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To download Learn How To Help Your Child Speak In Everyday Activities pdf please click the download link bellow. You can run the program with your child by yourself by simply purchasing a copy of the Move to Learn DVD and following the simple, demonstrated instructions. Which book should I buy first?Each of the books covers different material and has a different focus. What equipment is needed to get started?All you need to run the program is the Move to Learn DVD, a DVD player, a TV and some floor space. Is there anyone in my area that is able to help answer some of my questions about my child?Our list of contacts and recommended specialists can be found in the ‘Certified Practitioners’ and 'Links' folders here on the website. Does this program help address retained primitive reflexes?Close links have been identified between the inhibition of primary reflexes and the attainment of gross-motor milestones.    Reflexes are often used as landmarks and measurements of CNS maturity. The Move to Learn program has included the inhibition of persistent primary reflexes as a core element in its program, addressing the underlying functional deficits that children with various difficulties have shown. Do you have a distributor in my country?Our list of contacts, certified practitioners and distributors can be found in the ‘Certified Practitioners’ folder and the 'Links' folder here on the website.
My child is a teenager, and desperately needs help, is the Move to Learn Program too young for him?Certainly not. I am an adult, will the program work for me?Many adults have done the program with great success.
I want to buy some Move to Learn products, but I don't feel safe using my credit card online. Is there an assessment I can do?Help Your Child to Learn, contains a questionnaire to help identify where difficulties lie in an individual child and it gives a lot of information about Learning Difficulties. My little guy was six years old and we had been casually talking about letters and their corresponding sounds.
A month or two later, we were at the library and he noticed a banner on the wall that said “Reading is magic!” It must have been Halloween time. Run your finger under the words when you read so they can connect what they hear with what they see. Point out words in the world (stop signs, exit signs, food labels) and tell them what they say. My kiddo is just about to turn three so I haven’t really looked into websites about this stuff yet.
All of my three children learned the sounds letter make from an early age and were read to tons but they all began actually reading at different ages. Sounds like a joke I know, but it’s working wonderfully and keeps me from elaborating unnecessarily. We did start with 100 Easy Lessons, and it worked well, but we stopped at Lesson 70 because it got monotonous, and he started to dislike it.
It has a lot of information about setting up a perceptual movement program in a school, including suggestions of equipment , (much of which you could make yourself), & activities. Full of practical suggestions and sequences of activities covering a wide range of areas, it is ideal for planning both therapy and home programmes. There are chapters on diet, nutrition, food additives, allergies, sound therapy, auditory processing, the effect of retained primitive reflexes, playground management and improving social interaction.

Each of the Movement Sequences is demonstrated in an easy-to-follow-along-with manner, with clear instructions and important information.
They play a vital role in survival for crucial periods but should then undergo inhibition or transformation. The 10 simple movement sequences cover all the essentials that every child needs, and in the right order. It usually takes a little longer the older you are, the optimum time for these movements is during the pre-school years, but improvement should be possible with patient persistence. Do you take cheques?Yes we do accept cheques from Australian Banks, but you will need to wait for the cheque to clear the bank before we can send the order out. There are specific parent workshops as well as teachers' seminars and seminars for other interested professionals. The Move to Learn program is presently part of the teacher training curriculum at UNISA (the University of South Africa). I put a phonics page on my refrigerator and used it as a guide to talk about letters and sounds over a box of cereal every morning. He turned to me and said, “Yes, reading is magic,” and continued playing with the toy train. My daughter was 10 before it started to make sense to her, but all children go through that first stage of learning their letters and sounds. Through books they learn which way to turn the pages, the direction of words and sentences, vocabulary, proper grammar, and information about the world. Start with the letters in your child’s name, helping him spell it and learn the letters and sounds. Attach it to your fridge and refer to it while you are eating breakfast–give an impromptu lesson over a cereal box. She blogs about her homeschooling years and her interest-led philosophy at Yarns of the Heart.
Many different methods are used to teach about letters, phonics and reading plus it’s fun!
When he was almost 9 and still struggling with the alphabet and not reading at all no matter what I did, whole language, sight words, phonics, you name it, I decided it was time to have him tested, and it turns out he does indeed have a reading disability and working memory problems. All you need is a DVD player, a TV, a little space and 15-20 minutes a day.If you would prefer some experienced support, go to our ‘Certified Practitioners’ folder to find information about our recommended contacts. For a comprehensive understanding, it’s best to read all of them, but briefly; Help Your Child to Learn, contains a questionnaire to help identify where difficulties lie in an individual child.
Particularly helpful are a quick functional vision screening test, a 'ready for school?' test and a 'what to look for before the third birthday' chapter. It was designed to be used instead of the DVD in situations where a DVD player wasn't available and is a demonstration of the program with a written explanation and pictures. It usually works best for teenagers and adults if they are involved in their own assessment. We also accept International money orders or bank cheques and can accept direct deposits into our account. We list upcoming workshops and seminars in the 'Upcoming Seminars' section of our website, on our facebook group page and also in our regular newsletter, the Missile.

