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Dwarf rabbits living outdoors should be placed in hutches, which are ideally enclosed on three sides to protect rabbits from the elements and covered with sturdy roofs. Having a properly trained bunny means less mess and stress for you—and the bonus for your bunny is that she'll get more freedom around the house. Proper care for dwarf rabbits varies depending on whether they are living inside or outdoors.

Hutches should be lined with bedding such as hay and straw to keep rabbits warm, and can be equipped with runs to give rabbits room to play. Cages can get smelly quickly, and should be cleaned every day to prevent the unpleasant smell of ammonia from radiating through the house. Helping the rabbits to bond on neutral territory can put an end to the fighting and start a healthy relationship.

Rabbits kept inside should have at least four hours’ worth of playtime daily, and their cages should be four times their body lengths.

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