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Accidents are going to happen and you're going to want to protect the mattress.  Also be sure to have dry underwear and pajamas on hand for a fast change should he wet the bed.
This is an old trick of my mother's - each night before she went to bed, she'd wake us (her children!) up to go to the bathroom.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We took Noah out of daycare in order to potty train him so he would be able to start preschool next week.
2) You can’t expect a kid to be potty trained everywhere just because he goes potty at home. I also learned that even in matters as banal as potty training, my husband is a wonderful father. I can just imagine my sleepy-eyed grump waking up to a wet bottom and soaked clothes as he does when he naps at home and crying, “I’m all wet!” He still has trouble putting on his underwear if they’re not around his ankles.
At the same time, I feel we’ve, as a family, made such an accomplishment, a major milestone. Sign up for The Next Family newsletter for the latest news, articles and a chance to win a weekly giveaway. After our son proved that he was fully potty trained during the day, we started watching his diapers in the morning.

We made a big deal out of how he was such a big boy and that came with the privilege of getting out of bed to grab a book or to go potty any time.
It would give us a few more hours of space in our bladders, since we'd have the chance to empty anything that had been filtered in the few hours between our bedtime and 11 PM. The key is to NOT shame your child if she wets the bed - remember, this skill is mostly physical and it will come with age. Noah starts preschool next week and because it’s a public school, the teacher cannot accompany the kid into the bathroom. The other day, Grandma called and he had just wiped himself for the first time after going number two.
Sure, she had to help us onto the toilet and prop us up since we were still mostly asleep, but we never had problems getting right back into bed. I know I can’t control this so I have to just expect the best and if it doesn’t work out, continue working with him until he can do those things on his own. He said hello and when Grandma asked what he was doing, he proudly declared, “I wiped my butt!” It was hysterical and lovely.
99.9% have done this for years without any consequences now we have gone crazy to protect our kids in my opinion. While I did push hard for daytime potty training, I did not mention or push for night time potty training because I knew it was a purely physical milestone, rather than stubbornness.

The phsyical ability to hold urine for long periods of time plus the nerve signal from the bladder to the brain to wake  up to pee is both part of age - 66% of kids under three years old have night time control, and almost 75% have it under the age of four years. You can consider giving small treats for each morning she wakes up dry - we didn't find it necessary, but your child may respond well! I think helping a kid when he has an accident is okay rather than waiting until you get there to change is clothes.
Once I tossed the training toilet and had Noah pee standing up in the regular toilet, it was Jordan who modeled holding and aiming. I want to send out queries for articles, finish the endnote cleanup on my manuscripts, update my website, investigate writing contests, and just GET ORGANIZED! He was also quite fastidious about having Noah wash his hands, which I appreciated, especially as we began teaching Noah to wipe his butt. For once, I’m glad he’s such a stubborn kid, because when it’s time to wipe, he doesn’t even like me to do the final, clean swipe.

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