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I have 30+ years of experience, and have created new and innovative ways to teach any skill, time and time again.
If you’d like to learn about the experiences other parents have had with my services, read these reviews. If you are interested in having me help your child, tell me about your situation in the form below. Hi my name is Sandra and I just wanted to drop you a quick note here instead of calling you. If there are no problems, I’d try graphic novels, audiobooks, and also to discuss anything and everything that interests him. If it’s a game, there are probably books with cheats and tips, or else sites online that he can read. If none of these ideas help, and he needs more specialized help, please contact me through the Contact link above.
If you want children to read (and have fun doing it), just buy them an adventure or video game. But if you weren’t interested in private reading lessons, then do sign up for my survey at the top of this page. Our daughter(10) reads like a whip also advanced in spelling,however she cannot comprehend a single thing she reads. I was born with cerebral palsy and as a child I did not have a lot of confidence in my academic abilities. Miss Bright not only is good at what she does but also cares a great deal for each one of her students. Hello I came upon your site trying to look for solutions to help my little 7 year old nephew read better.
Hello, my name is Heather and my daughter just got her report card and her teacher is saying she is still nit at the level of reading that she needs to be.
I came across your wed site, as I was trying to find a way to help my 8 year old read and like to read.

It explains several strategies to help their children read unknown words at home and how to use these when reading.
She is 9 and has a reading age of 5 and a half to six.We have tried teaching her at home and did try getting a tutor but on 2 occasions out of 4 she hid under a table crying after about 40 mindutes. I know how much you care, and how painful it is to see him not succeding at reading well enough to keep up at his new school.
He know his site words but when it comes to reading the words in a sentence he struggles tramendously.
She can however comprehend while being read to…please contact me with any suggestions.
Instead of trying to read all she does is sound out letters and isn’t making the connection to read the words.
The teacher is telling us that he reads a grade level but does not comprehend what he is reading.
If he loves to draw, there are books that can show him how to draw anything in the world that he wants. She sobbed on another occasion without going under the table.She wants to read and write and be able to do mathematics but really struggles and gets frustrated. He still can not read or wright he is on a pre-k leave in the 4th grad and I work with him all the time and it’s a fight.
Can you help me with problems I have with children aged 4 years, on teaching letters and phonics to Mostly Arabic children.
His reading problems are affecting all his subjects like Maths or Social Studies because he doesn’t understand instructions or directions.
He’s so smart and talented but he just doesn’t really know how to use it, Cause in grade 5 the school he was at was messed up! He’s also have a hard time in math, maybe because he does not understand the instructions. I have found that the key to running a successful website is making sure the visitors you are getting are interested in your niche.

Then, once reading becomes more of a natural thing for him, hopefully he will find it less painful.
I have not seen any improvements, do you have and suggestions on what I can do to help him. He is so behind that his teacher has said that he needs to repeat standard one (I like in the Caribbean) because he is not at the level of others in his class.
Her teacher recently told me she is very concerned because she has been getting extra help at school but doesn’t seem to be improving at all.
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A lot of times when she doesn’t know a word she looks at pix or guesses (like they taught them to do in k), sometimes guessing w out even having same beginning sound.
He was also diagnosed this year with decrease in eye sight and now wears glasses full time. He has all the problems you describe on this page and at the end of the day he is pushed to me instead of his parents to help him learn how to read.
When if she wouldve just looked at the word to sound out herself she would have easily got it.
I don’t want my nephew to be illiterate so if you can help at all tell me what I can do to get him to read (the simplest words like who and they and road he has trouble with) So please do what you can.
But she usually doesnt try, then takes it very personal if you have to correcr her, then she gets discouraged, figits, & reads soft after that if at all. Waiting for rti meeting w school but as it is now shes in a 1-2 class & gerting no special extended reading instruction to advance her to her supposive level asap so she doesnt keep staying a year behind in reading again next year.

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