, is a rock hound.
I teach at a private school with an enriched academic curriculum, serving a highly educated population, and many of my kindergarten students don’t start the year with all of these skills. I feel that they want children coming into kindergarten knowing everything they need to be learning througout the kindergarten year. We sorted rocks, took fieldtrips to explore, played rock games, did rock crafts, and did rock science experiments. I am not sure why this expectation has become the norm but we need to find a way to educate the masses that these expectations are not developmentally appropriate!
The familiarity with number, letters and words in turn allows them to experience early success which will build their self-esteem and a positive attitude towards school.
It is not children’s job to BEGIN the year with the skills they need to have at the END of the year. It is a teacher’s JOB to teach these skills, one child, one skill, one day at a time.

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