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Stacey, a mother of four in New Jersey, believes that Bat Mitzvah preparation for her daughter, Caroline, opened the door to academic success and greater self-confidence because of the individualized way she learned to study the prayers and Torah portion. In middle school, Caroline began taping her Spanish classes and learned that language in an auditory way.
Parents and Jewish educators agree that children with dyslexia can have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, if they choose, and the experience of standing up as an adult in the Jewish community is a transformative one.
Back in the day, a boy became a Bar Mitzvah, or “son of the Commandments,” simply by attaining age 13 and reciting an aliyah, a blessing, before the reading of the Torah, said Melody Davis, a mother of three dyslexic children who helped them study for their b’nai mitzvoth. Davis’s children each had a different learning style and after receiving the Torah portion and accompanying CD from the cantor, she individualized how each child would learn. The lesson of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, for any child, is to succeed at something you work hard at. Instead of giving a speech, one 12-year-old Bar Mitzvah student carved an intricate menorah, after studying the first biblical artist. Marion Green, a teacher at Hebrew College in Newton Center, Mass., has developed a way to learn Hebrew that she says works for almost anyone with any learning style --- and has even taught this method on the computer to non-verbal children with autism-spectrum disorders. Before studying the prayers, students should learn the Hebrew letters first by coloring in a set of Hebrew flash cards, memorizing the names of the letters and the sounds they make. Because the text in the prayer books tends to be small, Green also makes her own prayer books by typing the prayers into the computer, enlarging the text, and putting them in binders. Teach your child as many Hebrew prayers as you possibly can, beginning in kindergarten or before.
Find out if the Jewish Federation in your area has a special education program for Jewish learning. Use DavkaWriter, a Hebrew-English word processing program, to enable you to manipulate Hebrew text. Begin Bar Mitzvah training six months earlier than usual; dyslexic children need more time. Really motivating, loads of games and you can tailor it to your child’s specific needs.

I think Nessy is brilliant but i am 8 and i am getting confused and need to go on the nessy learning programe. Nessy aims to rebuild self confidence, rediscover self esteem and establish a love of learning. The Nessy approach to learning has been developed by a team of experienced specialist teachers at the Bristol Dyslexia Centre. Nessy has been designed to be language-based, multisensory, structured, sequential, cumulative, cognitive, and flexible. While a whole trip may not be realistic for many, the key is to be creative and engage them in the learning process. Some dyslexic children learn the Hebrew prayers by listening to them over and over on their iPods. For her son Jonathon, who has a kinesthetic learning style, she used clay to mold Hebrew letters and sand in which to trace the letters. There are some students who don’t get a whole lot of positive reinforcement in the regular school classroom, Brockman said. So the 12-year-old Bar Mitzvah student asked if he could make a menorah instead of giving a speech. The flash cards have mnemonics on the back, such as “bet is a ball in a box” (see illustration below).
During this time Nessy has gradually developed a reputation for exceptional quality and in recent years has been winner of the prestigious Educational Resources Awards three times in a row.
Language elements are taught directly and systematically in a highly structured, incremental system of sequential lessons. Some rabbis and parents decide to shorten the Torah and Haftorah portions for children with dyslexia; some dyslexic children decide they want to read all the portions and work hard toward that goal.
Her daughter, Annelise, is an auditory learner and mastered the prayers by listening to them. The Bar Mitzvah is an opportunity to stand up in front of the community, feel acceptance and a sense of accomplishment.

Brockman agreed and was shocked when the boy produced a 5-foot tall menorah made of wood with intricate carvings of people with arms up to hold the candles.
If you don’t know the prayers, have your cantor make a CD that you can listen to together in the car. Typical lessons begin with activities that develop phoneme-grapheme recognition and blending, then advance to whole words and sentences.
Oldest son Spencer, who was not diagnosed with dyslexia until college, is a visual learner and worked very hard to learn to read Hebrew. When it came time for the speech, the student simply said, "I read about the first Biblical artist and here’s my speech" and presented the menorah to the congregation, where it still stands today.
The founder of Nessy, Mike Jones, experienced difficulty learning to read and write due to dyslexia. Teachers are given access to a comprehensive record of data, monitoring student performance over time.
Mike trained as a teacher in the field of specific learning difficulties and for over ten years helped dyslexics of all ages overcome their difficulties. Students will now be screened, teachers will get training, and a Dyslexia Task Force…Visit Nessy on Facebook to see the designs for the latest games.
Mike leads the development of all Nessy programs, ensuring they are uniquely qualified to help dyslexic children. All Nessy programs are designed to help address the specific difficulties caused by dyslexia but are effective for children of all abilities.

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