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Finding pet bedding that fits your guinea pigs' lifestyle and comfort is important to the success of your litter training. When new pet owners bring their furry little bundles of joy home, it doesn’t take them long to realize how much poop piggies can produce.
If you want your pigs to only use their litter box and never have accidents when they are out of their cage, then perhaps you are setting your standards too high.
We’ve all seen the small corner litter trays available at pet supply stores for various sized rodents, and dream that perhaps our piggies, too, could learn to be more ‘accurate’ with where they go. Both female and male guinea pigs can be territorial and like to scent mark around the cage. Despite guinea pigs sometimes not seeming to be the brightest, like when they popcorn, they are surprisingly smart and clean animals.
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Choose a litter that is free of dyes and doesn't have small particles or dust that can cause respiratory problems.
Well, the next time you’re shopping, I suggest you pick one up to try it with your piggies, or try constructing your own. Often guinea pigs will choose corners in their cage to go to the bathroom in, constantly returning to the same corner. This ensures that the guinea pigs’ scent is still strong on it, so they will more willingly go back to use the litter box and ‘re-scent’ it. So give your guinea pig the chance to try the litter box, and maybe they’ll be happier to use it than you think! Guinea Pig Today is a network of guinea pig lovers and we’re always looking for the next great story. Please consider linking to our site to help promote the guinea pig adoption community and general cavy welfare.

The ASPCA recommends adopting a guinea pig from a small animal shelter or guinea pig rescue group.
If your guinea pig manages to use it’s litter box even just 50% of the time, it will still help keep the cage tidy and reduce your work for cage clean outs. When you have seen that your guinea pig has chosen a corner, place the litter box in the spot. This is a conflicting method as many animals avoid urinating and defecating near their food source. As your guinea pig becomes more comfortable with using the litter tray, try using your preferred litter such as Carefresh or Yesterday’s News.

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