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There will be crying, and night wakings, and a really long adjustment period wherein you will probably have poop and pee on parts of your person you didn’t even know were accessible by another soul. We welcomed Baby Dog Daughter (now more commonly known as The Beast), into our home when Dude #3 was two. I told DudeDad that I wanted another baby.  He said hell no crazy lady he wasn’t really on board with that plan and proposed a dog baby instead. She came to us by way of a family with puppies, not a puppy mill, not a breeder, just a family with some puppies.

Accept for when it came to potty training.   Because, just like kids, potty training and the ability to hold it for a reasonable amount of time, is one of those things that develops with age. She will get it eventually if you stay the course and do it right.  Sorta just like your kid.
I have one stray cat that we finally let inside a year ago after taking care of her for two years outside.
Even if you silently scream when she fails.  Even if you break down and cry because she peed inside of your diaper bag.  How did she even get inside of the diaper bag?!

Be patient.  I know, it’s hard, and if you have to clean up another runny deuce from your white carpet you’re gonna lose it.  Ummm, why do you have white carpets?
In her free time she enjoys losing weight easily, looking like a soap star the moment she rolls out of bed, and riding around town on her unicorn.

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