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Although new baby ferrets are very sweet and cute, there are many things you have to begin to take on in order to train these adorable little pets. Ferret experts say that within eight to ten weeks that the new baby ferrets will have developed their entire personality so if the baby ferret is sweet and cuddly, it will likely always be that way.
As you ponder and examine over the new baby ferrets and which one is best for you there are a few things that you should recognize and look for before deciding on a specific ferret. With that option eliminated and you are still seeking a new baby ferret to join your family at home, it is best that you spend some time with the new baby ferrets to see which one matches your personality and will fit the best into your home.
It is also imperative to really examine the eyes of the new baby ferrets to ensure that they are not feeling ill and generally if the eyes are clear, it is a fairly good indication that the ferret is in good health.

New baby ferrets that are old enough to take home have to be litter box trained so you avoid those ‘middle of the road’ accidents as well as teaching them not to bite and nip at your fingers. Similarly if the ferret is highly energetic at this age, it will likely always be that way except maybe more emphasized because as they grow, the personalities also grow.
The first thing that you should realize is that ferrets live on average for ten years so you need to make sure that you can accommodate that for that length of time.
Like all people, ferrets have their own personalities and can range dramatically from ferret to ferret so take a bit of time and hold each new baby ferret to really get a sense of the personality. A nice healthy coat as well as nice strong teeth and whiskers are other health status indicators in ferrets in general as well as new baby ferrets.

If you are considering getting a new baby ferret, it is imperative to understand a little about the ferrets and if one will be the right pet for you. It is a sad fact today that much like baby kittens that grow up, new baby ferrets can often be irresistible however the animal shelters are becoming over-run by ferrets whose owners no longer want them.
If it is an option for you in your area, try to find a shelter in your area and adopt a ferret that although isn’t a new baby ferret, desperately needs a home and are often trained already.

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