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The dragon house is a building for the dragons that was built at the end of How to Train Your Dragon.
The three queen-size bedrooms are complete with ensuite and the Train House also features two living areas, a fully equipped kitchen, dining area and large deck.
The carriage is originally from Melbourne, where it was one of the 20 originally purchased by a Molong man from Victorian Railways. When it arrived at Harrington Glen late one Sunday evening in 2007, the 23m-long carriage was covered in graffiti and grime – and didn’t fit through the property gates. Well unlike the photo here, we were NOT talking about training him up to be a Telesales consultant… this photo was just too cute not to put in. Just before we got here to our house sit in France the owners approached us and asked if we would be okay with taking Byron, their 14 month old Bernese Mountain dog to obedience training once a week on a Thursday for the first 6 weeks of our stay here. So once a week we have taken Byron in the 4WD drive to training, about 30 minutes drive away through some of the most beautiful vineyard and village areas you will find in south west France.
After a few minutes Jodie and I managed to get now TWO collars onto Byron and take him away from the group enough to settle him slightly, but not before the dog trainer had sprayed Byron, and just about every other dog, in the face with some water, which they absolutely hate. As for the other dogs in the training… I am being honest when I say they were completely nuts a lot of them.

We really bonded with all the dog owners there over the last 6 weeks and also to their dogs… eventually.
It also appears for a brief moment in Gift of the Night Fury, where it is decorated for Snoggletogg. The Harrington Glen Train House is exactly what it sounds like – a train carriage that’s been converted into a three-bedroom holiday house that accommodates up to six people at a time. Then, in 2007 when he was taking his grandson to the Dubbo Zoo, Harry Ireland saw the carriage, bought it and spent two years restoring and converting it.
But, with the help of a home removalist and a crane, it was soon installed in its current location atop a hill, where it stood for six months while various landscaping activities occurred at its base. This is Byron from House sitting France talking (or listening as the case may be) to Jodie’s parents in Australia over Skype.
Byron is actually a very good dog… a strong willed dog when he wants to be but we really have earned his respect over this time. Many of them were shelter animals and have had some pretty bad up bringing’s before being taken in by the present owners.
It was an awesome way to connect with some locals and get to know them and their life in country France.

We can really see the importance of such training, particularly for big dogs, in being able to handle them and have them do what you need them to, rather than just have a mind of their own. Unbeknown to us, other dogs actually hate big black dogs… apparently it is something in the way their eye sight works that makes them really threatened by not only big dogs, but particularly big black ones.
There were dogs, owners, spray bottles of water, leads, chickens… all going completely nuts. But when we learned of their history, it became no surprise that they are such a handful now. It is very sad, but it has been great to see them start a new life now with some loving owners.

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