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Rocky, Jack's handsome young Elvis son, has proved himself in Field Trials, Hunt and Field Tests, and most importantly, in the rivers and fields of Maryland and Virginia as a hunting companion extraordinaire. He proudly placed as a finisher in the Maryland State Gun Dog Championship in December of 2006, one of six finalists.
His favorite pastime is Sea Duck Hunting in the Potomac, where he boldly leaps out of the boat into the icy river to swim out and recover eiders and scoters. Rocky is also a terrific Goose dog, waiting patiently next to the layout blind until all the shots have been taken, then goes and collects the downed birds. Both Rocky and Jack were disappointed with the poor hunting this past winter, but look forward to the spring and summer to train and test in readiness for next season. Rocky is a Field bred yellow Labrador Retriever, OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, CERF, CNM Clear. An excellent choice for the serious Hunter expecting a great working dog who can also be a family companion.
Underworld are famous for not writing down their lyrics, but forum member BrotherLovesDub took the time to transcribe them for the forums.
One of the signs found on the journey was a large map, provided as a service by the caring sharing people at Havering Brough Council, which helpfully highlights the ring road.
LX's journey begins at The Mall on Mercury Gardens, which, despite it's singular name is just one of many shopping Malls that make up the Romford Town Centre. Local artists Slye, Skin-vert Jake, Rehon, Crbp (possibly), Ywn (I think?), Abuse and Sicko have done their bit for the environment. The ring road itself is a fairly new addition to the town, scything it's way through suburban streets, turning terraces into semis. Our first glimpse of The Brewery, one of the contenders for 'top mall', having lured Sainsburys away from The Mall (which used to be Liberty 2), which has fallen out of favour in recent years.
At the next roundabout, we catch our first glimpse of our glorious new hospital, with it's famously impractical and confusing cloverleaf layout.

Here, LX deviates from the ringroad, heading up Oldchurch Road to take in a site of special interest to Underworld fans. Once the chimney of an actual Brewery, this is one of Romford's very few listed buildings, meaning it has special architectural interest, and is to be preserved for all eternity, despite being a terrible eyesore.
Of course, in Romford, you don't drive a golf, you drive a Dagenham Dustbin from Allen Ford, or if you can afford it, a Mercedes Benz from the dealer over the road.
For those people unsure why the ex-brewery is called The Brewery, the developers have helpfully built a large fake brewing vat at the carpark entrance.
LX really did find a new door, didn't know where it went, and came out into a shopping mall! Of course, if he'd been walking the other way round the ringroad he'd have known where the door went, thanks to dozens of signs like this one. Founded as a sheep market in 1247, under the Royal Charter of the Liberty of Havering, granted by King Henry III, no other market is permitted to set up within a day's sheep drive (six and two-thirds miles) of Romford, assuming that bit of Wikipedia hasn't been vandalised. The final countdown indeed, the circumnavigation of Romford is nearly complete, as we pass more luxury 2-bed apartments, this time built on the site of the ill-fated Dolphin Centre, a swimming pool and leisure complex built at great expense by the local council with a louvre-predating glass pyramid roof. Then suddenly, LX is in the warm, recently roofed and pseudo-marble-floored hustle and bustle of The Liberty. This was going to be the end of the journey, but LX was spurred on by his luck with the new door earlier.
His ability to locate downed birds, both dead and cripples, at great distances in the face of high winds and big waves is truly amazing. Both Rocky and Margie are also very tractable, personable dogs with a strong desire to please and are fun to train. This one is cleverly situated to give a view of the gloom under the railway bridge, and seem to never have been used for any purpose other than litter receptacle.
Now, it proudly proclaims the location of the Brewery that isn't a brewery anymore, and can be seen from miles around.

These two institutions represent the more honest end of the Romford Road, mentioned in the BBC's Top Gear as the street with more used car dealers than any other. Now three quarters of the way round the ringroad, LX is feeling significantly less inspired than he expected.
This mall wasn't there last time LX visited, and was barely finished now, and it's pointlessness and cheerless christmas decorations certainly deserve the venom Karl gives to that line.
No sign of boys in England shirts, but this is a) a bloody cold day b) a school day and c) the day after England sacked it's manager following a humiliating defeat. A promised land of sparkly trinkets to gladden any heart, complete and perfect in every way. LX begins to wonder how much artistic licence has been taken with the locations in the song.
Here we see one of the helpful illuminated carpark signs, and in the background, our first roundabout. To get into the Brewery's multi-story car park, you have to navigate a spiral ramp that loops round the chimney. Back when the Dirtyforum was the Dirtylist, the first Darren mentioned that Secrets tried to book Underworld to play a gig. It's not even (as planned) thanksgiving, work commitments meant it's actually the day after, but the principle's the same, right?
Cute if you are an architect, but as the multi-coloured paint scrapes all the way up it attest, shit if you drive anything bigger than a golf. After you've passed the Dog Track (where once Pearl's Girl raced), you enter a shady world of clocking and ringing.

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