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Personalizing them with your name, monogram, or initial will add that extra special touch and sets them apart from the rest. We chose a decorative blue label trimmed in white and ribbon with stitching also trimmed in white. If you don't want to feature the mermaid, we have other nautical and under the sea graphics in the system that you can also use You can also create your own background with any of our graphics - so create on with your favorite customized mermaid!. We can personalize them with one or two names so that they can be used in a shared bathroom.
The holders are made of durable acrylic and have a easy twist off lid with 4 holes for toothbrushes.
Design Description:Embrace both your vintage and geeky sides with this Vintage Gadgets design.

As always with all our designs, you have the option of customizing your label with your very own monogram.Looking for other towels? They may be small in size, but they will make a big splash in your decor and are a great way to freshen up the look of a room!! The lamp shades have a lightly textured surface and are finished with a white Shantung trim that gives them an elegant feel. Our personalized wall plates are great for anyone who loves to add those extra details to any room. Our Foam Soap Dispenser's pump can transform any regular liquid hand soap into FOAMY hand soap.
We also have coordinating bathroom accessories like personalized toothbrush holders and personalized tissue box covers.

The fun patterns and vibrant colors are great for all ages, and the adorable designs can be an incentive to get your litte ones to brush their teeth!! This makes a great gift as it can be used every single day; great gifts for girls spa weekend or for your bachelorette spa party or just a gift to yourself!
All you have to do is fill the base one quarter full with liquid soap then fill the rest of the base with water. In the background, there is a combination of vintage TVs, radios, microphones, clocks, and typewriters.

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