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We often hear about adult children struggling to persuade stubborn aging parents to get help at home. Have you ever decided on a menu for the evening, only to discover you don’t have all the ingredients? With an ingredient list in hand, head to the grocery story with them each week and help them make selections. In some cases, it may even help to prepare dinners ahead of time and store them in the freezer. If you simply aren’t sure if your loved one is eating, an in home caregiver can provide you with peace of mind by being there throughout the day. If you like this tip for helping your parents stay in their home longer, you’ll enjoy our free report 7 Strategies To Help Seniors Successfully Stay At Home. Whether or not your parents can take care of themselves, it is your job as their child to help them around as much as you can. As far as being independent at home goes, if your home has several floors, you should consider stair lifts for elderly people. A lot of elderly people have difficulties using new technologies such as computers or smartphones. If you’re on the hunt for a new electric clothes dryer, you should read this article. Let us help you care for your senior loved one with our full range of senior concierge service.
As people get older their needs do not decrease, but all too often their capacity to perform these daily care requirements does begin to wane. Our compassionate, attentive concierge professionals know what it takes to help look after your senior loved one. Senior Concierge service provides an excellent option for seniors who are still healthy and not in need of a nursing home or more focused healthcare assistance. Many adult children, grandchildren, or other family members and loved ones very frequently feel that the assistance offered by senior concierge service is something that they themselves should be providing to the elderly person instead. November 25, 2014 by Angela 43 Comments Truth be told, I sometimes forget that my parents are getting older.
Mom and I live in the same house, so I really feel responsible to help her live better and lead a healthy life. My mother is very sickly, so my dad has an extensive health insurance plan through his work. My parents have a good plan with doctors of their choice, but many other eldeerly folks do not. We will be going through this with my mother in a couple years and will need all the advice we can get. Regardless of whether your aging parents have shown any signs of mental decline, you need to talk with them about their investments before it's too late. Learn the latest trends that will help grow your portfolio, plus tips on investing strategies. Markets don't like uncertainty, and a Trump win for the presidency would seem more conducive to unpredictability than a Clinton victory would. Unfortunately many older people aren’t eating enough of the right foods to help keep them healthy. But the challenge comes from supporting your loved one to follow through and select nutritious foods and adhere to a balanced diet. Sometimes the challenge of writing things down can open them up to new ideas, especially when they see in black and white what they are eating. If they help you put dinners together, they may be more likely to pull them out of the freezer and cook and eat them. From planning, to shopping, to preparation, to enjoying a meal together, an in home caregiver may be your solution to helping your loved one stay healthy and eating proper nutrition throughout the day. For most people, the moment that they start to lose their strength, they also lose all hope.
However, this doesn’t mean that you have to do all the work for them, that is unless they are truly unable to help themselves in any way. In order to find the right stair lift for your home, you need to keep in mind the characteristics of the stairs in your home. Try to introduce them to these technologies in a fun way so that they can have access to information that they can turn into hobbies.

Here you will find out everything about the best and the worst electric dryers on the market. Even senior citizens who are healthy, vibrant, and energetic may find that they have more difficulty doing the same things that they used to do. We offer senior care services such as the following: daily check-ins, companionship, technology training and assistance, basic home care, basic pet care, coordinating and overseeing home maintenance, home organization, errands, grocery shopping, and meal preparation.
Our services allow your senior loved one to remain in their home and to continue with their daily lives as safely and conveniently as possible. My dad is still working a full time job well past his retirement age, and my mom is very involved with writing this blog. High cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity were listed as the most common health concerns of grandparents, and only one in five grandparents say they exercise for 30 minutes three times a week. In addition to encouraging them to eat a healthy diet and exercise, we need to make sure they have the right health care coverage.
What existing health conditions will you need to address or continue managing in the year ahead? Helping them navigate Medicare Open Enrollment is a simple way to give back to them, and something that will have great impact.
Its hard to remember that sometimes, but it sounds like you are taking the right steps with you Mom!
I’ve learned a lot I can see that you really love your mom so much Both of you were lucky to have each other. We ask that you stay focused on the story topic, respect other people's opinions, and avoid profanity, offensive statements, illegal contents and advertisement posts. Please refer to Bankrate's privacy policy for more information regarding Bankrate's privacy practices.
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It can be for a variety of reasons, from physical changes such as losing sensitivity of taste and smell, to emotional changes such as loneliness and depression. When you get back to their place, use the time for cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator of old or expired foods and replacing it with the new.
Be sure to put the cooking instructions on each pan so it will be an easy process from freezer, to oven, to table.
You can find a lot of reviews which tell you the pros and cons of the best stair lifts for elderly people.
By reading the article you will know what models to stay away from and which are the ones that you should buy for yourself. There is certainly no shame or embarrassment in that, and it is only natural that you will want to get the best assistance possible for your elderly loved one. However, while these are certainly some of our most common services that is my no means a comprehensive list. Our senior concierge services provides a way for your senior loved one to get the assistance they need while freeing up more time for you and your family to have those precious moments with your loved one without having to worry about mundane errands and chores. She often has things she needs done but no one knows it, and then she is resentful because no one ‘noticed’ and did it without asking. When it comes to being active and physically fit, I have no doubt that my mom would whoop me in an arm wrestling match. Like a lot of Boomers (90%), mom is rather tech savvy and uses a computer, but navigating through all of the options for Medicare open enrollment is daunting. Almost 40 percent of grandparents say exercise is the hardest health habit to form, and almost one in three say they wish they had started exercising 20 years ago. I am the only one of her 4 kids responsible enough to guide her through the processes, so this is a great resource!
Then plan out meals for the week and create a shopping list so they will have all ingredients on hand. Not to say that elderly people are not wise or can’t help you with life advice, but that is not what their life should resume to at this point. The biggest struggle of old age is the loss of strength which in the worst case scenarios manifest itself in mobility problems.
On such a platform she can find crochet patterns, countless recipes and various craft ideas.
I can’t really expect her to take good care of herself and get more exercise, if I am sitting on the couch eating a bag of potato chips.

