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Through the advice of many, MANY people including two dog trainers, we decided to try crate training. During the day, I will put her in the crate once in a while (to run to the bank, etc.), but she’s definitely not left in there long term. If you dont feed her for a few hours before she goes to bed you wont have to get up in the middle of the night to let her out twice.
Spray the cable wire with a Lime spray (can get it at Petsmart or Walmart) so they taste bitter.
If it works in your set-up, can you buy one of those play gate areas - like a big circle of fencing you put in the center of the room (a playpen)? That way, so can't leave the circle, but she can play with her toys and there's more space than a crate for her to move around. Also, how about hiring a neighborhood kid to play with her for 2 hours in your backyard each day? When you need to be on the phone with a client and you want your pup to be quiet and not ask to go out (of course, take her out before your call!
To take the guesswork out of your programming, check out Show and Go: High Performance Training to Look, Feel, and Move Better.
What are the rings around the foam roller that is shown in the picture with Tank and do they provide more durability for the foam roller?
Please note that the proven puppy potty training method detailed below is designed for puppies who, for whatever reason will be going to the toilet indoors.
Let me start out by saying that puppy potty training need not be such a stressful or even difficult process. Always remember that you can't expect your young puppy to just automatically know where to go to the toilet - think back to your toilet habits as a child for a second! I've used it to successfully housebreak breeds such as Shih-Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, Dachshunds, Beagles and Chihuahuas.
Be super dedicated and diligent towards getting your puppy properly house trained, in quick time, the first time. At all times throughout the potty training process you should enthusiastically encourage and reward desired behavior (pooping or peeing in the right area) and at the same time discourage undesirable behavior.
This paper training method of potty training is most suited to puppies who will go to the toilet indoors (apartment dwellers etc.). For further information on how to successfully potty train your puppy and also how to properly raise and train your young puppy I suggest you follow this comprehensive dog ownership package - Secrets to Dog Training. My puppy is 16 months old now and is potty trained to go outside and hold her potty through the night. If you are looking for a house training system in which your dog will do his business outside, please read this article - Puppy House Training, The Crate Method. There is so much written and spoken about the seemingly countless different house training tips, tricks and techniques. Puppy potty training is simply the process of educating your puppy where it is appropriate to go to the toilet and where it is not.

All this method requires from you is to closely follow the steps, be consistent and exercise a little patience. As with all dog training tasks it is highly advisable to establish good behavior habits from the start rather than trying to correct or fix established problem behaviors. Given the choice your puppy will do everything possible to avoid soiling their bedding and eating areas - use this to your advantage. Some puppies will catch on quickly and fly through the potty training process in a matter of days, while others can take many weeks. Spread newspaper or maybe butchers paper (a few layers) over the entire floor surface of the potty area.
When your puppy pees or poops on the paper you should firstly encourage it if you are there to see it, and then take the dirty sheets of paper out.
After a while your puppy will get used to going to the toilet on the paper surface and will look to go on this surface everytime. It's now time to take some of the paper out of the potty area - you will be shrinking the amount of floor area covered by the paper.
Continue to gradually take away the paper until you are left with just one or two pieces of paper for your puppy to go on. If you plan to eventually train your puppy to go to the toilet outside you can gradually move the sheet of paper towards the door and then finally outside.
Overall, she’s doing great – she’s a very happy pup, as she has lots of attention and play time, and we work really hard with her. If I am trying to work on a project, she’ll try to eat cables or wires so I’m constantly on her.
Feed her the reccomended amount and give her 10 mins to eat it, that cuts out grazing and pooing all day ling. We are on her second crate (she's a lab, so she's growing!) and she's never had an accident IN the crate. I feed her around dinner time and don't leave water out at night time and she does not over ever sleeped in a crate. As you may already realize, with your pup, you should show him exactly where you want him to go.
With my front squats I’ve noticed I have a wider stance as well (I’m 6-3, 180 pounds and nothing but legs) there a great lift and I’m loving all the Deadlifts ?? my buns and hurting from yesterday session got to love it.
You could be forgiven for believing that it is some kind of magical, mystical top secret formula! The alternative is a long drawn out, smelly, messy and frustrating process - for you and your young dog. Replace with clean sheets except that you put one of the old slightly soiled sheets on top of the new paper. You will most probably find that your puppy develops a favoured spot to eliminate (hopefully where you placed the slightly soiled paper). She’s doing fairly well with housebreaking, though she still has the occasional accident, but I can’t complain. I think that’s why she’s done so well with housebreaking, and tricks – because I spend a LOT of time with her.

In fact, if I ever got another puppy, I would go with paper training for a number of reasons. His came from a rescue shelter, so she was used to being caged and so she did pretty well alone right away. If I’m on the phone with a client, that’s when she wants to go out (for the 18th time that hour) and if I can’t take her immediately, she has an accident. It's more of the day time that's hard, because she needs so much attention and doesn't sleep a whole lot. Now your puppy potty training room or pen will now have a bed, food bowl, an area covered in paper and a small area not covered in paper. While it is good for some things, it seems to hurt in other ways, because she’s sooooo used to me being here all the time.
He also paper trained, so when he goes to work, he puts her in the laundry room with paper, some toys, etc., and she’s content.
Hopefully your puppy will still use the paper covered area to eliminate - if not go back a step and have the entire area covered. She’s learned some tricks already – sit, shake, high-five, lay down, and fetch (she brings the ball to you, though she’s still working on “drop it”). The crate training just seemed to contain her at night – and my husband and I were getting up twice at night to take her out, then once. She is now about 5 months old, and rarely does have an accident anymore, though she knows to go on the paper if she can’t wait. With the exception of a nap here or there, she’s up a lot of the day, so I’m lucky if I can get a half a days work in anymore, which is not good for my clients or our bills. So as far as that goes, my husband and I were getting little sleep, and the puppy still had accidents during the day anyway and still does occasionally. Since we didn’t go with this method (it’s too late to try that one now), I can’t just block off an area and leave here there for a few hours at a time. I would try to take her out and about for a 5 minute before you get on the phone because if you hear her whined it might mean she wants attention not potty since you already tried this before you phone call. If the crate is too large they wil poo in it too, cause they can go one end and sleep the other. The crate needs to be big enough for them to basically stretch and lie down, partition it if its too big.
I do this with my puppy before we get in the car and sometime I forget and she has never since I got her at 6 weeks old never had a accident in the car. Don't get me wrong she a had quite of few accidents when she was littler but about a month ago she has been holding it through the night.

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