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Popular Postsprintable church abc quiet book (169)another driving note (4)supreme excitement (4)baby mowgli (4)mr. I took him to the store and helped him pick out a potty seat that sits on top of the regular toilet seat.* For an entire month I had him sit on the toilet once a day.
On day two he had one tiny leak in the morning before running to the bathroom and another accident in the evening. I think trying to make a toddler make all the connections needed for potty training success in one day is a bit extreme, and you’re both just going to get burned out and frustrated by the end of the day. My hope with this was to show him what we use the toilet for and help get him excited and interested.
I increased his fluids (gave him some Gatorade in his sippy) to increase our chances of having more success right off the bat to keep him motivated. Seeing the pattern, on the third day I made sure he was on the toilet during the times he had accidents previous days: success, no accidents.

We busted out sparkly Cars stickers, stayed excited, and had him make more phone calls to share his success.
With some encouragement and the help of increased fluids and sitting longer than usual on the toilet, David went potty in the toilet.
I had him play with his toys on a cheap plastic tablecloth (in case of an accident so it wasn’t on our carpet).
In the five mornings we’ve been potty training, David has woken up dry three so I think in another week we may not even need diapers.
After several accident-free days, it’s time to make some short outings to practice being away from home and build confidence. I made a HUGE deal about it and we called important people to tell them the big news (Daddy, Nana and Papa, etc). We did this for a couple weeks while we waited to see other signs of him being ready (staying dry for a couple hours at a time, including naps, etc).

I’d have him sit for one song (Twinkle Twinkle, Popcorn Popping, etc) and then help him down telling him how proud I was of him for sitting on the toilet. For David, he does better when I leave the bathroom briefly to get a drink, check on Lilly, etc.
After lunch we didn’t have any accidents until the evening when he got tired, Matt left, and I had to feed Lilly.

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