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Separate your clean and dirty clothes into two piles—one for the clean clothes and one for the dirty clothes. Put your dirty clothes in a basket and when it is full, take it (or get help to take it) to the laundry room.
An active part of the Mom It Forward team, Jyl primarily writes about parenting, social good, and all things travel related. In a past life, Jyl was an award-winning copywriter and designer of corporate training programs for Fortune 100 companies. Get your kids cooking – Let them be a part of the meal planning, shopping and cooking.
Great tips – roasting is a biggie (works on adults too!) as well as getting them in the kitchen. I’ve found a couple of tricks, the first being the pretty common one to get kiddo in the kitchen.
I’ve always served veggies at meals, and always required my kids to try some of everything. Through unprocessed, organic food I’ve overcome Hashimoto’s disease, chronic migraines, IBS and eczema. Above the usual pieces of advice, such as have a soothing bath and stick with a normal nighttime routine, I’ve found these tips (and tricks) have really helped my sensory and sensitive kiddos go to sleep easier.
My oldest son was always seeking proprioceptive and vestibular input… jumping, spinning, crashing.
To be honest, some days your child will need one thing one day and need something else the next day. Over the years, we have created a bin of small sensory toys that are also soothing and calming. We also have some visually soothing toys, like a glitter wand and liquid bubble dropper, we keep on his nightstand.
When I asked my son how the lavender made him feel, he said it made his room feel cleaner and more fresh.
Just these small changes immediately impacted how my son felt about his bed and helped him calm down at night. So the next time you go into your child’s room, really think about the sensory experience your kiddo has in there. Welcome to the Sensory Blog Hop — a monthly gathering of posts from sensory bloggers hosted by The Sensory Spectrum and The Jenny Evolution.
Our kids are quick to catch on and very soon the ante will be upped and you’ll find yourself needing a whole bag of candy by the end of week one.
You are welcome to post about this blog so long as you include links back to my original post. If you do link back to a post of mine, you may use a picture from my post when appropriate (for example, a recipe).
It’s been happening for a few months now, but saying it – or even thinking it – could tempt fate, so I’ve told myself it’s just a phase. And now to help you with your wakeful baby, here’s exactly what I did – just follow my step-by-step guide, and within just two and a half years, your child may sleep through the night, too.
Tell Us What You Think.Do you feel a broken record – repeating the same instruction to your child over and over? Not sure whether to book them in for a hearing test or yourself into the looney bin? I became a parenting book junkie, eating up anything that would help me get a handle on the chaos and stress of raising two boisterous little boys.
It wasn’t until I did a 10 week Parenting Skills Course at The Parent Practice that I finally cracked the secret to getting my kids to listen to me the first time I say it. We’ve inadvertently trained our child to only really pay attention once we’ve said it a few times or have begun shouting. To gain better cooperation with your child you’re going to have to change your own behavior first. We need to stop taking it personally when they ignore us and that’s easier to do when you accept that it’s not about you.
Has your kid ever wanted your attention and you’ve said ‘Yeah, in a minute’ and then a minute goes by and you’re annoyed that they’ve already asked again?
It’s hard to validate that your child feels it’s just as important to finish his video game as you feel it’s important he comes to eat the meal you’ve just prepared.
So, knowing that dinner is nearly ready, give your child the heads up that in five minutes they’ll need to come to the table. It feels like it will take a long time to stop what you’re doing to go to your child, engage them, give the instruction and have it repeated back, but let’s compare this to shouting the instruction from another room several times.
By the time he comes to the table you’re peeved that you had to repeat and yell, he’s upset that he had to stop watching his show and now everyone’s in a bad mood.
By taking just a minute to give the instruction politely, in person, you’ll both feel happier and more relaxed. I’m a proud affiliate of The Positive Parenting Academy’s online course and can’t recommend it enough to anyone who wants to stay calm and stop shouting, nagging and repeating, keep your child motivated and learn how to build a strong connection. Fantastic analogy about hitting the snooze, Seana ?? Yes, we train ourselves and our kids into bad habits.
Thank you Kelly for the acknowledgment of learning this stuff with us here at The Parent Practice. So pleased to hear the skills are still impacting on family life – they are gold dust aren’t they? Absolutely Kelly – think we are 60 days away from the online Parenting Academy and watch out for the various membership levels, so something for everyone. Try communicating with them about your frustration and how it affects your ability to plan. As soon as my husband gets home, we’re going to follow all of these steps, and let the girls know, there will be no more yelling. I’m so excited about this because once I yell, I’m spooled up for the rest of the day, and I find I yell more—ugh! Kelly, I so enjoyed reading this, seeing your mention of The Parent Practice and your lovely share of my agenda mantra! Wow I’m having some kind of celebrity flush taking over my body to see your comment here Bonnie! Incentives make all the difference when identifying how to get your children to clean their room. As part of your reward system, create a chart or use an online system like My Job Chart that tracks long-term success with long-term rewards. A key ingredient in how to get your children to clean their room is establishing clear consequences.
