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Nothing is private anymore, so of course Kandi and Todd posted pictures of them potty training four month old ACE!.
Your toddler girl probably likes the same cartoons and throws the same tantrums as boys her age, but she might be ready to potty train before they are. Your daughter might be the kind of child who moves from diapers to underwear in one week and never has accidents, but she'll more likely have days when she refuses to use the toilet or soils multiple pairs of pants before lunch. After you feed Baby Dora her sippy cup, she will let you know shea€™s ready to use the potty like a big girl!
Includes potty, sippy cup and a link to online storybook about Baby Doraa€™s potty adventure!Includes 2 a€?AAa€? (R6 batteries).
Because my son is so young, commando-style bypasses the need for him to pull down his pants before evacuating; because there are no pants to catch his output, in three short weeks, my son has christened our home puppy-style. I have this vision of the stereotypical germophobe’s home, and it is ethereal, decorated in white and taupe, with each item orderly placed (and hand sanitizing stations strategically placed everywhere), and beautiful hardwood floors one could eat off of.
My son has had his share of accidents, in the three weeks he’s been using a potty, and I’ve gotten an insane amount of exercise, chasing him around with a bottle of enzyme spray and a cloth (thank god for enzyme spray!).
I hear the pitter-patter of footsteps coming towards the bathroom and groan inwardly (little did I know what was coming). I headed back into the shower, my zen shower moment completely broken, and finish up with a lingering question in my mind: How the hell do germophobes potty train their children? She makes chicken nuggets during days nannying, whips up vegetarian feasts at night and road trips on weekends. On average, a girl is ready to be potty trained at approximately 29 months of age, says the University of Michigan Health System, compared to 31 months for the average boy. Buy her underwear and a practice toilet and tell her excitedly she can start using the potty like her older friends or siblings. Grit your teeth or complain about the process to a friend or partner, but never to your child.
However, to really make it work for training, I suggest a few product updates: 1) it could use an extra pair or two of underwear so that if Dora has a pretend accident, we can pretend to get her a new pair- if you somehow lose or damage the pair she has it loses much of its value, 2) there are holes in the bottom of the toilet, I wanted to mock a potty in the little toilet to show my daughter how she went in the potty, but had to use a glue gun to fill in the holes. We’re in our third week of potty training, and my two-year-old son showed up at the shower curtain, which is strange only because he had to pry his eyes away from Super Why! We’re a cloth diapering family, so I’m already a champion when it comes to dealing with my kiddo’s output (and we use cloth wipes, so that makes me even more badass), but seriously, potty training takes the cake.

I’ve never owned a dog (do germophobes own dogs?), but potty training my son seems to be pretty close to puppy training. A germophobe would not survive in our house; not even a bleach shower could wipe away a germophobe’s horror, especially after today. There were times when no more than five minutes had passed since a diaper change, than my son was heading towards the stairs calling “Diaper change!” over his shoulder. My son walks up to the bathtub, pulls the shower curtain aside and says “hello,” and proceeds to walk around; it takes a minute for me to register the fact that he has a brown streak down the FRONT of his leg (WTH?).
It's a major transition for little ones, and sometimes even the best bribes, reward charts, stickers and M&Ms don't do the trick. Plan on starting to ease her out of diapers after she turns 2 years old, and trust that she'll show you when the time is right. The reason why girls are typically ready sooner is unclear, although suggests the tendency for boys to be more physically active than girls may play a role. Ask her to pay attention to how her body feels when she needs to use the bathroom, and explain that she should go sit on the potty when she has that feeling.
3) my 2.5yo toddler had trouble getting her to balance on the play potty, there should be some sort of update to make it easier for little hands to get the doll to sit without tipping over as much.
A simple Google search for “potty training” will give you WAY more information then you’ll ever know: wait until the your child is ready, all children are different, training pants, no training pants, big kid undies, train in a day, a weekend, the list goes on (and on). I know that some naysayers would say that accidents happen when a child isn’t ready to potty train, but trust me, both my son AND I were ready for him to potty train! I was tired of being ordered to change diapers, and figured that if the kid could ask for a diaper change, he could figure out how to use the training potty. I was confident as I drove away waving, as my son had just done his first, unprompted #1 AND #2 that morning.
For the frustrated parents of have-more-important-things-to-do kids out there, take a deep breath and know that potty training doesn't have to be wrought with stress and anxiety. A girl should be able to sit down on and get up from a potty seat and able to pull her pants down and up on her own. Once every hour or two and 15 minutes after she eats or drinks, remind her to go to the potty. Don't think of the process like a speeding train -- you can get off whenever you need to.

Not that it matters, but I chose to go commando-style with potty training, which means I’m training a future nudist. Now, I’m being punished for leaving, as my son has had more accidents in the two days I’ve been home than he had in the first two weeks of training; the culmination being this morning, while I was enjoying my own version of seven minutes in heaven.
Knowing that he is likely to play with the mess he initially made, I hop out of the shower (leaving it running so that I can finish shaving my legs) and head downstairs; yep, there’s a trail.
It can be a fun, bonding experience, especially when you have some outside reinforcements like the interactive Huggies Pull-Ups site.The Pull-Ups site features a handful of great activities that you can use as extra encouragement for your little ones during every step of the potty training process. My cherished seven minutes of “me” time turned into a poo-tastrophy of epic proportions this morning, and I wondered how the hell germophobes ever survive potty training their children. And, I should add, that in order for my son to get upstairs (it’s gated) he has to climb up and over a couch (lovely, but thank god it’s leather and not upholstery!). First, parents can determine if their kids are even ready to embark on potty training with a quick readiness quiz. If she still isn't making progress by her third birthday, ask her pediatrician for input. If the answer is yes, parents can check the Big Kid Prep List and print out a personalized rewards chart to get kids excited.Once the potty training process begins and your kiddo goes in the potty for the first time, the celebrations begin with the Pull-Ups "Celebrate the First Flush" page. Today I didn't get the diaper off quick enough & he started going as soon as I sat him on the toilet! Kids can get a special "call" on the computer from a favorite character like Mater or Minnie Mouse to congratulate them on their milestone.
Or they can celebrate with the Potty Dance because what kid doesn't like to dance?As kids progress and start showing more autonomy, it may be time to graduate to the Big Kid app.
This interactive app for iOS and Android devices features even more tools, games and rewards to keep kids motivated to continue potty success and embark on other "big kid" activities, like brushing teeth and bedtime routines.
Minnie, Mickey, Buzz Lightyear and Rapunzel are also on hand to provide extra encouragement and support.Potty training is certainly a huge milestone in every kid's and parent's life, and it takes some families longer to get through than others. But with the Huggies Pull-Ups site, encouragement and LOTS of patience, you'll be transitioning your toddler to a big kid in no time.

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