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February 19, 2016 By Tabatha H 14 Comments Sharing Is Caring5960000You have the cutest little puppy in your arms, no place for a crate and now you are wondering how to housebreak your puppy without a crate. Housebreaking a puppy without a crate is not impossible, just takes a little more attention and effort on your part. I have and I used the doggy pee pads and moved them closer and closer to the door that goes outside to train them that’s where they need to go! I was having a puppy for 2 months in a house I was renting and it acted like a baby, testing us.
February 11, 2016 By Tabatha H 14 Comments Sharing Is Caring181.3k0200If you are wondering how to housebreak an older dog fast, you have stopped in the right place!
When housebreaking any dog, it is important to use the same command for going to do his business, and the same spot you want him to go in.
It may take a couple of weeks (which is still pretty fast, considering you’re undoing years of bad habits), but you can housebreak an old dog. I want to give you a big ole virtual hug for taking in an old dog, regardless of his lack of being housebroken.
I had a dog and I loved her so much One day I would like to have another one and maybe adopt.
This was a big issue for us when we moved from a wide open space for our dog to roam to the confinement of apartment living in North America. I remember having to potty train our kittens – so glad I don’t have to worry about that now! Okay, so we’ve already discussed the importance of confinement and time monitoring in the last article and you may have realized that these two techniques, if implemented properly, can really give some great results.
I’ve already told you about limiting your dog’s movements to a single location so that he can’t wander around and urinate all over the house.
A great tip on how to housebreak a dog that complements the previous two I mentioned in the last article is focused around designating a toilet area somewhere outside.
It is important that you don’t use any other location over the duration of the house training process. To limit your dog movements so that he stays in the chosen area you can use a leash and attach it to the tree.
If you want to speed up the house training process, reward your dog every time he eliminates outside. Dog housebreaking training, as any other type of dog training is all about patience and consistency. In the case of potty training you can simply say ‘go potty’ every time your pet is sniffing and circling. Most recently, I've been sent Cesar Millan's best-selling work, How To Raise The Perfect Dog, and the title alone ought to get Cesar a gig on Saturday Night Live. I do know I have never had one or met one or seen one, and the idea seems like something out of a horror movie to me.
Dogs are animals, they are not people, or very much like people, (I know this is a controversial idea) so the relationship will almost certainly be unpredictable, messy and filled with ups and downs. I aim to have a good enough dog, a dog that is good enough to live happily and lovingly with this. Cesar is perhaps the most popular dog  trainer in America, and far richer and popular than I will ever be – he certainly does not have to crowdsource for a new camera.

Desperate and loving animal owners would do or pay almost anything to have a perfect dog, they are perhaps the most hapless suckers in the publishing spectrum. He has 20 aides, trainers and assistants, and you will not see his failures and mistakes on You Tube or his television program. I have nothing against Cesar Millan, this is America, everyone is entitled to make a buck.  And most of what he says is sound and sensible. I am reading through this book to see if I can have a perfect dog, since I've spent weeks trying to persuade Fate not to jump on my head in bed or steal hamburger off of the counter. Cesar knows his stuff, his instincts are good, we should, of course, all be the leaders of our dogs, not the followers.
Perhaps I don't need to have sheep for the dogs to herd, or take them for three walks a day, or run them in the pasture whenever they get restless, or cover the floor with stuffed toys, rawhide bones and important antlers from Nepal.They should follow me, sit in my study, sit quietly in the morning while I sleep and not tear around the house in pursuit of one another.
Nothing is more fun for me than to read the many passages on housebreaking that best-selling dog training books offer. Cesar has about 20 pages on it, it seems that training a dog not to pee or dump in the house is now a complex undertaking requiring elaborate and strategic planning. My best advice Take the $15 bucks and buy your kids a pizza or buy them popcorn at the movies.
I have owned dogs for most of my life, I have housebroken every one of them within three days, and I never read a training book in my life. I often think of the housebreaking technique of almost every farmer I have known, I have never met one who had any problem house-breaking a dog or thought to buy a book about it. My own method is a little different from the farmers, but not much, and I will share it with you, and for free. This takes two days on average, three the most.  An occasional accident is inevitable, clean it up and be quiet about it. Dogs and humans disagree on many things, from having sex to chewing furniture,  but they agree on this: dogs want to go to the bathroom outside, where they are stimulated and drawn by smells, and people want them to go outside. This is not brain surgery, it does not require hours of worry and vigilance or massive  digging and renovation and construction projects in the yard. When puppies are young and with little bladder or bowel control, they need to go out often and soon after eating. I'm afraid that's about it for me, I'd like to add 20 pages or more to the process, as Cesar has, because publishers know people want a lot of text if they are going to pay $15.
In the next weeks, I'll continue to explore this idea of the perfect dog and how it relates to dog training. She knows better but when she wants attention… well bad attention is better than no attention! I have also explained how you can monitor his behavior and, based on the signals he sends you, forestall the events. I want you to decide on one place where you will regularly take your pet when he needs to eliminate. Remember to keep this place clean as your pet may avoid it, if it becomes too stinky and cruddy. You can either praise him cheerfully, give him a snack or let him run around the yard for a couple of minutes.
He will quickly understand what you expect of him when you use this phrase, and in the future he will respond to it automatically.

If you want to learn more on how to housebreak a dog, I encourage you to read Sit Stay Fetch that covers a wide variety of dog related subjects, including a number of potty training methods that guarantee success (providing that you take consistent action and implement them properly). I'm not sure what a perfect dog is, or why anyone would want one – would you want a "perfect child?," or buy a book with that title?
If you expect that you will train a dog to be perfect after reading anybody's book, you are setting yourself on a course of self-loathing, disappointment and pain. I would not ask a dog to be perfect anymore than I would ask a dog to expect to have a perfect human.
If General Electric put out a pamphlet advertised the "perfect refrigerator," the government would haul them into court and fine them millions of dollars. Most dog lovers are desperate to find gurus and quote them, even if they rarely can do what the gurus do. I love his smiling face on the book jacket, I do notice he is not hugging the feaersome Pit Bulls he magically flips on television but two cute pure-bred dogs, a Schnauzer and a Bulldog, one in each arm.
There are yard rules, theories offered by vets, passages about smells, voice, crates, yards and gates and crates, food, diet and biology.
They include rescue dogs, mutts off the street, pure-bred Labs and border collies, a fierce Rottweiler-Shepherd mix. Common sense information is generally briefer than guru information, most often it is free and in your head.
We now have a new puppy, and she caught on really quick to this fake grass tray…and uses it without any prodding.
She’s a spoiled little thing too so she’s begging for more than she already has! But at this stage you may be asking yourself: ‘Is there anything else I need to know on how to housebreak a dog? Don’t take him back home immediately after he’s done his job or he may start to think that the pleasure of staying on the fresh air ends as soon as he empties his bladder.
Cesar sells a lot of books most telling people to do things they will never do, don't need to do, or even want to do.
Cesar is to most dog owners what I am to the world of professional soccer.  Your life with dogs has little relevance to his.
Five to ten minutes after eating, I take him or her outside on a leash, wait for them to pee or poop (they will invariably do that, because they have to go and it is their nature to go outside), praise them with a hug or treat and then bring them back inside to the crate.
That way he will automatically head to that place every time he feels the urge to eliminate. If that happens, he will stop eliminating outside and may hold everything until he gets back home. Not only will this result in less ‘accidents’ but also make the potty training process much faster.
The key to having a dog that does what you want him to do, is to use the same commands over and over again until they become linked in his head to the desired activities.
Don't feel like an idiot or an animal abuser if you do this more simply, as people have done this through the history of dogs and people.

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