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Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets and can easily be trained to use a litter box just like cats. Uncovered, plastic litter boxes with short sides are ideal for rabbits to enable them to hop inside easily. If you already let your rabbit roam around your home, place a litter box in an area where they regularly eliminate. We all love our dogs and, as we do with people, often show our affection by showering our precious pets with hugs. When it comes to the indoor-outdoor debate, many cat owners are wrought with guilt over keeping kitty cooped up inside. We all sneeze from time to time when dust, dander or other irritants tickle our nose and throats.
How litter box train bunny rabbit!, Litter box training a rabbit should be fairly easy if you how to litter box train your bunny how to litter box train your rabbit.
We have an collection of How To Train A Rabbit To Use A Litter Box Rabbits in various styles. Rabbits are intelligent and naturally clean animals and this makes training them to use a litter tray quite easy.
Your rabbit may have already chosen a toilet location, usually in a corner, and if that’s the case you should place the litter tray there. Avoid choosing a litter tray with high walls as you want your rabbit to be able to jump into the tray easily.
To ensure your rabbit continues to use the litter tray it’s important that you clean the litter tray regularly. Potty training your rabbit means that you can allow them to roam freely around your home without worrying about any accidents on your carpet and furniture.

If you have male rabbits, then you might want to try slightly deeper litter trays to prevent them from spraying urine over the sides or place the box on a plastic mat to protect your floor. If they go to the toilet outside of the box, mop up any urine with kitchen paper and place it in the box along with any stools to encourage them to use it.
Try confining your rabbit to just one room of the house or a small area until they get the hang of it.
Domesticated rabbits may try to show dominance over you by peeing on your bed, couch or even your lap.
Teaching your rabbit to use a litter tray is simple and makes cleaning up after them much easier. Rabbits, like most animals, have a natural inclination to toilet away from the area where they sleep and eat so it’s important to place the litter tray in a suitable location. Place some of your rabbit’s droppings in the litter tray as this will encourage your rabbit to use the new litter tray. Like a small child or puppy, a young rabbit has accidents and needs to be cleaned up after during training.
Rabbits are intelligent creatures and most learn how to use a litter box without too much prompting.
You can also gently coax or lift your rabbit into the box whenever you see them prepare to eliminate. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find How To Train A Rabbit To Use A Litter Box Rabbits interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Don’t worry if you find accidents outside the litter tray, just pick them up and place them in the tray.
If your rabbit already has a certain area where they like to eliminate, it may simply be a case of placing the litter box there and letting them do the rest.

If they don't already have a particular spot, place several litter boxes around your home.
Male rabbits tend to spray urine and leave stools around the home as a way of marking their territory. Do not allow them access to the area for the rest of the day to assert your authority over them and show them that the behaviour is not acceptable.
At that point, get a veterinarian referral from House Rabbit Society and have your rabbit neutered or spayed.Would you like to try another quiz?What's the gestation period of a rabbit?
Cat litters that clump are extremely dangerous for rabbits as they can cause respiratory disorders.
Spread some hay on top of the litter or place it behind the box so that they have to hop into the litter tray in order to reach it. Neutering your pet is a great way to stop territorial behaviour and will also help to make them less aggressive towards you and other rabbits. Above all, be patient and consistent with your training and you will soon start to see results. Baby bunnies are easier to litter train than adults (Answer to Pop Quiz) False!An adult, neutered or spayed rabbit is easier to litter train than a baby.

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