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February 15, 2011 by Heather Laurie 3 Comments Your daughter can talk your ear off, but you put a book in front of her and silence. Another way to help your child with memory issues or auditory processing disorder is to read books that you have in another media.
If you would like to write about things you read or see on my blog I would be happy to see and possibly link to your blog! Check to see if your child or student is exhibiting Early Signs of a problem that can be prevented or mitigated.
A crucial piece of the communication puzzle is to know how the child is functioning in school. Educators, and Clinicians, should work together to either diagnose and treat, or eliminate the possibility of these a€?gatewaya€? disorders as early as possible. I have seen prism glasses, visual therapy, and colored paper make a tremendous difference in a child’s ability to read.

If you are working on reading skills than focus on that and have your child work at doing it to the very best of their ability. In 2011, the private school i sent him to could barely eeek out anything at all positive about my son. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Just remember that reproducing my photographs and text without permission or credit is unacceptable. When these roles are understood, parents and students can be directed to correct information and resources without delay and teachers can rest assured that legal and ethical guidelines will be met.
I had her put the point of the pen down and drag it smoothly across under the writing until she came to the letters I asked her to circle.  I wrote more about this post… EASY Visual Exercises for home! The more you have your child following along interesting story lines the more flexible their thinking become in regards to reading.

If you are focusing on Social Studies and reading a story of medieval times than don’t nit pick the reading. Only in rare cases is a child’s dyslexia so severe that they are not able to functionally read.
These are the kids that may need you to teach sight words along with your phonics approach. You don’t want reading to become an excuse or reason why your child is falling behind in everything.
It took my husband until high school before he was able to read with some fluency and retention.

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