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Consistency is required to train any breed, so take your pup out at the same times each day and to the same spot whenever possible. The familiar smell and feel of your designated potty training spot will remind your spaniel to relieve himself there. Your pet is of a highly intelligent breed, so he will catch on quickly to what you want him to do.
King Charles spaniels are easily motivated by food, so reward him each time he properly relieves himself outside with affection and a treat. If you forget to bring a treat, a quick play session or walk will show your pet that he performed well.

Due to the muscle control problems in their puppyhood, your new friend will undoubtedly eliminate in the house. This breed is eager to please, so punishment will only make him fear you and the training process.
If you catch him squatting, scratching at the door or sniffing around the floor, he probably needs to go outside.
Show him that you are the pack leader, take him to his potty training spot and reward him when he's done. If you're in a hurry, your pet will become stressed and view the training process as a negative experience. They need an owner and family that understands dogs and how to exert a firm but kind "pack leader" (alpha dog) dominance role over them. It is very important not to let the dog think he's "boss!" If you happen to get a Spaniel with a separation anxiety problem, that can be dealt with by investing a few hours of work on your part and some "tough love."Friendly Toward Other DogsLikes other dogs as a rule.
She has served as an editor for Blooming Twig Books and the MADA Writing Services publishing company. She is now a writer on various outdoor sports such as snowboarding, skiing, surfing and bodysurfing. Syringomyeliaa€”A complicated disease of swelling in the spine with weakness, pain in the neck and shoulders and possibly causing facial nerve paralysis.

Hypothyroidisma€”An underactive thyroid gland produces too little thyroid hormone which reduces the dog's metabolism level. Progressive Retinal Atrophya€”An inherited, untreatable disease of the retina affecting both eyes causing blindness. Keratoconjunctivitis Siccaa€”(Keratitis) A fancy way of saying a€?dry eye.a€? Inadequate tear flow causes painful eye infections of a chronic nature in the King Charles Spaniel.
Epilepsy - A serious seizure disorder that appears at around the age of 2 to 4 or 5 in dogs.. Brachycephalic syndromea€”Difficulty breathing in dogs with a short face and head such as the English Bulldog. Heat strokea€”A serious problem for dogs with a limited ability to dissipate heat such as the King Charles Spaniel. Deafnessa€”Hereditary or caused by: Excessive loud noise, Intolerance to anesthesia, drug toxicity, and Otitis (middle ear infection), In some cases, one ear can have no hearing from birth and the other ear can be losing the ability to hear over time, undetected, then suddenly one morning the hearing is totally gone.

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