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Transform your son’s or daughter’s taste buds by trying these 6 ways to help your children eat their veggies. Now that I’m all grown up, I’ve noticed that I really have to try hard to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit each day – trying hard as in I need to remind myself at each meal.
So when my firstborn was old enough to start trying solids, I made sure he ate plenty of vegetable purees. I had hoped that by introducing fresh vegetables as his first flavors, they would become a sort of comfort food for him. My sweet and spunky 6-year-old turns up her nose whenever we add vegetables to her dinner plate.
When I introduced her to solids, I didn’t have the time or energy to focus on fresh vegetable purees.
If you’re dealing with a child who’s a picky eater, there are ways to help him or her eat vegetables.
As soon as your son or daughter is ready to start solid food, you can include him or her in your meal preparation. If you have any room for a garden – whether it’s a full raised bed garden in your yard or a container garden on your porch – let your children help you pick out which vegetables to plan.
If you have elementary-aged children, try creating rhymes and poems about the vegetables on your table. When my husband and I talk about how junk food makes you feel after eating it, and then how real food and fresh fruits and veggies make you feel, our children are much more excited to eat food that will help their bodies. In my house, I’ve learned that if I buy junk food and bring it into our home, my family will eat it.
It doesn’t matter if you’re an adventurous or picky eater – model what it’s like to try new foods. By trying these 6 ways to help your children eat their veggies, you just may end up transforming your son’s or daughter’s taste buds in a very healthy way!
Leave your comment!Related Posts:How to Transform Leftovers into Healthy Lunches Kids LOVE! Following on from my previous guest post for Dr Andrea Eenfeldt on his Diet Doctor website, I have been inundated with parents wanting to know exactly how to help your child eat real food?
We all want our children to eat real food and healthy options, but how do we actually go about it? It can be daunting to think how to even start a school lunchbox if you have been relying on the standard muesli bars, packets of rice crackers, and a ham sandwich. Answer: Guidance from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says establishing healthy food habits early in life, along with a good dose of daily exercise, is key in helping children become healthy, active adults. If you believe your child is already overweight, you should discuss your concerns with your son’s doctor.
Still, a recent study indicates that it may be especially beneficial to pay attention to food choices in young children who crave sweets. Become aware of the difference between eating when hungry and eating for other reasons — because of boredom, for example.
Make snacks healthful: Whole-grain cereal, graham crackers, fresh fruit slices and string cheese are among good choices.
Chow Line is a service of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and its outreach and research arms, Ohio State University Extension and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. With six kiddos you can bet I have battled a picky eater or two and the “I hate veggies” battle cry more than once!! I wanted fresh vegetables to be a normal part of our meals so they would grow up without such a nutritious struggle.
I’ve detailed the whole experience – including my strategy, reasoning and recipes – in my eBook First Bites.
Ever the sweet tooth, she gladly eats fruit but says her favorite vegetable is chocolate cake.

Not all of them may work at your dinner table – but hopefully some of them will and you can help your children enjoy eating fresh, healthy food. Take your children with you when you go grocery shopping and have a conversation about what food you’re choosing – and why.
We use the same rule at our dinner table now – our children may not like it, but they do try at least one bite of everything. If you have a few extra moments in the kitchen, make each child their very own dinner plate masterpiece – turn the food into a work of art like a silly face or a landscape. My daughter wouldn’t touch broccoli on her plate, until one night I told her to eat her trees. When you buy through our links, we earn a small commission, which helps to keep this site going so that we can continue to offer free and useful content, so thanks!
By Kelly Smith, Contributing Writer It’s time to break out the lunch boxes … back-to-school season is here!
10 tricks and tips how to help your child eat real food, cut back on the sugar and carbs and eat healthy food.
Well below are my top 10 tips to get started, and here is the link to take you to my article on Diet Doctor. How do we remove the processed food, sugars and inflammatory oils without having a family mutiny?
Your household will not be a happy one if you clear out the cupboards overnight and suddenly change everything they have sadly come to love. They will grow up knowing the benefit or eating low carb real food and a nutritional knowledge that not many adults have. Explain how cereals are more akin to desserts so you are going to slowly remove them from the house.
It really doesn’t take much more time and effort but suddenly you will be organised for the days ahead.
The funny thing with my children is they see me taking photos of dinner before they are allowed to tuck in, and they offer me suggestions all the time (albeit usually a sweet recipe).
When you decide to give up carbs, sugar and wheat, Ditch The Carbs shows you just how easy and nutritious it is. Researchers looked at young children, specifically 209 children at 21 months, 27 months and 33 months old. Noticing your child’s sweet tooth and looking for ways to help shows that you are aware of the importance of establishing a healthy diet early in life. Raised with a diet of mainly processed food, fresh tastes and textures didn’t appeal to me.
While I still gave her fresh fruits and vegetables, it was a very different experience than with our son. Show them how to plant seeds, water, weed and then harvest the fruit (and veggies) of their labor. Sometimes I like to serve my children’s favorite vegetables along with something they haven’t tried before – that way, if they don’t like the new veggie, they still have their old favorite. See how to remove processed food from their diet, ditch the bread and soda, cut out deep fried food, and make real food lunch boxes. Below are my 10 top tips to help transition your children, and how to help your child eat real food for life.
Think of leftovers in a different light, why have a sugary cereal when you can have a meal in the morning?
Take them to the vegetable store and allow them to choose whatever they would like and see if they can dream up a new recipe to use it. Just like the rest of us (adults), your toddler should be learning to eat small portions of sweets every once in a while, not all the time. They focused on those from low-income families because they are at a higher risk of childhood obesity.

