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Potty training doesn't have to be hard or stressful, read our tips about how to potty train my 2 year old baby eat? The nights when I would slowly walk into her bedroom, not turning on the lights, using my hands in the dark to find her in their crib.
I pick her up, check to make sure that her diaper is clean and give her a gentle hug, pressing her cheek to mine, before moving on to the reason that I’m there, the reason that she needs me, whatever it may be (feeding, snuggling, teething). For our sweet girl, I feel the way that her hair is curling at the ends, because I can’t see her in the dark. I hear her making those sweet gulping sounds- the ones that you don’t get to hear in the day with others around. In most of history and in many other cultures today, co-sleeping is and has always been the norm!
I wasn’t sure how to proceed on Monday.  It seemed like she was getting the idea and starting to understand her body, but was she ready?  I decided to hand the reins over to my independent daughter.
Baby can still have her own room to nap in and store all her cute little things, but it eliminates the need to stumble to baby’s room (dodging big brothers legos in the hallway) and no fumbling in the crib.
Sleep with a stretchy neck shirt or leave a couple buttons open at the top and your sweet baby can nurse with mama barely even waking up!

Just these past couple of months my almost 6 mos old went from waking up one time in the middle of the night to three times.
I still have my night shift and you have reminded me of how special this period is, though it interrupts my sleep!
I have practiced it since my first baby and even now, at my fourth, who is 7 months old, I still find it the only natural and soothing way to sleep, for both of us. With enthusiasm I took Louisa shopping for “big girl panties” and even thought about buying pull ups, as the book recommended. I’m feeding mine right now and needed this reminder to remember these special moments. And those nights when she is teething and fussy and just wants to cuddle, she won’t have to whine when you lay her back in her own bed. I’m not sure what the change was but I was getting frustrated because I was losing sleep. My baby boy just turned one and sometimes I’m so frustrated when he wakes at night because nursing is the only thing that gets him back to sleep. The night before the big day I skimmed the book frantically making sure I had everything prepared.

Today, I said to myself that once she officially was 6 mos I was going to stop breast-feeding.
Lately when she woke up, instead of just embracing this precious time, I was too busy resenting the fact that there I was. Everything you said about the sense rings true… I love listening to my baby swallow and I love the way she looks at me in those times of the night.
Some parents may be afraid to start, which is why kids are more like 4 or 5 and being trained, and others push to hard for quick success.
Gross Brown Chocolate Pudding & Potty Training on the ToiletBaby Alive eats chocolate pudding snack pack & learns how to poop on the potty! I also include the tips and tricks that worked to help Michael potty train so quickly and so young. This too shall pass and I know I’ll be sorry when these precious nights are over when they will be.

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