The older a child gets, the more it seems that as parents, we should be able to assign a task, walk away, and come back to see the results of it having been completed.

Regardless of whether your children completed one task or every item on their check list, celebrate!
I made slow and steady changes to our diets, but I encountered some resistance from the girls – they weren’t used to so many vegetables and unprocessed foods.
We took this approach with our kids, continuing night after night putting new foods on their plate. Broccoli and cauliflower take on a whole new flavor profile when roasted at high heat with a bit of healthy fat and Celtic sea salt. Granted you’re going to get extra nutrients into your child’s diet, but you aren’t really doing them much long-term good because they aren’t learning the importance of eating a healthy diet. I found that if they help grow their food they are more willing to taste what their hard work and patience has produced.
It’s activities you implement every day that help meet the specific sensory needs of your child. The key was to make sure he got his fill during the day… and then turn it off before bedtime to give him a chance to cool his engine a bit. The key is to try to be as consistent when possible, make changes based on the day as needed, and make sure that it’s tailored to what your child needs. We keep a couple of fidgets, like Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty and Tangle Junior, that my son likes to use after I say goodnight. But for kids who are hyper sensitive to their environment, what we may see as perfectly comfortable is actually not for them.
But when I curled up in his bed and really paid attention to how it felt, I realized that I could make it feel better for him. It was an embarrassing A-ha moment for me that it took me that long to figure it out. Immediately, I upped my game on his mattress pad, buying a fluffier one with “smoother” cotton, which surprisingly makes a difference! He was relying on melatonin for years before this, but this combo is doing the trick in her house. This year, we added a green lava lamp to my son’s room, which casts a wonderfully green hue to the room at night while also adding a visually calming focal point. Click on the links below to read stories from other bloggers about what it’s like to have Sensory Processing Disorder and to raise a sensory kiddo! The ritual has constantly changed, but generally involved book reading, singing a few songs, lights out, back rubbing.
Really interesting article, i will definitely be looking at my son’s bedroom with a new perspective as a result and his sensory diet. I have to say, a very good acquaintance of mine who is a nurse used to suffer from migraines. When applied to autism and paired with the Son-Rise Program principles and Charlotte Mason’s philosophy, it only makes sense to me that option 2 is not really an option at all. I promise you, you might have immediate gains but it will be an uphill climb to continue this way and will create a wedge in your relationship with your child. This morning, I realized that I couldn’t remember the last time he’d woken during the night, so maybe it’s time to admit it: My baby is sleeping through the night! At six months old, decide that the snoring of one particular parent is what’s keeping the baby awake, so move him into his own room, sit back, and wait for the first night of blissful sleep. At 3am, stumble blearily across the hallway to pick up the crying baby, cursing yourself for moving him into his own room. The next evening, decide that last night was a once-off, and let him sleep in his own room again. At 3am, step on Lego and swear in a loud whisper while running to pick him up in the middle of the night, before he wakes his big sisters.
Repeat nightly, for a long time, while living in false hope that the snoring was the thing.
After six months of nightly stumbling and swearing, come up with ingenious idea to put a travel cot beside your own bed, so that after the first night-time waking, you can settle the baby in the travel cot. Realize after first five or six hundred attempts that the baby does not like the travel cot, so give up on that idea. Sigh heavily when just as you touch the door-handle, the baby-with-superman-hearing starts to cry.
Bravely transition to sitting on the floor beside his bed when he wakes, instead of getting in with him.
She writes at about being a parent, being a mother working outside the home, being a woman in the workplace.
Kids need to learn how act and the best way to teach them is by example, not getting mad at them. But imagine if you were in the middle of a great TV show and your husband suddenly burst in and ordered you to look at some tax papers NOW. If you or your child slip up, take a deep breath, see it as a mistake, be forgiving – then try, try again!
It isn’t always easy and we still have our moments, but I wouldn’t go back to the way things were for anything. If only every family could follow these simple steps then nagging; repeating and reminding would be a thing of the past! Can you believe I did my parenting skills classes with you at The Parent Practice when my boys were 3 and 6 – and they are 11 and 14 now?! When fall into bad habits from time to time, I have to slow it down and I will make my kids repeat the instructions.
With just a few simple steps, you will be able to see your kids' floor and walk into their rooms without stepping on LEGOS. As a parent, if you have been wondering how to get your children to clean their room, you are not alone. Breaking the job into smaller tasks is a great first step on how to get your children to clean their room.
