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020200I was riding a train with my two and a half year old daughter, Petra, caught the attention of a young Chinese boy who was perhaps four years old. In China, it is socially acceptable for children to piss and, in many instances, shit in public. Chinese culture is liable to take many social parameters to the extreme: if kids are permitted to go to the bathroom in public, they will be going everywhere. The social parameter which allows for kids to relieve themselves in public is great for children who are toilet training. My daughter, Petra, has grown accustom to waddling over to a tree, a bush, or sewer grate, pulling down her pants and letting it go.
Children in China are generally potty trained far sooner than their brethren in the diaper dependent, stricter West. In all, the social leeway allowing children to go to the bathroom in public creates a society with a lot less potty training woes and bladder control issues. As far as I’m concerned, I see it as no more disgusting for a kid to dispose of their waste in the street than to go in their pants for two years. Wade Shepard is a traveling writer who has been traveling the world for the past 16 years, going to 68 countries.
It’s not the most well equipped who make it, but those who have some essential qualities that are far more mundane. She just keeps telling me that she wants to stand and I keep telling her that girls sit down and boys stand up. We've purchased a couple video's to help in this adventure but my 'favorite' is Sesame Street - Elmo's Potty Time. I'm thinking this Friday, when I'm home - inside all day because the weather is going to be totally bogus - Blake will be SITTING in front of the TV on her cheering potty chair Fisher-Price Cheer for Me! Explaining the "parts." In my explanation about peeing to a 2 year old - what is the correct verbiage to use? The thing about elimination communication is that it takes diligence in constantly watching your baby for cues before she’ll pee or poo. In addition to elimination communication (at around 8-9 months of age) we started watching these amazing Baby Sign language DVDs with Diaper Doodles (not normally cheap, but so worth it – got the whole 6-DVD set described here.
We moved it to my bathroom upstairs where I actually use it for now, which is technically the proper way to poo – with your feet up and knees bent to help form a squat position. Meanwhile, we’re back to going diaper free for long periods, but often she just holds it until I put a diaper on her. I have tried putting her on the Bjorn potty with nothing to do or occupy herself (this doesn’t last because she gets bored), and then I read that it can be advised to make being on the potty fun. Kamea on potty playing with her iPdad, using the pillow to help support it and give her privacy of course. I am considering another potty, one that matches her new gorgeous table and chair set, and it can also be used as a chair if not using as a potty (has a cover).

Problem is that she often fusses when I put them on, like she doesn’t want to wear them.
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It’s far easier for a parent to allow their kid to drop trow and go in the street than it is to go flying off in a manic search for a toilet multiple times each day. I must say that the fact that doing this is completely socially acceptable has made out travels in China a little less frustrating.
A kid dropping trow and letting it rip in the middle of the sidewalk is part of the daily observations a traveler will make when walking around China, and one of those things that makes you realized that, yes, you are in a different culture among people with a slightly different outlook, value system, and way of approaching the essentials of existence.
The Western model of training kids to crap themselves just to train them not to crap themselves is a step that the Chinese simple don’t bother with. He is the author of Ghost Cities of China, and his articles appear on Reuters, Forbes, CityMetric, the South China Morning Post, The Diplomat, and many other publications. I thought I might not have the magical potty that would make her mad with desire to use it. So, if your family is headed out for a fun get away this season, make sure you pack a few brilliant items that will keep your vacation safe and fun for everyone.

No need for a box spring, they attach to any size mattress as well as bunk beds, hotel beds, toddler beds and convertible cribs. Then take your new fab self to the bar, where a sea of single men will be waiting for you -Use our code to get 50% off all General Admission Tickets! It also hampers the toilet training process if a kid is kept in diapers each time it’s taken out in public. Although there are many public toilets scattered liberally around the urban areas of this country, it still makes it easier that my kid can relieve herself just about wherever she pleases. A Chinese kid may sometimes wear a diaper, but the parent will remove it and allow them to go in the street whenever they feel they may need to relieve themselves. He is the author of the book, Ghost Cities of China, and contributes to Forbes, The Diplomat, the South China Morning Post, and other publications. This is his personal blog where he collects the stories, anecdotes, and observations from his travels that don’t fit in anywhere else. We showed her that mommy and daddy could go potty on it (not literally, but we pretended), and we also showed her that her dolls and stuffed animals could go potty on it. The times I tried, she had a crying sad fit and clung to me like I was putting her on something that would swallow her whole.
Most importantly, it prevents the danger of potentially exposing your child to E-coli at dirty toilets. Small children in China often wear pants with openings in the rear with nothing on underneath which allows them to relieve themselves whenever they wish without needing to sit in their own waste while waiting to be cleaned. The diaper here seems to only be a contingency plan for accidents, used my some middle and upper class families. At least Kamea was able to move around without a diaper on all the time, which I imagine is nice for her. Some babies always go potty upon waking or while breastfeeding, for example, making elimination communication a bit easier to manage.
Turns out that this helped us immensely with communicating about potty training so I started using a combo of the sign language, going diaper free with elimination communication, and of course, also using eco-friendly disposables when needed. Luckily, his mother was able to scoop him up and run off to the bathroom before he opened fire. Many years ago when woman used to wear large dresses (well the rich anyways) they would have someone hold their dress up and pee standing in a container.

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