In this article, we will give you a few tips in order to help you help your parents discover new joys in life, despite dealing with the struggles of old age.
If you parents have difficulties walking or are unable to walk at all, you should check out some mobility scooter reviews.
I don’t always stop to think that it now has to be more difficult for her to do some of the things that she does. Having health insurance that includes prescriptions, dental and vision care is important to my mom.
Please avoid posting private or confidential information, and also keep in mind that anything you post may be disclosed, published, transmitted or reused. For example, the two of you could start a small after work business such as candy bar catering or an online handmade decoration shop. What is going on?”Try to figure out what your parent needsSometimes relationships and events aren’t what they seem. I guess it shouldn’t be all that surprising that active grandparents like my mom don’t consider themselves to be seniors. We do not permit the inclusion of hyperlinks in comments and may remove any comment that includes a hyperlink. Who knows, by helping your mother discover new things, you might be layering the foundation of a successful business.
That is, if you’re constantly arguing with your elderly parent about all the junk she hoards and refuses to get rid of, you may not be dealing with a “hoarding” issue. In a report for the American Society on Aging, Marson says older adults are most vulnerable to impairment and loss of financial skills and capacity as a result of not only Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, but also through normal cognitive aging.Elder care attorney Rosenblatt agrees. The internet can also be interesting for elderly men as they can find numerous things online such as vintage decorations. It could be her fear of letting go, of being poor, of giving up stuff that represents her past. Furthermore, keep in mind that scooters traveling faster than 4 miles per hour are also allowed on roads, but they do need to abide by certain regulations. The internet can also be a great way for your parents to make new friends by bonding over common interests.
Or – as could be happening in my reader’s case – perhaps your mom is offended because she doesn’t feel noticed…which may mean she doesn’t feel loved.Before you can give your elderly parent what he or she needs, you first have to figure out what the core issue is. It tells you when bills haven't been attended to and also gives you clues about the parent's investments. It may be hard to teach elderly people how to keep in touch with new technologies but this challenge can be very productive as it will show them that there is so much more to life than waiting for it to end. This may involve talking to experts in elder care issues, joining a support group of other people with elderly parents, or just talking it through with someone you trust.Figure out your “ideal situation”Write down exactly what you want your life – and your parent’s life – to look like. Look at those to get an idea of the condition of the senior's finances."In addition to the mail, tax returns can also be a forensic tool," Neiser says. The takeover will occur when it should."According to Raskin, this can be a good time to get your own financial house in order.
Don’t just say “I want to make sure my mom gets the help she needs.”What type of help does she need? If you relay to them what you care about, why you donate to charity and what you believe about money alongside information about where you've put your money and why, you'll have strengthened their ability to handle your finances when the time comes. Maybe hiring someone is the best solution – read Hiring a Caregiver – Tips for Family Members.Find and implement permanent solutionsMy mom lives in Saskatchewan and I’m in Vancouver. But, she belongs to a mental health group that meets three times a week and has a volunteer who drives her to her occasional medical appointments in nearby cities (she lives in a very small city).
How can you give it to her – how can you help her so she can take better care of her elderly parent? Lynn Goodwin, author of You Want Me to Do What?.Another book for helping elderly parents is Elder Rage, or Take My Father… Please!

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