For example, you could place a sticker for every day your children keep their room cleaned. The more you can make chores about choice—a choice your children make on their own based on clearly established rewards and consequences—the less of an emotional fight you'll get in later should your children choose not to clean their room. Validation and affirmation in the form of words, actions, and mini or large rewards go a long way when it comes to how to get your children to clean their room. Discouraged at first, I came across a study which found that a child may have to taste a food six to ten times before they accept it. We had a one-bite minimum rule and after many weeks and months of persistence, they started eating all sorts of new vegetables.
While you shop and cook, talk to them about the nutrients in each food and why it’s important to eat a diet rich in vegetables.
We do all of the above, and when you ask my 3 year old what we should have for dinner, she regularly asks for brussel sprouts!

He may not like it this time, but he may like it next (at least, that’s what I keep telling myself, lol). But I know as a kid I loved these kinds of toys for a reason… I just didn’t understand why at the time! I found these fabulous Martha Stewart sateen sheets at Macy’s that weren’t expensive and are oh so soft!
They look amazing… and for a kid that needs to feel cocooned while tuning out the rest of the world, this would be awesome. One of our kiddos has environmental allergies so we run an air filter all night, which acts as it’s own white noise machine.
You may be surprised at the small changes you can make that will make a big change in getting your child to sleep at night.
If you are exasperated every time this topic comes up, why on earth would your child see this thing (he already doesn’t want to do) as something positive. Comfort your child by validating his feelings and let him know you understand him without wavering on what must be done. Pick up sleepy-baby at 11pm, while a little voice says “are you crazy?” and try to feed him. Go over and back three times, then bring him into your bed, just like you were doing all along anyway. And anyway, dismantling the cot to move it back seems like a very thorough admission of defeat. Organize a cushion to sit on, and consider setting up a little drinks fridge and reading light. Lovingly explain that you’re no longer going to shout or repeat and from now on when you ask them to do something, they’ll need to do it. If you’re in the habit of barking orders from one room to another, this will be a new challenge for you, but worth the effort. But too often parents blame their kids for not listening when it’s up to us to be good communicators, create rules and follow through on them. It is amazing how doing these things not only makes you put an end to the yelling, it creates a bond with your child that is priceless. We need to respect other people’s time and priorities if we want to get good results. Just like cleaning isn't the most exciting thing to do, figuring out how to motivate your kids to do it can be daunting as well.
Then, you could establish longer-term rewards for when they pick it up every day for an entire week, month, quarter, half of a year, or for an entire year. For children who truly struggle keeping their room clean, you will have to supervise their efforts. I took this information to heart and was determined my kids would eventually enjoy a rainbow of color on their plate. My oldest initially wouldn’t touch a salad with a ten-foot pole, but soon began eating a full bowl each night! These saturated fats are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, contribute to the health of the immune system, and nourish the brain. Of course, I saute them to a lovely toasty brown and top them with parmesean cheese, with a healthy dose of Real Salt.
For example, if your child is a tactile sensory seeker, make sure he gets loads of tactile input before bed.
It wasn’t until my child was in Kindergarten that he finally told me the reason he preferred to snuggle up in my bed was the sheets were smoother. And in case you’re wondering how to start essential oils with your child who is hypersensitive to scent, this is how I did it. Put the phone beside the cot, and sit on the nearby chair to watch the white noise in action.
When you use a nice tone you’ll not only get better cooperation, but you’ll feel better doing it. If your child is engrossed in something, take a moment before giving your instruction to engage with them about what they’re doing. But I have to add I have a big house and leaving the kitchen to go physically look the boys in the eye is going to be a struggle.
But, by following these eight steps, you'll be seeing more of your kids' floors in no time.
Larger rewards can include an allowance, screen time, a play date with their friends, and anything that is important and would motivate your child. If that's not significant enough, identify something REALLY important to your child and identify withholding that as the consequence. Also, a Swedish study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that eating fruits and vegetables didn’t lower the risk of coronary heart disease unless said fruits and vegetables were consumed with high-fat dairy products.
Eventually they will come to love these foods and eat them without being asked (or tricked). We taught our kids how to use a small paring knife at six years old so they could cut and chop alongside us.
Decide that this is what the baby is doing – two periods of sleep punctuated by a period of wakefulness. Just as you’re expecting your child to form a new habit of listening to you, it will be just as challenging for you to form a new habit in the way that you give instructions. Sort of like hitting the snooze button, which can end up training us not to get up when the alarm goes off!
That is frustrating, but when I repeat it, then THEY repeat it, everybody is on the same page. More things get done and there is a lot less frustration which leads to a lot less yelling! Find one thing, just one thing, that will get him in the building and use that as the bridge. Look for any little choice that would help him feel comfort and control over a situation he does not have complete control over.
So, for the next two or three nights, I would stick my head in his room, sing song, read to him, but I did not enter his room.

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