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Because it is so rampant, we often dismiss bullying in the schoolyard as a ‘part of growing up’.
Children often refrain from reporting incidents or patterns of bullying to parents and other adults.
Another deterrent is the fact that many parents tend to shrug it off with “learn to deal with it yourself” statements and attitudes. As a parent, it is important for you to recognize signs that indicate your child is a victim of bullying in school. These symptoms are not necessarily indicative of bullying and may have other triggers – but you should definitely NOT ignore them! Most parents go into overdrive when they learn that their child is being bullied at school.
Studies show that kids with low self-esteem and insufficient social skills are often the easiest targets for bullies, since they are less likely to fight back or otherwise challenge the bully. Since it is practically impossible for you to be ever-present and protect your child from bullying, the best thing you can do is empower your child with self-protective strategies.
One of the most effective strategies is to teach your child to ignore the bully, walk away and get help from an adult.

Self Esteem For Children Today – Awaken self esteem to greater heights.  Is today’s modern lifestyle destroying your child’s self-esteem?
The ROAR Show is committed to helping children understand respect and responsibility by helping them build self-esteem and strong character. Bullying can make daily life extremely difficult for children and can even affect them for their whole lives. This entry was posted in Respect Others and Act Responsibly Positive Lessons Learned, Uncategorized and tagged act responsibly, Advice to parents, respect others, ROAR Show, school assembly, What To Do, Your Child Is Being Bullied.
In fact, it has potentially serious physical and emotional implications, and sometimes leaves a lasting impact. Understandably, they fear that the adult will storm into school and compound the embarrassment – and the bullying – by creating a scene. This is most common in the case of boys, who are taught that complaining is ‘sissy’ and that facing up to a bully is ‘macho. Invariably, such children failed to get support and protection from responsible adults when this happened, and were forced to adopt aggressive behaviors to survive.
They swing wildly from declaring war on the school, or wringing their hands in futile despair.

Next, assure your child that you will deal with this in a dignified and diplomatic manner – there will be no repercussions. Doing this is always the safest thing to do under the circumstances – attempting to fight back can escalate into violence and physical harm. Discover how you can boost your child’s self-esteem with immediate results that will amaze you and your child.
The reasons for this can often be some inherent physical or mental handicap or simply abuse or neglect in their own home. The following article contains wonderful advice to help your children who may fall prey to being bullied.

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