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My boyfriend and I got a puppy (Coco) about 2 months ago, I'm still partly living at his house so we keep coco there.
My boyfriends mum wants to get rid of coco now simply because shes a neatfreak and hates when coco pees otherwise she has no problem keeping coco.. The problem is that you punish him for going in the house, but you haven't shown him what he's supposed to do instead (at least that's what I get from your post). However, because you've been smacking him he's now scared to pee in front of you, and so he won't pee on walks, and he probably won't pee in the yard while you're there either. Take a step back and take a good breather, you have to remember your puppy is still a baby and a small breed dog. Do not free feed him, have a set number of meals with a set time limit to how long get has before he eats. If you can PREVENT accidents, actually not allow them to happen, then your puppy will start to learn that the only place to potty is outside, since you are stopping him from pottying inside. And for the record, I am not necessarily against correcting a dog peeing in the house - although probably not by physical smacking.
And (surprise, surprise) it was at daycare where he sat on the toilet for the first time, discovered the joy of flushing and learned what it felt like to “go.” Before age three, this wilful, dreamy child was fully trained. To find out more about the magic skills daycare workers seem to have in the land of diapers, I asked some early childhood educators across the country how they do it. Not only do daycare workers tend to be firmer than parents, they also worry less and rarely get riled up in matters of the toilet. Try this at home: You don’t have a row of toddlers to exert peer pressure, but you can employ an older sibling, cousin or friend to demonstrate the joy of using the toilet. The daycare way: The potty-versus-toilet debate gets little airing at daycares — they have what they have and kids must adjust. Try this at home: Daycares can’t cater to each child’s individual needs, but you have more flexibility at home and should take advantage of it.
Try this at home: Keep in mind that this is a temporary phase, and your child will go back to going in the toilet.
The daycare way: “We keep a sticker chart in the bathroom, and when they sit and try to go, they get to put a sticker up themselves,” says Anne McKiel, director of the YMCA Dartmouth Childcare in Dartmouth, NS.
Try this at home: Establish a reward system that motivates your child and is realistic for you to sustain. The daycare way: Daycares each have their own approach to scheduling the trek to the toilet. Try this at home: Set your potty schedule at home according to the one your child follows at daycare. Try this at home: While you might want to use diapers at night, underwear is best for serious training.
The daycare way: When kids take their time learning to poop on the toilet, daycare providers don’t sweat it.
Somewhere between two and 3? years, your child should be ready to start the toilet-training process. By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. During this maintenance period, the site has been upgraded to the newest versions to enhance the user experience.
You need to leash him to you when he's not in his crate, so that he can't sneak off and pee.
So I would wait very quietly in a corner while he's doing his thing, and when he pees, praise and give him the treats. If he has to pee he has to pee, so it's your fault that he does it inside because you don't let him out often enough.

Take him out waking up, after eating, after play, after a nap, have a very strict schedule and take him out every # of hours. Smacking him will teach him nothing about potty training, but it will make him scared of you. It can leave you with a puppy who is afraid to pee in front of you, or one who tries really hard to hide his pees and poops, and then you have an ugly mess. I think that the important thing is to correct in the house and praise out of the house - otherwise, I've seen dogs just get the idea that peeing IN GENERAL is an awesome thing to do, so they have no issues peeing everywhere. At his “school,” my four-year-old son, Leo, puts on a snowsuit without protest, washes his hands after being asked once, and cheerily puts away his toys. Although my husband and I had put him on the toilet from time to time and bought him Thomas underwear, his daycare providers did the real work of making bathroom visits a regular part of his life. Toilets are big and loud and some kids are scared of them; others know the potty is not what adults use, and thus give them a snub.
When a child who’s potty trained suddenly goes in her underwear, daycare staff see it as a natural part of the training process. Other daycares make a big deal when a child uses the toilet by praising him and sharing the news with the other kids. Barker has heard of parents giving their kids a Hot Wheels car every time they go — that’s a bit much. If you’re home full-time, set a routine around both your own day and when you find your child most often has to go. It often happens after a child figures out how to urinate — sometimes a really long time afterwards. Please note we are still working on the site, so its appearance may change from time to time over the next few days.
Once every hour, and after every meal and nap, you take him outside and wait for him to pee. When he does go potty outside, give him lots of praise, love, treats, basically throw a party. Stop ALL punishments now, you need to gain back the trust and make him not afraid tinkle if front of you. If praise is ONLY given when they go in their spot, they shouldn't become afraid to pee in front of you at all. Crating is SO important, for a lot of reasons, and potty training is almost just an added bonus!
If all they have are full-sized toilets, daycare workers drag out stools to help kids climb up. So have both a potty and seat insert (decorated with Dora or whatever appeals) available, and use the one your child prefers without making a fuss or trying to talk her into the option most convenient for you.
If you think the relapse may be the result of something going on around her, talk to your child about it and see how you can make it easier for her to cope. And do as daycare does: Let your child know in advance that it’s almost potty time, and playtime will continue afterwards.
And don’t be afraid to slip a training diaper over underwear for long car drives or outings. Bee knows of kids who hide in the corner to fill their diapers and are afraid to go on the toilet; they’re often worried that they might get in trouble or that they’re losing a part of their bodies. Get her reading a book at the same time — it’s distracting and she might poop without realizing it.
Once he starts feeling comfortable going in front of you and realizes outside = potty, he will start to go potty during walks. Smacking and punishing will NOT teach potty training, it will only teach not to potty in the house in front of you.

This means you have to actually have your eyes on the puppy, not just be in the same room as him. But, this puppy doesn't understand where to potty yet, obviously, so, by taking him out that often, you are teaching him that.
If he is still squatting, then you have less cleanup to worry about - he won't be peeing ON things, just on the floor. We’re able to hold the line,” says James Barker, site director of the Front Street location of Kids & Company in Toronto. Flushing the toilet or pulling off toilet paper further helps kids feel in control of the world of the bathroom. Start changing your child’s diaper in the bathroom, and suggest incremental tasks such as pulling down pants, tearing off toilet paper and flushing. At the same time, when accidents are ongoing, staff will try to figure out if they’re triggered by something. Your child will still know when he has an accident, but you won’t have to change his clothes. Most daycare workers see it as a waiting game: They keep offering the toilet, give kids lots of encouragement and celebrate when it finally does happen. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment.
If he doesn’t like his food, try a different flavor or brand or try mixing something else in there (like wet food or some meat). Sometimes dogs just go at the start and end of a walk because they’re too busy sniffing around, watching the sites, and hearing the sounds.
Hitting only makes things worse, because not only will he still potty in the house, he will start to do it in secret so he doesn't get hit.
This just means that your bf's mum isn't going to be finding pee all over the place - its in one spot, and quickly and easily cleaned up. When he does finally give it a shot, show him you’re happy and excited, even if he doesn’t pee or poop. If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email.
My dog is like this and will maybe take a small tinkle in the middle of the walk, but she empties her stuff mostly at the beginning and the rest at the end. I just rescued a 12wk old pup with no manners and with in a week he sits, comes, lays down, shakes, and gives hugs.
Or sometimes a big change, such as a new baby in the family, a renovation or being on vacation, can cause a series of setbacks. Sometimes it helps if you get on the floor with him and pretend to eat some of his food and offer some to him while you’re pretending to eat. Just goes to show you if you spend time and work with them the outcome is nothing but positive, I know this is not the norm but Ive truly been blessed.
Daycare workers often give kids lots of reminders that a bathroom break is coming, reassuring them that their toys will still be there when they come back. Also, be sure to give him enough exercise mentally and physically (walks, play, training), he’ll be more hungry the more exercised he is.

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