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Do you want to develop a successful American Bulldog training program?   If so, you will need to carefully consider the American Bulldog characteristics. Understanding these characteristics of the American Bulldog and developing a training program accordingly will provide the optimal training experience for both dog and trainer.
Due to the protective guarding instincts the American Bulldog has a need for socialization during the puppy stage.
Initially the American Bulldog was used as guard dogs and herding making them very protective and loyal.

Teaching your dog simple commands such as sit, down, stay, and heel will probably be easy due to the intelligence of the American Bulldog.   Using rewards as a positive reinforcement when teaching new commands during American Bulldog training can provide for very successful obedience command training.
Shiba inu puppies are brave, lively and affectionate, and make good companions for toddlers. A scared dog may seem to be a no-threat to most people, but actually most dogs are most dangerous if they feel scared or threatened.
They are very active and make great alarm dogs, but tend to demand much attention from their owners.

Obedience training at an early age is highly recommended to assure control is maintained around other people and pets. The dog may become troublesome, resistant to commands, destructive of furniture and the like.

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