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Design Cleaning + Organizing Culture + Lifestyle DIY Garden Home Decor Home Interiors Cook Cooking 101 Food + Drinks Kitchen Gadgets Recipes Love Anniversaries Relationships Sex Tips Engagement Ideas by The Knot Trying to Conceive by The Bump Travel Destinations Party Entertaining Halloween Father's Day Memorial Day Christmas St. I answered some questions in today's video about coping with grief, best friends and wedding rings! I found myself hungry again mid-morning (I worked out after breakfast, so that was probably why!) so I had an apple & organic fat free strawberry yoghurt.
I had a late lunch after the kids went down for their nap which consisted of a multiseed bagel with tuna made with light mayo & sweetcorn, cucumber and a few cherry tomatoes. For dinner I made prawns with Thai Green Curry sauce, wholewheat noodles and Japanese stir fry veggies (broccoli, green beans, mustard spinach & water chestnuts).
I find it really hard to say no to sweets but thankfully this Pukka licorice tea helps with those cravings. Patrick's Day Golden Globes Hanukkah Oscars Olympics Mother's Day Labor Day Passover 4th of July New Year's Eve Thanksgiving Kentucky Derby Mardi Gras Super Bowl Easter Valentine's Day Fall Winter Summer Spring Money Career Advice Credit + Debt Insurance Investing Mortgages + Remodeling Saving Spending Less Taxes Real Estate + Finance Health Diet + Nutrition Fitness + Well Being Healthy Living Pets Birds Cats Dogs Fish Pet Lifestyle Search About Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use Contact Us ©1997-2016 XO Group Inc. I told her to turn around and show her backpack and she did this hilarious little squat motion (2nd pic) which killed me! I also realised while editing this post that my meals are almost exactly the same every week which I'd imagine probably appears quite boring but when you're at home all the time this is how it is! I reeeally wanted chocolate but knew I should probably be good & have something healthy like fruit, so I compromised.
So as my hair is a different length and I've slightly changed some of the products I use I thought I would do a bit of an update (even if the technique is exactly the same!). Ha ha ha :) I made this video to explain & give you all a better idea of who's who in my pack of Maltese dogs!
This is my hair on day one after washing it the night before but when I curl my hair like this they last for another two days after.
Don't rush into things just because of what other people tell you as only you will know when the time is right!

I made Emilia a progress chart with separate rows for "Pee" and "Poo", then whenever she'd go on the potty she would get to pick a sticker for her chart. Don't forget that potty training will be messy and you'll probably need both of these even though your toddler is not in nappies anymore!
I am all for Pull-ups but I wouldn't recommend them all the time, otherwise your toddler will get lazy! As you go along with the potty training you will quickly learn your toddler's routine as far as when they go to the toilet. I paired it up with a dusky pink top which is also from Maje and my Michael Kors khaki green skinnies. They are Albi, Sina, Theo, Nivea, Bianca and Nuvies - now that you know more about their personalities, let me know which one is your favourite! But having said that when it did grow my hair was very thick so she doesn't have it too bad ;) I love this pic of me and my dad from when we lived in Baltimore.
The "Pee" row filled up pretty fast compared to the other one but it was still helpful for her to have visual motivation and be proud of her own progress. I found that wipes were a lot cleaner in the beginning especially when Emilia was used to them rather than toilet paper.
I find that if I put Emilia on the toilet at certain times during the day, this is the best way to ensure that accidents don't happen. Accept that things will get dirty and messy, and you will probably have to throw out a lot of underwear in the beginning so buy LOTS!
They are just learning and getting used to the loss of control they had when they were in nappies. Usually some tell-tale signs are that they tell you when they've done something in their nappy or they show signs of discomfort when their nappy is full. These innocent babies will mew and make high-pitch squeaks early on to alert mom as to where they are, but they can't quite hear right away.

When I'm finished curling it I apply two pumps of the Wella Luxe Oil to the ends of my hair to help keep the curls looking shiny & glossy. The following two days, I spray a little bit of Batiste dry shampoo into my roots and then follow up with the oil. Mama kitty even has to lick their hind end to get their bowels to move, allowing them to go potty. Kittens are born with sealed ear canals that remain shut for about two and a half weeks, or roughly 17 days, according to Dr. Ruben explains that kittens should fully hear and start responding to sounds, as well as sights, around 25 days after birth. At this point you might notice that baby Rascal perks up his ears when you mimic his high-pitch meowing noise or turns his head when his littermates start crying. However, if little Rascal has excessive wax buildup or ear mites, you'll notice dark patches in his ear canal. These issues may inhibit his hearing development and are uncomfortable for your feline friend.
Your vet can show you how to properly clean the ear canal and can help get rid of any pests that are living in there. Additionally, if he constantly shakes his head or paws at his ears, he's letting you know that his ears are uncomfortable and needs your help. If you have to run the vacuum or are making a batch of pesto in the food processor, put Rascal in another room. She holds a master's degree in food science and human nutrition and is a certified instructor through the NRA.

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