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Learning how to potty train your puppy can be a bit of a nightmare - but with some patience and a good amount of consistency this experience will form the foundation for a great relationship with your dog. Bringing home a new puppy is always an exciting event – their wagging tail, glowing smile and eagerness to please instantly lights up your world. Learning how to potty train a puppy is one of the most urgent concerns for any new dog owner – especially if you intend on having your puppy live inside with you. The first thing you should know is that a puppy is a baby animal, and just like human babies they do not yet have full control over their own bodily functions. Fast forward a few years and the time came when my daughter started showing signs of being ready to bid farewell to diapers. Another option is to invest in a portable potty that you can take with you in the car at all times. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers do not replace washing your hands with soap and water, but do kill germs and have not been found to lead to bacterial resistance. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Dog potty training is an absolute necessity if you don’t want to deal with stools and urine stains all over your house. Also, remember not to scream at your pet or hit him as this will only slow down the entire process and make your dog more confused and stressed. Young puppies will not be able to hold urine and poop until they are 12 weeks old as they have no control over their bladder and colon. Your dog will need a place where he can hide from all the fuss and noise of everyday life and relax for a bit. You can either use crate or designate part of a room for this purpose with the use of a baby gate.
Because dogs are naturally clean animals they will not soil their leaving area unless forced to by circumstances. Make sure to praise your pet cheerfully while he’s eliminating and don’t take him back home straight after he’s done his job. Remember, dog potty training doesn’t have to take ages and you can save yourself a lot of time and nerves by following these few simple dog potty training tips. Mommy, For RealA candid glimpse at the imperfect reality of surviving the daily grind with kids. I thought I was so cool when I told everyone how easy it was to potty-train my oldest daughter.
Sure, we had our public pooping incident, which just so happened to be my most embarrassing and disgusting parenting moment to date. Anyway, I hadn’t put much thought into potty training my youngest daughter, as she is just a year and a half. Teresa made it clear that there was no expectation that we go forward with potty-training at home. But Sophie was so excited about her underwear that we went ahead and put them on her the following afternoon after nap. I had sugar-coated my memories of Izzy’s first toilet adventures, and all of a sudden I remembered the things I hated about it.
I have a vivid sensory imprint of cupping my hand over my then-two-year-old daughter’s backside, only to discover a clump of turds suspended in her thin cotton underwear.
I was hoping for six more months of dignity and a decreased need for chiropractic services, but to no avail. Holy CRAP it is too funny that your husband just looked at the droppings rather than cleaning it up! I thought of you this morning when my daughter was sprawled flat on the bathroom floor peeking under the stall.
I was laughing, because I can totally identify with the opening statement and the disappointment that followed. Though, in all candor, the line, ““Are you fucking kidding me?” totally generated a lol here at home. As you know, I have 4 kids and potty training sucked big fat hairy ones every time I’ve had to do it. When it comes to keeping your sanity, it is important to remind yourself that there is a 99% chance that your (healthy, developing) child will be potty trained by kindergarten without you even having to do anything. Recruit older siblings (or even cousins, friends, and neighbors) to help in your potty training endeavor! When potty-training, it is really important that you are at home for the first few days.  They need to be close to the potty at all times.  Clear your schedule of all activities out of the home–it will only be temporary!