He’s been working with a reading specialist since then and is now doing quite well, although not up to grade level yet. My eleven year old dyslexic son needs direct and intentional teaching geared specifically to his learning style. It sounds scary, but the way you have it presented is much of what we did and my two older kids picked it up pretty naturally. Really, I wasn’t ready to teach him this much (he already knows his 3 letter word families), but he wants to read. I have an AAS degree in Early Childhood Education (PreK), but in our classes we never did go through exact steps on HOW TO teach reading, just mainly the importance of reading and developmental levels of the young child.
It doesn't explain why the program works, or provide the same depth of detailed information that the books provide, but it does explain how to do the program, and it is all you should need to run the program.
Just follow the prompts on the shopping page to order online, or, if you’d prefer, download, fill in and send us your order form.
Each child is different, and there are often a number of factors affecting the child’s ability to learn. We don't sell franchises or offer exclusive territories because we want everyone to be able to use the program as freely as possible.
E-books are also very popular for international clients as they avoid the cost of postage and can be obtained immediately by downloading directly through your computer.
Taking a leadership role, perhaps demonstrating for others or leading groups of younger children, can be a good motivator for teens - as can bribery!
Pinpointing problem areas will help you locate appropriate specialists when needed and avoid the expense and frustration of following every new treatment.     You could also take a look at the free interactive LD profile test on this website.
The reading specialist has been able to teach him using techniques I didn’t know about, for instance, she ties in kinesthetic movements with the letters, vowel sounds, and words, working across the body so both sides of the brain are activated. So, I’m in the learning phase, myself, as to the formal HOW TO part of teaching reading to a child. Each child is different, and there are often a number of factors affecting a child’s ability to learn. Pinpointing problem areas will help you locate appropriate specialists when needed and avoid the expense and frustration of following every new treatment. Problems in these areas alone can cause difficulties in learning or at least significantly contribute to the problem. Secondly, we’d recommend you run the Move to Learn movement program with your child. He would try to sound out words but would get everything out of order and mixed up, but now he taps it out and that seems to help him with keeping things sequential.
While there may be other problems affecting your child, such as auditory, sensory or visual processing difficulties or perhaps allergies, we’ve found that most children presenting with learning difficulties are inhibited by retained primitive reflexes and immature neurological processing. The Move to Learn movement program addresses this, and can be beneficial for all children regardless of whether they have difficulties with learning or not. My oldest is still cautious, my second still dives into life and my third… well, my husband says her stubborness (I prefer determination) comes from her mama. These were pricey for a homeschooler, as the subscription was for a whole class, but there were more books available at levels a-z than we could have ever purchased individually, in addition to all sorts of matching printables, etc. It provided a concrete way for me to provide a grade through the recorded readings, comprehension tests, and fluency test features.

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