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Either way, you will soon experience an endless bundle of love and affection, but you will probably come up with some questions.
If the kitten seems weak, dehydrated or ill and you cannot get to a veterinarian right away, you should administer slightly warmed Pedialyte before offering the milk replacer. Warm the formula by placing the bottle in a bowl of very hot water, then test it against your forearm.
I have given them Dontral, a dewormer, which is extremely important to give to raccoon, because they most likely carry a parasite named Baylisascaris, the raccoon roundworm which can infect humans, dogs, cats, and just about every other mammal. According to the CDC, Baylisascaris, an intestinal raccoon roundworm, can infect a variety of other animals, including humans. Fill bottle with desired amount of commercial kitten milk replacement such as KMR and a pinch of plain yogurt (for every feeding) which will help the kitty's digestion. Never feed a kitten cow's milk or human baby formula as this causes stomach upset and severe diarrhea.
If the kitten does not start nursing right away, or if he seems to have trouble getting the milk, check the nipple again. The mother cat will stimulate her kitten's elimination by licking his anus and genital area with her rough tongue.
Your kitten will want to sleep after nursing, so put him back into his bed to let him sleep undisturbed.

Buy several bottles and nipples, then sterilize and fill a number of them at once, and refrigerate. Install Leaf Filter so you can spend less time with home maintenance and more time helping kittens!
Their mother was run over and a caring lady took the babies in until she found me to take over.
The worms develop to maturity in the raccoon intestine, where they produce millions of eggs that are passed in the feces. Sterilize the kitten-sized baby bottles and nipples in a boiling water bath for about 5 minutes. It should not drip milk when held upside down, but should drip given a small amount of pressure. This is best accomplished by holding one hand under his abdomen and gently patting his upper back.
Be very careful to drop only a very small amount on the kitten's tongue to avoid aspiration of the formula into his lungs.
Raising his head may cause aspiration of the formula into the kitten's lungs, which could be fatal. It may also be helpful to stroke his head or gently pet his back to start his nursing reflexes, but once he gets the idea, he will nurse readily.

It may take a couple of feedings to see results, so don't despair if he doesn't defecate right away. The eggs are resistant to most environmental conditions and with adequate moisture, can survive for years. Place a large towel, a rough-textured washcloth and a bowl of warm water on a table next to a comfortable chair.
Be sure the product is engineered for kittens and that it is fresh (some have a short shelf-life).
Milk replacers can be found in any pet supplies store, most veterinary clinics, and even in some variety stores. Without raising the kitten's head, place the kitten's head gently on your palm and guide the nipple into his mouth.

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