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That congestion in the back of his nose is probably just dripping into his tummy instead of out his nose and passing through his system. By all means check on the food allergies if you are worried but with a bit of congestion I would suspect that first over an allergy especially if allergies don't run in the family. My lo had much more mucus and it was from her father giving formula she wasn't supposed to have. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Our muscovys were hand raised from a day old and were the most calm and affectionate of all the breeds we've raised.
We have had our Toulouse , Dick, for nearly a year now, and he is by far the creature of greatest interest in the yard.

Once you have dosed all your birds, wait 5 days, then on the 6th day withhold their feed again for 24 hours. Your birds may also have other types of worms, such as large roundworms and capillary worms. Researchers say they have discovered way to ferment sausages that could turn the fatty meat product into a health food similar to probiotic yogurts. NEW YORK: Scientists have found a bizarre way of making sausages healthier — by using baby poop.
It has to go somewhere and with babies laying down so down the throat is the direction gravity normally takes it. The thing about valbazen is that it slowly kills all types of worms over a period of several days.

The chicken eats the infected insect and the tapeworm larva latches onto the intestinal wall inside the chicken (depending what type of tapeworm it is.) The tapeworm feeds and grows off the nutrients that the chicken eats. There isnt any threat of intestinal blockage nor toxic dead worm overload while using valbazen. Each segment (looks like rice) contains several hundred eggs which will eventually be deposted onto the soil to be eaten by an insect.

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