When mine were small, we lived in a townhouse and didn’t have room for a garden, so I grew cherry tomatoes and green beans in pots on my back porch.
Put them in charge of preparing the vegetable aspect of the meal so they’ll be more willing to eat what they proudly made.
If there are multiple ways to serve it, try all of the ways – from cooked to steamed to raw – and see what you prefer. Try serving them this family friendly recipe for Cranberry Apple Kale Salad with Lemon…Simple, Nutritious Snack Solutions By Hilary Kimes Bernstein, Contributing Writer Looking for simple, nutritious snack solutions for your hungry children this summer? My emphasis is eating tasty nutrient dense, whole foods and lowering their sugar and carb intake, especially from processed and junk food.
There will be set backs along the way, but this will be a long journey and it is best to have everyone on board.
It could be scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon and eggs, last night’s leftovers, sausages, a low carb smoothie or you can start to make some grain free granola or low carb waffles.
Why have a sandwich when you can have last night’s meal re-heated or cold roast meat to top off a beautiful salad? Eventually bread will make less of an appearance in their lunch boxes until you get to the point where bread is no longer in the house, or it makes a very rare appearance. Ignore the marketing hype that certain packaged foods are great for a lunchbox and go back to basics. Too much calorie restriction could deprive them of the energy and nutrients they need to properly develop bone and tissue as they grow taller.
The researchers found that the toddlers who ate more cookies after a filling meal and who became upset when the sweets were taken away had gradual increases in body fat over the course of the study. Everyday we went out to check on their growth and eat whatever we could find that had ripened. Talk about how much better peas and beans and tomatoes taste all warmed by the sun, right off the vine. Don’t go too crazy at the start making special meals, this new way of eating has to be sustainable and if you think you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of making waffles each morning, you’ll resent it and give up.
Leftovers can be frozen as individual portions for that emergency meal where you may have once relied on a takeaway.
Some great healthy low carb alternatives to bread are lettuce wraps, cold meat wraps or low carb pizza waffles. Don’t worry, I’m not even going to suggest you start cutting little animal shapes out of cheese, or creating carrot flowers, we’re all to busy for that.
Interestingly, the children who chose a salty option (potato chips or cheese puffs) instead of cookies did not experience the same weight gain. Not all of them like tomatoes and green beans, but now that they are older and we have more space to grow fresh vegetables, they all get involved in planting, weeding and growing.
When cooking sausages, chicken drumsticks, meatballs, roast vegetables, quiche, cook double and you’ll already be a step ahead having the school lunches organized for the next few days. In the morning rush we want to throw some things together that we know will be eaten and not thrown in the trash can. Still, the overall finding was that the tendency to eat when not hungry increased during toddlerhood, particularly with sweets, and this was associated with an increase in body fat. I’m so guilty of not doing number six though, what a humble way to teach your kids, by being vulnerable with them! I can’t emphasize this enough, but cook double dinners and have vegetables already sliced in the fridge ready to go.

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