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ServingYour support makes it possible to continue serving the homeless and those who might otherwise become homeless. SolvingSolving family problems; with your help Catholic Social Services provides counseling, parenting education, mentoring, family enrichment, guardianship and literacy programs and support to assure that children live in a safe, caring and permanent home.
A local horse rescue groups is turning to the public with an urgent need for foster homes and financial donations.
Panhandle Equine Rescue in Cantonment needs experienced horse owners to take any one of their special needs facility horses. Under PER policy, no barbed wire is permitted where horses will be fostered and full shelter must be provided. The only horse rescue in Escambia County, Panhandle Equine Rescue was founded by a small group of concerned citizens with a mission to rescue, rehabilitate and provide adoption services for abused, neglected and abandoned equines. Barbie Caldwell (left) and her husband Randy were named the 2014 San Diego County Foster Parents of the Year.
When the adults entered the 3-year-old girl’s bedroom in the middle of the night, it wasn’t to check up on her.
When it was finally discovered and she was hospitalized, Megan (not her real name) had 38 fractures.
The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency social worker assigned to the case had to find a foster family to take Megan in after her eventual release from the hospital. It had to be foster parents that were equipped to handle a child that came from such a devastating background. The Caldwells immediately began visiting Megan in the hospital, even before they formally became her foster parents.
She was able to come home with the Caldwells about 16 months ago and she’s blended right in to their family. Barbie said they’ve taught Megan how to keep herself safe, because eventually she will be leaving their foster home. The Caldwells’ three sons – now 30, 24 and 22 – all pitched in with the foster children the family took in.
Caldwell said family trips would sometimes get canceled when a child in their care got sick. Barbie leads Options for Recovery, a support group for parents of foster children who are medically fragile or were affected by alcohol or drug abuse. The program is five days at Rady Children’s Hospital where the foster parents meet with trauma doctors, psychologists, the child abuse team from the Chadwick Center for Children & Families and a panel of drug-addicted parents in recovery. Barbie is also a member of the Quality Parenting Initiative that’s preparing trainings for social workers and foster parents, is on the North County Foster Parent Association and serves as a foster parent mentor at Grossmont College. Seven years ago, she started Connected Through Kids, a non-profit that offers training, mentoring and tutoring for foster parents and an outlet for social activities with foster families. It’s very important for foster parents to also take care of themselves and make sure they have a break once in a while.

Speaking of birthday parties, Megan just had her fifth birthday party at the Caldwell’s home. You can call 1-877-792-5437 for more information on becoming a foster parent in San Diego County. Email UpdatesEnter your email address to sign up for free updates or to access your preferences.
Spokesman James Wide, communications director, says it’s very traumatic to be removed from a home, and children do better when they are in a familiar setting. Wide says the increase in the number of children in care is partly due to the drug abuse epidemic in Indiana. In Indiana, a foster parent must be at least 21 years old, can be either single or married, and needs to be financially stable. Foster parents in Indiana must become licensed, pass a criminal background check and successfully complete pre-service and First Aid training. One of the most overwhelming times in my life is when we welcomed new kids into our home by adopting through foster care.
We are foster parents and my mom’s group at church made meals for us the first two weeks and donated toys and baby supplies. I remember when I was fostering and running a daycare, I had a local foster mom who offered to go to the foster Christmas toy giveaway for me since I couldn’t take the day off.
The first week we got our children, people brought meals to us and gave us financial gifts, which was totally surprising but so helpful with all the costs we incurred setting up bedrooms, etc.
One adoptive mom wrote a beautiful note to our baby sharing how wanted she was and how prayed for she was.
Telling us throughout the process they were praying for us and asking for updates or asking to understand the process.
Respite care, meals, activities with individual kids, clothes, Christmas gifts, mentor individual children. Friends washed laundry while watching my little guy, seven weeks of free childcare until he could go to daycare, watched him while I had a nap after being sick all night, praying over him, clothes given, furniture given, listening when it is hard, encouraging, and some meals.
Our church enlisted some of us who have grown children and more free time on our hands to be foster companions. Sign up for Tricia’s Inspired Living newsletter by entering your e-mail address below! According to Bryan, children that go through the foster care system usually experience a very negative home life, including multiple forms of abuse. Because of the lack of requirements from the state, Bryan found that there were limited special professionals in the state that could help children with RAD.  Although the state does pay for psychological help for foster children, a foster parent has to go through many general care professionals before they’re allowed to go out of state for specific treatment for RAD. On top of all this, when a foster parent officially adopts a fostered child, that parent will lose almost all of the resources they get through the foster system.  So, Bryan, who is also apart of the Salt River Trail Foster Care Network Team which is a point of contact and help for foster families in the region, has decided to talk with government officials and form a coalition of foster parents to help encourage the state government to not only require psychological care for foster children but also have better training and encouraging more professionals to practice in the state. She had a hematoma inside her pancreas and malnourishment meant deteriorating muscle tissue throughout her little body.

After all, the adults closest to her – her mother and her mother’s boyfriend – were responsible for the traumatic childhood she had endured so far. The Caldwells, recently named the 2014 San Diego County Foster Parents of the Year, have been caring for children who were affected by maternal drug or alcohol abuse or considered medically fragile. Megan now knows you can dial 9-1-1 and even if you’re in a situation where you can’t speak, you can lay the phone down and a dispatcher can hear you and help will find you. After raising her own sons, Barbie said they decided being foster parents was the best way to help.
According to the Indiana Department of Child Services there are over 18,000 children in the state’s care, about four thousand more than at this time last year. Kids are often dropped off with nothing. Also, bringing coffee and doing meal dropoffs for our family were a big help. We had a couple who came out to California where we were adopting and celebrated with us and served as a hand to hold after the emotional roller coaster we had gone through.
I can still list the names of people who accepted my 4-year-old son with open arms from the moment he stepped off the plane. Fostering as well as adoption is a roller coaster of emotional challenges and to have a lot support is by far what kept us afloat!
Later, people willing to babysit, attend birthday parties so the kids felt connected, and most importantly, acceptance and love from others so they felt a part of our lives right away. Something that really touched me was when my biological kids were included, too… Their world has been turned upside down as well and it is nice for them to feel supported and treated similarly to their new siblings.
We shop, run errands, hunt down stuff, make phone calls, pray, and whatever else we can do within the parameters of foster care rules, in order to free the foster parents to do what only they can do. You might want to subscribe to my email updates, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or Instagram.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. However, they also feel at least one major break of attachment when removed from their birth parents and possibly multiple breaks if they’re placed in multiple foster homes. Everyone always accepted our adoption in the same way they would have a biological child of ours.
As a family, we have also included our nephew’s foster kids in our family get-togethers.
I was weary, but my load was lightened greatly when neighbors, friends and our church family pitched in to help.

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