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I often feel as though much of the focus on young children is about learning to "read." And by that, I mean learning to "decode text".
Before children can read independently it's important they work on their reading comprehension.
Read the title and ask your child, "What do you think this book is about?" "What do you think might happen in the story?" etc.
While children are still developing their vocabulary, they will be presented with new words all the time. When you and your child have finished reading a story, the easiest way to test for comprehension is to ask your child to tell you what happened in the story.

Asking leading questions like, "What was your favourite part of the story?" or "Did you like that story? We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. In order to read you have to be able to decode text but sometimes the focus is too heavy on decoding the text, and not enough on understanding the meaning of the text.
Sounds very basic but you'd be surprised how often children aren't aware of who is being talked about.
For example, if you have just read "Suddenly, out of nowhere, a wolf appeared looking very hungry!" You could say, "Oh no!

If you've just read, "Donkey was relaxing in a beautiful meadow" for example, you might want to check if your child knows a) what "relaxing" means and b) what a meadow is. This is as easy as asking, "Who is Wolf?" "Can you point to Wolf" "What does Wolf look like?" etc. I wonder what he might try and eat?" Once your child has responded, you could say, "Let's find out" and continue to read the story.

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