The cloth training pants have a thickened center, making accidents MUCH more manageable.  Plus, they don’t have the super-tight elastic that leave marks on your child’s skin. Reward your child each time he uses the potty!  Jump up and down in excitement, make a sticker chart, or give bits of candy.  Whatever it takes to motivate! You want your child to be as full of fluids as possible so that they will go to the bathroom more those first couple of days. When you don’t have access to a child-sized potty chair, put the boys backwards on the regular potty.
As moms, we all have issues that can drive us crazy…in addition to potty training, getting my kids to eat veggies is another one that is a struggle in our house!
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They are probably the most adorable creature you could imagine and the best new addition any family could hope for. This can be a particularly stressful and trying time, as you can be sure that with even a handful of small accidents your carpet will potentially be ruined. Even when she was showing signs of being ready, such as being uncomfortable in her diaper, taking it off and letting me know when she needed to go to the bathroom, I still was reluctant to toilet train her. Yes, she goes to the bathroom by herself and sadly for me, she loves visiting public restrooms. It is often considered hard or daunting but if one knows what to do it becomes a self-explanatory process.
It is a matter of fact that he will have to eliminate indoors couple of times in order to learn that this sort of behavior is forbidden.
That is why you need to make sure to schedule the meals regularly and let your dog out within the first 20 minutes after the last one. Your dog will usually signalize it by circling and sniffing around (it’s his way to look for a spot where he can relieve himself).
Place a sleeping pad inside it, covered with one of your old t-shirts – this will make the new home seem more friendly and comfortable. Soon you’ll realize that crate training is a very effective way to teach your four legged friend control over his bladder and colon and speed up the dog potty training process. I was just joking In fact, you will need to provide your new pet with his own toilet but it can be anywhere and is as easy as holding a leash. You don’t want your dog to fall into impression that the fun of being outside ends as soon as he eliminates.
Be consistent in implementing them and you will see the first effects within the matter of weeks! Perhaps you’ll recall her brief foray into pooping in the potty when she was about 16 months. She let me know that many kids, especially ones as young as Sophie, may use the toilet at their childcare center but not at home.
About five minutes later, I was seated at the computer while my husband heated up leftovers. She’d been in her training underwear for all of five minutes and had already crapped her pants. How much I loathed squatting on the floor, stretching taut the legholes of her Dora underwear, while she teetered from side to side, bashing into me with her bony elbows.
She was pooping on the potty for two or three months and started peeing in there too, especially in public. I can’t remember the exact age Ben started using the potty but I know that he was using it at two.
I don’t eat pulled pork but I think the next time I smell it, I may be even MORE turned off.
I mean, Paul Revere did not grab a British soldier to put on his horse for the ride, right?
It never gets easier, they all shat their pants many times and I found each of them to be anything but easy to potty train … oh wait, I still have one to go.
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The worse part is how often they need to go – seriously, how much poop can one small puppy make? It doesn’t interfere with my daily life or cause problems to those around me so I just deal with it and carry hand sanitizer with me.

Make sure to follow these few dog potty training tips I outlined below and you will have your dog toilet trained in a matter of weeks. So arm yourself with plenty of cleaning liquids and odor-liquidating sprays and get to work! By feeding him regularly you will make your pet understand that there is no need to get stressed about the whole elimination thing because sooner or later you will let him outside. Pay close attention to this paragraph as it talks about one of the crucial parts of the dog potty training process.
Start feeding your dog in there regularly and spend a bit of time playing with him so that he gets used to staying in his new den.
This can make him less eager to go out in the future and cause more unexpected poops in your apartment.
It was basically a no-pressure situation, and I felt fortunate that Teresa was going to be tackling the dirty work of potty-training.
I’m gritting my teeth just remembering all the public restroom tile floors I have been intimate with. Until about five minutes later when they start to piddle or poop on your living room floor. You’ll no doubt find yourself tirelessly cleaning up messes in an effort to make your carpet spotless once again, only to turn around and see your puppy has already left another one for you. Unless you give them proper guidance on where they should be doing said business then they will quickly learn to see every inch of your house as a potential toilet. I felt that I needed to protect her bottom from all the nasty germs that surely were waiting to attack her as soon as she sat on a public toilet.
Ever since I read they had the highest germ count, I hate touching faucets in public restrooms, so I avoid them as much as I can with the help of a paper towel. Yes, to wipe the toilet before my precious daughter’s bottom would come in close contact with it. Over and over again I have realized children come to teach us many things, especially to face your own issues and deal with them. Teresa informed me of her plan to put Sophie in underwear the following week, and then one day, Sophie insisted she begin wearing the underwear right away. She even came home carrying her own pair. For a minute, I was concerned that I might be pregnant, as the smell of the pulled pork was utterly nauseating. I did bring up a little boy (my now almost 50 years old god-son) but he was all potty trained by the time I took him over copmpletely!
It can quickly become very hard to stay on top of, especially when you don’t know how to potty train your puppy the right way. The good news is that they naturally want to please you, and if you show them that going potty in the right place is a good thing then they will naturally want to continue doing it. It helped me tremendously that he was a boy; it was very convenient to take him to the bathroom without having him actually sit down on a stall in a public restroom. Since I travel a lot, you will see me using alcohol-based sanitizer frequently and then slathering hand lotion because my skin tends to dry out. Just make sure to take him there regularly so that he gets used to relieving himself in there. Of course we had accidents, but potty training was nowhere near as hellish as I had imagined. So the idea of having to put my child ON ONE while she likely touches the seat makes me throw up in my mouth a little. During his first crucial years viz potty training, his Mom and I shared him, so she did most of the work, I just saw to his education! Of course, this could not go on forever so after leaving the portable toilet seat at home, I started to put paper on the toilet seat after I had wiped it down with the wipes. And hopefully, my kids will simply be careful about their hygiene and not develop a phobia.
And the little girl I now live with, the daughter of said god-son, was also trained by her Mom. Later on he will return to this spot by following the smell from his previous visits but for now use a leash to limit his ventures and keep within the chosen area.

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