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When Chuckie decides to take a cue from Spike and "do his buisness" on the Pickles' backyard tree, Didi catches him and tells him it is not the right way to go . A short time later Didi brings Chuckie back outside, telling him not to worry, they'll try again later. Back outside, the babies bring the clown training potty over to a sleeping Spike and get him situated on it. Spike is led to the bathroom, as the babies have decided that since Spike is a big-boy dog, he needs to use a big-boy potty.
Didi is walking inside with the clown potty wondering why it was in the backyard, when Spike, Tommy, Phil, and Lil dash past, shortly followed by Chuckie. In this episode, the twins say they will be Spike's "Uncle Bill and Aunt Harriet." so possibly they have an uncle Bill and aunt Harriet.
A possible reason why Chuckie is uncomfortable about the dripping faucet is that on the day he got potty trained Angelica teased him with the tap. It turns out Chuckie needs to go potty, but doesn't want to because the grown-ups watch, and it makes him uncomfortable. Tommy asks Chuckie if he went, but Chuckie explains that he couldn't relieve himself with the grown-ups watching, even though he tried.
Chuckie explains that they wait for Spike to go, and then tell him he's a good boy for using the potty.

Chuckie is horrified to see the potty missing, as Spike pees on the tree again as Didi and Stu look on. Chaz is there with Chuckie, as well as a toilet adapter so Chuckie can be switched to the toilet from the clown training potty.
He's a little upset that it wasn't OK to use the tree, but Tommy insists it used to be fine as he's seen Spike using it and not getting in trouble. Didi promises she and Stu will help with the transition, then takes Chuckie outside where the other three plus Spike are at. Lil suggests the grown-ups changed the rules, and the others conclude that must have been what happened.
Spike eventually wakes up, and just when they think it's going to work, Spike gets up and pees on the tree instead.
Chuckie is glad because he needs to go worse then ever, so bad he doesn't even care if they watch! Tommy and the others promise they'll look at a flower instead, which they do (and get Spike to do so as well.) However, Didi happens to see Chuckie pulling down his pants and rushes over, gently scolding Chuckie for trying to use the tree.
Spike lays on his back, allowing Chuckie and the twins to apply the powder and put on the diaper. She carries him off to the bathroom, where Stu and Chaz have just put the adapter seat over the regular toilet seat.

The babies stop Spike so he won't get in trouble, but Chuckie points out that Spike can't just stop going potty. All three grown-ups give Chuckie encouragement and promise to stay there so he won't be afraid, unaware of Chuckie's discomfort! Tommy agrees, says that they'll just teach Spike a different method, and declares himself to be Spike's Daddy. Chuckie tells them they can turn around when he's ready, and then explains to Spike the potty is comfy and much better to use than the tree. Didi and Stu are horrified by this sight and Didi asks Stu to call Lipschitz while the babies are blissfully unaware.
But before the babies can get the door open, Stu opens it from the outside, allowing the others to run out.
Seeing Chuckie on the potty, Stu (correctly) thinks that Chuckie is ready to use the potty again. Chuckie, horrified at the idea of being watched, hops down and rushes out the door as well.

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