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In America, the divorce rate for first marriages hoovers near 41%, meaning nearly half of all children grow up in a home affected by divorce (Learn more). Divorce creates a great deal of change in the home, especially if one parent moves out, or if the entire family moves.  Change is difficult for everyone, especially children who find it hard to understand what is going on and why.
Even though it is so far from the truth, children often feel that they are to blame for their parent’s divorce, which is why kids need a lot of extra love and encouragement during this time.
Both mother and father play an important role in a child’s life, and even after a divorce both parents should remain involved with their child.
If one parent is often a no-show, always have an alternate plan that will boost your child’s mood in the instance they don’t show up. It’s easy to become frustrated with your ex; after all there is a reason you split up in the first place.
Kids have many questions about divorce and so it’s important to be open and honest with them. Humans naturally want to blame someone or something for everything negative that happens in life, but the blame game doesn’t help anyone. You don’t have to go at it alone, there are many support groups, counselors, and programs available for families going through divorce. The University of Missouri has compiled the following wish list based on children’s wants and needs during and after a divorce.
By bad mouthing your child’s mom or dad you make them feel like they have to take sides and can’t openly love both parents. Parents should be mature enough to talk to one another without relying on their child to deliver messages. Derived from the Latin, compassion technically means “to suffer with,” but compassion goes far beyond suffering. Compassion in action can be as simple as standing up to let someone else have your seat on the bus or allowing another car into your lane in traffic.
Further, compassion offers both short- and long-term benefits; scientific studies have shown that compassionate people produce more of a hormone that can slow down the aging process and less of a stress hormone that can speed the process up.
5)    While compassion in action is particularly powerful, don’t be afraid to talk about it and define it with your kids. In a recent study at Harvard Business School, social researcher Michael Norton gave undergraduates money to spend on themselves or on others. Since we first brought Noah home from the hospital he’s had a very strong desire to have his back extended. When mastering pulling to stand the child will initially rely on upper body strength to get them up, and as they get stronger will transition to using the lower body, as well as being able to gain endurance so that they can stand longer. I will again reference Patricia Winder’s fabulous book Gross Motor Skills in Children With Down SyndromeA for these exercises.
Once they have mastered the 90 degree angle then you can move to working on standing from a kneeling position. This toy is hard to find in stores, but you can purchase it on Amazon by clicking the link above, and I’ve also seen it several times at second-hand stores like Once Upon A Child which is where we scored this one. He will turn 3 years old in December and now he goes once a week to physical, occupational and speech therapy. I am SOOO going to miss watching him do the Inch Worm across our floor, but i LOVE this new milestone! I found your blog through Twitter and I have to say that I think your whole family is amazing.

Today my 13 month old shocked me with clapping, I really didn’t see that one coming, I am so proud of her. Just because a marriage comes to an end doesn’t mean children have to suffer through countless consequences.
While divorce naturally comes with many changes, it’s important to limit as many of these changes as possible for your child.
His advice for a no-show parent is to be open with your child and say something like, “Even adults make big mistakes, and sometimes they hurt the people they love. Still, bad mouthing your child’s father or mother in front of them is never a good idea and can lead to unnecessary stress on your child. Make sure to comfort and legitimize your child’s feelings so that they feel able to talk to you and express what they are thinking and going through emotionally. During these conversations address the things that will and will not change due to the divorce, this allows kids to know what to expect and takes away some uncertainty. There might be something or someone to blame your divorce on, but it’s important to push these thoughts aside when discussing the reasons for your separation with your child. Especially if the fight has anything to do with them, in which case they may feel responsible for the turmoil. Kids should be able to enjoy hanging out with both parents without feeling like they have to take sides or act a certain way around one parent. Combining empathy, sympathy, care and concern, compassion involves feeling for another person and a willingness to express or share that virtue. It can be donating holiday gifts to a local family in need, writing a hand-written letter or card to let someone know that you’re thinking of them, or talking to a friend about a struggle that he or she is having. When you wake up each morning, simply hold the word or the idea of compassion in your mind for a few minutes, determining how you can offer a little more compassion during that particular day. Pay for a stranger’s coffee, leave a thoughtful, anonymous note for someone who could use a boost, smile more, say “thank you” a lot. Set aside five minutes to find a comfortable, quiet space, close your eyes and sit up tall. Interestingly, the ones who spent money on others – who gave money away – were happier than those who kept the money for themselves.
Noah is pulling up from a kneeling position, which we have been working on at physical therapy.Kneeling helps strengthen the legs to be ready for standing.
I am starting to notice a theme with all of our developmental milestones, that one must have a strong core to achieve them. You put something in front of them that they can grab onto to pull themselves up, she recommends a crib, pack and play, large storage container with something to weight it down, or whatever your child is interested in. The Fisher-Price Little Superstar Sing-Along StageA has been an excellent motivator for him to work on kneeling and now pulling to stand.
You took what could potentially be a difficult diagnosis and turned it into something beautiful. With divorce rates on the rise, research is continually being conducted on how best to raise kids while going through a divorce. It can be very frustrating, to say the least, if one parent continually fails to show up when scheduled. Just because you can’t get along as a married couple doesn’t mean you can’t work as a team in regards to raising your child. You don’t want to make one parent look like the ‘bad guy.’ Just because someone doesn’t make a good husband or wife doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the chance to be a good mom or dad in the eyes of their children.

It’s not always easy for parents going through a divorce to be civil and get along, but it’s so important for the kids that you do.
Compassion involves looking beyond one’s own life and plight and seeing into another’s eyes, circumstances and soul.
Likewise, compassion is integral to the global values of love, peace, integrity, respect and responsibility, all human values that provide evidence of caring, of noticing, of a willingness to reach out and make a difference, regardless of any perceived differences. If you are a parent or caregiver, a leader in your community or simply a concerned citizen or friend, you can make yourself a paragon of compassion.
Thanks to technologyA however, I get to experience them via video, as do all of my co-workers. The last milestone Noah hit was theA inch worm crawl, so we weren’t even on the look out for Noah to pull himself up on his own right now. There are several different activities to work on in kneeling, one that has helped with this milestone today is doing half kneeling, where one foot is placed flat on the floor with the other knee on the ground. Honestly anything cooper does kind of amazes me as they did not give him much survival hope after birth ( he has cp) but the big thing was eating and its something he just adores! She hasn’t started physio yet but they are telling us she will only get to go once a month. That doesn’t mean you should spoil your child; they still need structure and discipline in order to feel normal.
If one parent is regularly absent from a child’s life it’s only natural for a child to feel responsible.
Be kind, courteous, and flexible when working with your ex, if only to make life easier on the kids. Recognize that others are going through the same things you are – maybe not at the same time or in the same way, but everyone wants to feel safe, happy, secure and loved. She mentions moving the bench or box against the legs once they stand up to offer support initially.
A Put something to pull up on in front of them that they are actually able to reach and they will pull to stand from the leg that has the foot flat on the ground. Here are some of the best professional tips available for keeping kids happy, healthy, and confident, even during times of change and conflict.
While you might not be able to control the actions of your child’s other parent, you can help your child understand their mother or father’s continuous absence has nothing to do with them. It’s no easy task, but it will benefit your child and make them feel less stress and turmoil. Indeed, compassion in action can have incredibly powerful internal and external applications and effects. Give, care, contribute – you’ll make your world better and contribute to more global happiness.
Start with just a single fruit or vegetable, give it for two days or so then add another one. You can use the different types at any time but when you start a new food don’t start another one for a few days.

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